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Author Topic: FAST TIMES AT FYBERTECH HIGH  (Read 158775 times)
Rope master
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Gonna need more rope.

« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2005, 03:10:08 PM »

Hey im a full member! Whaho!

« Reply #16 on: October 13, 2005, 03:16:27 PM »

« Reply #17 on: October 13, 2005, 10:31:38 PM »

[20:28] <Sino> still looks
[20:28] <DLHX[CoH]> Don't you look at me.
[20:28] <Sino> looks
[20:28] <DLHX[CoH]> Don't you look at me...!
[20:28] * Armature stares with blank face
[20:28] <Sino> looks at you
[20:28] * DLHX[CoH] strips naked.
[20:28] <Sino> still looks
[20:28] <Armature> not look (-_-)
[20:28] <Prox> wh-
[20:28] * DLHX[CoH] stops for a long moment, thinks.
[20:28] <Sino> looks
[20:29] <Prox> egh-
[20:29] * DLHX[CoH] decides to stuff Sino in a trash compactor.
[20:29] <Sino> looks
[20:29] <Armature> best plan yet
[20:30] <Sino> looks into the sun
[20:30] <Sino> looks into your soul
[20:30] <DLHX[CoH]> lolplz
[20:30] <DLHX[CoH]> Mets doesn't have a soul...!
[20:30] <DLHX[CoH]> None of us do.
[20:30] <DLHX[CoH]> They left when we discovered the thing called the internet.
[20:30] <Armature> I keep it hidden from you freaks
[20:31] <Armature> freaks
[20:31] <Prox> quiet you.
[20:31] <Armature> freaks
[20:31] <Sino> finds it
[20:31] <Sino> humps it
[20:31] <Sino> dies
[20:31] <Armature> haha, that was fybers modem
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Careful, or the mice will rise up.

« Reply #18 on: October 14, 2005, 11:30:23 AM »

And who hasn't humped Fyber's modem at least once.

Bluejay says:
Ash says:
Bluejay says:
how's you?
Ash says:
Bluejay says:
aww, me too
Bluejay says:
/naps at work
Ash says:
m g
Bluejay says:
*all monies gone when wake*
Ash says:
/naps in communal between-class area
Ash says:
*computer and peanut butter and jam sandwich gone when wake*
Bluejay says:
Ash says:
m-my sammich...
Ash says:
Bluejay says:
/eating computer
Bluejay says:
help computer
Ash says:
Ash says:
no more sammich to steal
Ash says:
nn.  I kind of hate having half an hour between classes.
Bluejay says:
/makes it an hour?
Ash says:
that would be awesome.
Ash says:
two hours = even better.
Bluejay says:
*makes three month break mandatory*
Ash says:
*school counters with having 3 months of straight classes between breaks*
Bluejay says:
*plays Christmas break in attack mode*
Ash says:
Ash says:
Ash says:
it's cold
Bluejay says:
*At OJ Simpson Trial*
Prosecution: I play DNA Evidence in attack mode!
Johnny Cochran: I Play Race Card, in defense mode! It's special ability lets me win the trial without even trying!
Ash says:
Bluejay says:
Judge Ito: And the winner of this duel, OJ Simpson. Judgement by confusion!
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One day, when the zombies rise and destroy humanity; I will survive, I will live on, I will take your best stuff for myself.
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Oh god what is that?

« Reply #19 on: October 28, 2005, 08:59:14 PM »

[21:44] <@Boris> and heck, I can whack people in the face now if the situation calls for it
[21:44] <@FyberOptic> macgyver did that once with a mop covered in spices
[21:45] <@FyberOptic> except then the guys all drove their car through the wall of the house
[21:45] <@FyberOptic> but then he sprayed pasta sauce through a vacuum cleaner into their faces
[21:45] <@Boris> thats how macgyver saved the day once agian
[21:45] <@FyberOptic> and a jar of money fell on their head
[21:45] <@FyberOptic> I'm not even making this stuff up
[21:46] <@Boris> I like how he has to stress that
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Oh god what is that?

« Reply #20 on: October 30, 2005, 06:58:47 PM »

[18:56] <+Shadow> K im back
[18:57] * +Shadow (JavaUser@adsl-68-21-38-36.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net) Quit (Quit: later chat)
[18:58] <Buzzard> liar
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Sup Mr. Human Nega-Duck

« Reply #21 on: October 30, 2005, 08:11:30 PM »

[18:56] * Guest69703 has joined #fybertech
[18:56] <+Sino> They say possibly tommorow now.
[18:57] <+Sino> \(^o^)/
[18:57] <Guest69703> hellow I just mad $100 off prof.
[18:57] <+Armature> ?
[18:57] * Guest69703 is now known as shy
[18:57] <+Sino> How.
[18:57] <@FyberOptic> O_o
[18:57] <+Sino> TELL ME
[18:58] <shy> fyber Prof is lost whith out you
[18:58] <@FyberOptic> b-but how did you mad $100
[18:58] <shy> ok
[18:58] <@FyberOptic> ok
[18:59] -FyberOptic:+#fybertech- goes home
[18:59] <+Sino> Who did you make that $100 buck?
[18:59] <shy>  I had to fix some gliches in the site
[18:59] <+Sino> I call bullshit.
[18:59] -Boris:+#fybertech- lol wtf is he ramblin abouyt
[18:59] <@FyberOptic> like what
[18:59] <shy> like a thousend
[18:59] -FyberOptic:+#fybertech- he's off playing hero in his daydreams is all
[18:59] <+Sino> NAME ONE.
[18:59] <@FyberOptic> it was the binary code again
[19:00] <@FyberOptic> I KNEW IT
[19:00] <shy> the contracted vireses
[19:00] <shy> + that
[19:00] <+Sino> I never knew he had any.........!
[19:00] -Boris:+#fybertech- this is sad in an 'I know too much" kinda way
[19:00] <@FyberOptic> so prof already gave you the $100?
[19:00] <shy> hakers hit him hard
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> that's bad
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> I hate hackers
[19:01] <shy> it is in the bank
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> they tried to fuck me up once
[19:01] -Sino:+#fybertech- I want to laugh at this so hard
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> and then I said
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> plz
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> don't hack me guys
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> plz
[19:01] -Boris:+#fybertech- DO IT
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> then they were like
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> sry
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> and then then hacked me
[19:01] <shy> amen
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> I pooped in my pants a little bit
[19:01] <@FyberOptic> I'm still wearing those pants Sad
[19:01] -Sino:+#fybertech- CLASSIC
[19:01] <+Armature> the hacker was me
[19:01] <shy> kill
[19:02] -Sino:+#fybertech- LOLS some more
[19:02] -Sino:+#fybertech- Should we tell him?
[19:02] <@FyberOptic> so did you tell prof about the hackers
[19:03] <shy> my job is to clean up the messes your kind mack
[19:03] <shy> yes
[19:03] <@FyberOptic> where did you talk to him
[19:03] -Sino:+#fybertech- I'm crying here.
[19:03] <shy> Aim
[19:03] -Boris:+#fybertech- your kind?
[19:04] -FyberOptic:+#fybertech- he's talking about mets
[19:04] <@FyberOptic> good thing we have you on the internet
[19:04] <@FyberOptic> those hackers are still after me
[19:04] -Sino:+#fybertech- I think hes going all Clint Eastwood on us.
[19:04] -Boris:+#fybertech- I have no idea what that means
[19:04] <shy>  it figers prof only likes me when I am usful
[19:04] <@FyberOptic> yeah .. . .
[19:04] -Sino:+#fybertech- He's being a badass.
[19:05] <@Boris> well yeah
[19:05] -Sino:+#fybertech- Or at least tring to.
[19:05] <@Boris> prof sure likes folks that can do their job
[19:05] <shy> fyber if hackers hit here I get them for free
[19:05] <@FyberOptic> I guess shy will build his site from now on
[19:05] <@FyberOptic> with firewalls and logic gates and stuff
[19:06] <+Armature> HEY FYBER
[19:06] <+Armature> I'M IN YOUR COMPUTER
[19:06] <@Boris> logic gates are important for a good site
[19:06] <@FyberOptic> SPOT IT
[19:06] <shy> ok
[19:06] <@FyberOptic> SPOT IT
[19:06] <@FyberOptic> SPOT IT
[19:06] <+Armature> YOU GOT SOME GOOD PORN
[19:06] -Sino:+#fybertech- I want to tell him he's an idiot so hard
[19:06] -Boris:+#fybertech- this is funnier
[19:06] -FyberOptic:+#fybertech- lol he's too funny to talk to
[19:06] <shy> stop or deth
[19:06] -Boris:+#fybertech- lets see if we can make him use logic gates and website in a sentance
[19:06] <+Armature> o-oh god, this one sick
[19:06] <@Boris> good ultimatum
[19:06] <@FyberOptic> plx
[19:06] <@FyberOptic> mets
[19:06] <@FyberOptic> stop hax me
[19:06] <@FyberOptic> i thot we were firends
[19:06] <shy> mets die
[19:06] <@FyberOptic> my firewalls are dying Sad
[19:07] <+Armature> Hey Fyber, smwech
[19:07] -Sino:+#fybertech- Firewalls = Virginity?
[19:07] -Boris:+#fybertech- mets quit with like an 'anti-hacked!' quit message
[19:07] <shy> 1000111km1-11-1--1-1-11-1-1-1-1--1--1-,1-1-.1-11-1i1c10-1-c-11-1-1-c
[19:07] <@FyberOptic> OSHIT
[19:07] <+Armature> I'm hacking Boris now
[19:07] * +Armature types rapidly on keyboard
[19:07] <@Boris> Mets, you'd better stop, my college will catch you
[19:07] <@Boris> they know how to use logic gates for defense!
[19:07] <@FyberOptic> oh no he's in the server
[19:03] * Armature (Quit: ANTI-HACKED)
 * Rejoined channel #fybertech
[19:08] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Armature
[19:08] <+Sino> O NO HES BACK
[19:08] <+Armature> AHAHAHAH
[19:08] <+Sino> GET HIM FRIEND SHY
[19:08] <@FyberOptic> SHIT THE FIREWALLS
[19:08] <@Boris> shy, did you use logic gates on him?
[19:08] <+Armature> YOU CAN'T STOP ME FOR LONG
[19:08] <@Boris> I'm trying to learn those
[19:08] <+Armature> SHYHAIR, I'M IN YOUR INTERNET
[19:09] -Sino:+#fybertech- i peed myself a little
[19:09] <+Armature> I'M DELITING YOUR FILES
[19:09] <@FyberOptic> hey did you hack the labs?
[19:09] <shy> ha ha ha hs
[19:09] -Sino:+#fybertech- SHIT COVERS BLOWN!
[19:09] -> -@+#fybertech- I call trill rights
[19:09] <shy> ha trap
[19:09] * shy has quit IRC (Quit: later chat)

[01:31] <@Boris> cross-dimensional lesbians sounds like a porn I'd rent
« Reply #22 on: October 30, 2005, 08:42:23 PM »

[17:34] * Guest15351 is now known as SHY
[17:34] <+Sino> sup
[17:34] <SHY> @ me it's realoded
[17:35] <mets> Sup? I h@x mor.
[17:36] <+Sino> HELP COMPUTER
[17:37] <mets> HA HA HA
[17:37] * Boris sets mode: +v wlkin_bilboard
[17:37] <SHY> mets last time you may have surrvied but gardeien is at full power boris @ me so I can finish this
[17:37] <+Sino> nhkjafsfnsvsfdc
[17:37] -> -@+#fybertech- i want to cry
[17:37] * Boris sets mode: +o SHY
[17:37] <mets> O NO
[17:37] -wlkin_bilboard:+#fybertech- in case nobody heard me, so why did no-one trill the last bit?
[17:37] * SHY sets mode: -o mets
[17:37] * SHY sets mode: +b mets!*@*
[17:37] * mets was kicked by SHY (mets)
[17:37] <+Sino> b/c lazy
[17:37] <+Sino> but donut worry
[17:38] -> -@+#fybertech- Sequal= worst than first.
[17:38] * Boris sets mode: -o SHY
[17:38] <@Boris> thanks for help
[17:39] <SHY> that is it keep me that so I can downlode gardien
[17:39] <SHY> quikly
[17:39] <SHY> ok
[17:39] * Met5 has joined #fybertech
[17:39] -> -@+#fybertech- I think this kid has been playing too much Mega Man Battle Network.
[17:39] <Met5> I COME FROM SPACE
[17:40] <SHY> QUIKLy
[17:40] <Met5> LOL
[17:40] <SHY> +0
[17:40] -wlkin_bilboard:+#fybertech- give met5 @
[17:40] <@Boris> ARGH HAX
[17:40] <@Boris> STOP
[17:40] * Boris sets mode: +o Met5
[17:40] -wlkin_bilboard:+#fybertech- BOOT HIMMMM
[17:40] <@Met5> RAR
[17:40] * SHY has quit IRC (Quit: later chat)
[17:40] <@Met5> That was fun
[17:40] <@Boris> Haw'
[17:40] <+Sino> I love it
[17:41] <@Met5> And it goes on and on!

[17:53] <Guest45328> hello
[17:54] <+Joefus> sup guy
[17:54] <+Sino> I so have my Holloween under control.
[17:54] <+Sino> I got it going on.
[17:55] <+Sino> ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt
[17:55] <+Joefus> hey lookie mets is an admin
[17:55] <@Met5> Yo
[17:55] <+wlkin_bilboard> what a fag
[17:56] <@Met5> Sad
[17:56] * +Joefus sees double explodes
[17:56] <+Sino> I hate him.
[17:56] <+wlkin_bilboard> HATE METS FATTER PIG
[17:57] <@Met5> /quit internet
[17:57] * Guest45328 is now known as SHY
[17:57] <SHY> now boris
[17:57] <SHY> now
[17:57] <SHY> +o
[17:58] <SHY> this ends now
[17:58] -> -@+#fybertech- + @ me, yo.
[17:58] <+Sino> You will see the funny.
[17:58] * Boris sets mode: +o Sino
[17:59] <SHY> +o to me
[17:59] <@Sino> SHIT
[17:59] <@Sino> THAT METS FIEND.
[17:59] <@Sino> WE MUST GET HIM
[17:59] <@Met5> HA HA HA
[17:59] <SHY> sino ban him now
[18:00] <@Sino> ILL GET HIM
[18:00] <@Met5> NOOOOOOOO
[18:00] <SHY> livethen buster 11010100110101010100101 ativate
[18:00] * Met5 was kicked by Sino (YOU EVIL MAN.)
[18:00] <SHY> got him
[18:02] * Jimbo has joined #fybertech
[18:02] <Jimbo> SNUP IN HER?
[18:02] <+wlkin_bilboard> i snupped ur mom
[18:02] <+Joefus> we were suffering hackers
[18:02] <SHY> darn I toke some damage I had to link dretly to his computer
[18:03] <Jimbo> once i knew a hacker
[18:03] <Jimbo> he called himself mets
[18:03] <@Sino> He was eviler man.
[18:03] <Jimbo> he was secretly a program made by rissia to destroy nasa
[18:03] <SHY> but I kill him and his fire hall
[18:03] <Jimbo> Like that program in thet movie
[18:04] <Jimbo> You seen that movie?
[18:04] <Jimbo> !?!
[18:04] * Jimbo has left #fybertech
[18:04] <SHY> maby I shoud explain things like mets comeing back
[18:05] * met5 has joined #fybertech
[18:05] <SHY> ok
[18:05] <met5> RARR
[18:05] * Sino sets mode: +o met5
[18:05] <@met5> I AM BREAK YOUR INTERNET
[18:05] * SHY has quit IRC (Quit: later chat)
[18:05] <@Sino> We have secret shy.
[18:05] <@Sino> YAY!
[18:05] * Guest58390 has joined #fybertech
[18:05] <@Sino> Shy.
[18:05] <Guest58390> no
[18:06] * Guest58390 is now known as DM
[18:06] <@Sino> DM?
[18:06] <@met5> YOU CNa'T fooOL THE ComUNIS ROBOT oF DOom
[18:06] <@Sino> WE KILL AT DAWN
[18:06] * @Sino runs towards shy, with knife and guns.
[18:07] <@met5> 04180441043a04300442044c 0432 0440044304410441043a043e043c 0438043d044204350440043d043504420435
[18:07] * Guest38438 has joined #fybertech
[18:07] * Guest38438 is now known as SHy
[18:07] <@met5> 04180441043a04300442044c 0432 0440044304410441043a043e043c 0438043d044204350440043d043504420435
[18:07] * SHy is now known as SHY
[18:07] <@Sino> GET HIM
[18:07] * @Sino runs toward shy
[18:07] <@Sino> WE ATTACK
[18:07] <@Sino> WE ATTACK
[18:07] <@met5> 0414043b044f 044d043a043e043d043e043c04380438 043204400435043c0435043d0438 043d043004360438043c0430043904420435 043a043b04300432043804480443 "04120432043e0434" 043d0430 043a043b04300432043804300442044304400435 0432043c043504410442043e 043a043d043e043f043a0438 "041f043e04380441043a" 043d0430 044d043a04400430043d0435
[18:07] <DM> +o 519227210173237474321-14327471274-32-53785-54-43754354-1543 BYE BYE
[18:08] <+wlkin_bilboard> what the shit
[18:08] <+Joefus> zpboiyicxb12-9459zocipxby
[18:08] <+Joefus> oh shit
[18:08] <@met5> 04230431043504340438044204350441044c, 04470442043e 04320441043504230431043504340438044204350441044c, 04230431043504340438044204350441044c, 04470442043e 043204410435 0441043b043e04320430 043d0430043f043804410430043d044b 043104350437 043e044804380431043e043a0441043b043e04320430 043d0430043f043804410430043d044b 043104350437 043e044804380431043e043a0
[18:08] <SHY> DM dubel-
[18:08] <DM> crusher
[18:09] <@Sino> IM BEING HACKED
[18:09] <@Sino> WATCH OUT
[18:09] <@met5> 043e0448043804370431,043e0448043804370431,043e0448043804370431
[18:09] <DM> +o now
[18:09] <SHY> +o now
[18:10] * met5 was kicked by Sino (met5)
[18:10] <SHY> 10101010290210942092395657846567gvh87v6nc1km0cx79y75y75y7x5c80x5c55h78907450c60614c1801754654vv9v5543-54v0-54843895498-7435n054790540 54v7- n 88785454vnv44754-mn4v4-8754v-84343940-45954-9mn-89
[18:10] <@Sino> SHY
[18:10] <@Sino> He's gone!
[18:10] <@Sino> No worrts!
[18:11] <@Sino> We need you to leave.
[18:11] <@Sino> The labs are being hacked.
[18:11] <DM> on he was kicked not band
[18:11] * SHY has quit IRC (Quit: later chat)
[18:12] <+Joefus> and thus the day was saved~
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Posts: 1624

Careful, or the mice will rise up.

« Reply #23 on: November 16, 2005, 09:38:06 AM »

[09:19] <Bluejay> my laptop and I are more alike then ever today
[09:19] <Bluejay> it has a screw loose
[09:19] <+Deck> And it burns your crotch?
[09:19] <+DLHX[CoH]> Except when you live in an oven, in which case, jog under cover of darkness and pretend to be a super spy, while stealing lawn ornaments.
[09:20] <Bluejay> yes... and it burns my crotch -_-
[09:21] <Bluejay> there I have screwed my laptop
[09:21] <Bluejay> ..... wait....
[09:21] <Bluejay> that didn't sound right
[09:21] <+DLHX[CoH]> I think you may need to see a doctor.
[09:21] <+DLHX[CoH]> You may have gotten something from it.
[09:21] <Bluejay> no she's clean
[09:22] <+DLHX[CoH]> I dunno...if you screw a loose comp, and then your crotch starts burning...
[09:22] <+DLHX[CoH]> I mean, it's not like I would know.
[09:23] <+Deck> lollll draco
[09:23] <Bluejay> HEY! you're talking about my lover there.. watch it or I'll be honor bound to defend her
[09:24] <Bluejay> still... I wish she wouldn't use shareware or upload to so many servers... it cheapens everything you know...
[09:24] <Bluejay> I mean... I don't want to call her a slut... but interfacing with so many people..... she wasn't like that when I first got her
[09:26] <Bluejay> LOL and as I type that "Everybodys Fool" by Evanesance plays
[09:26] <+Deck> I hope the people she's wth are wearing firewalls
[09:26] <+Deck> Don't want to go spreading it
[09:28] <Bluejay> My God... Deck.. you... you don't think she's.... I mean she's wireless capable... but she wouldn't... use P2P would she?
[09:29] <+Deck> You know how that Advent Children is all the kink today
[09:29] <Bluejay> Oh god... I... I heard but.... I can't believe she would do this to me
[09:29] * Bluejay cries
[09:29] <Bluejay> THAT BITCH!
[09:29] <+Deck> Aren't you typing on her right now?
[09:30] <Bluejay> O.O
[09:30] <Bluejay> You're right!
[09:30] <+DLHX[CoH]> Don't worry, Bluejay. What you need to do now is confront her with this.
[09:30] <Bluejay> b-but how?
[09:30] <+Deck> Quick! Hit her with a system restore to block her memory!
[09:30] <+Deck> Or that
[09:30] <+Deck> Sure
[09:30] <+DLHX[CoH]> Pretend to be one of her internet lovers and catch her in the act.
[09:30] <+DLHX[CoH]> That's the mature thing to do.
[09:31] <Bluejay> you're right... and then omnce she's caught... I'll smash her with a hammer
[09:31] <Bluejay> once
[09:31] <Bluejay> thanks guys... you're true friends
[09:32] <+DLHX[CoH]> No problem.
[09:32] * Bluejay hides on the internet posing as a piece of spyware*
[09:32] <+DLHX[CoH]> But don't forget to create a false accent, peferably Russian, wear a large trenchcoat, and black shades.
[09:32] <Bluejay> dah

One day, when the zombies rise and destroy humanity; I will survive, I will live on, I will take your best stuff for myself.
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« Reply #24 on: November 19, 2005, 12:37:23 AM »

[05:46] <+Deck> http://www.qwantz.com/index.pl?comic=595
[05:47] <Bluejay> how manly are you?
[05:47] <+DLHX[CoH]> Not as manly for them, that's for sure.
[05:47] <+DLHX[CoH]> *as them
[05:48] <+Deck> the key is the punchline
[05:48] <+DLHX[CoH]> Yeah, I get it.
[05:48] <+DLHX[CoH]> Impregnating girlfriends has consquences.
[05:48] <+DLHX[CoH]> *have
[05:48] <+Deck> I think the true funny of this strip is this
[05:48] <+Deck> 1. both the pounding of the nails and the impregnating at the same time
[05:49] <+Deck> 2. at first you think that is awesome
[05:49] <+Deck> 3. the punchline hits you that it is really dumb
[05:49] <+Deck> This comic makes my intellectual!
[05:49] <+Deck> me
[05:49] <+Deck> sdjnvfsodjsdev

[19:50] <+Deck> Can you see Swiper?
[19:50] <+Deck> We have to say, "Swiper no swiping"
[19:50] <+Deck> Do you see him?
« Last Edit: November 19, 2005, 10:32:25 AM by Deck » Logged

The Money Man
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Implying I need a job

« Reply #25 on: November 20, 2005, 12:16:28 PM »

[11:05] <Bluejay> I go to see Harry Potter again today
[11:05] <Prox> I'm seeing it for the first time today.
[11:05] <Bluejay> did you read the book?
[11:05] <Prox> yeah.
[11:05] <Bluejay> SPOILER WARNING!!!
[11:06] <Bluejay> The movie has Harry Potter in it
[11:06] <Prox> NOOOOO
[11:06] <Prox> YOU BITCH

<Armature> i just really want centaur Azula
« Reply #26 on: November 24, 2005, 12:51:33 AM »

[21:31] <SHY> hello
[21:32] <@FyberOptic> sups
[21:33] <SHY> Fyber long time no see
[21:33] <SHY> how is things here
[21:33] <+Iddi> fyber, google's fine here
[21:34] <+Iddi> a bit slow maybe
[21:34] <+Iddi> but that's all
[21:34] <@FyberOptic> things are good with fybar
[21:34] <@FyberOptic> also still no google here
[21:34] <SHY> ok but did anyone do a stupid thing
[21:35] <+Prox> google's shedding its waste on me also.
[21:35] <SHY> wial I was away
[21:36] <+Prox> I'm pretty sure that we're all un-stupid here at fybertech!!
[21:36] <SHY> google's not going to hurt me or I will sue
[21:37] <+Armature> Google's outside your house
[21:37] <@FyberOptic> google is so down that the analytics stuff on fybertech is preventing the site from loading quick
[21:37] <+Armature> He's going to rape you and your family
[21:37] <SHY> what
[21:37] <+Sino> it works like a charm for me
[21:37] <SHY> Huh
[21:37] <@FyberOptic> hackers
[21:37] <@FyberOptic> is what
[21:38] <SHY> o
[21:38] <+Prox> all over the place.
[21:38] <+Sino> I do not know what you are talking about!
[21:38] <@FyberOptic> imma reset my router in case it's that
[21:38] <+Sino> Google is faster then ever for me
[21:38] -Prox:+#fybertech- plz to palying along
[21:38] -> -@+#fybertech- ohhhh
[21:39] <+Sino> Wait.
[21:39] <+Sino> Nevermind.
[21:39] <SHY> time to take coshion
[21:39] <+Sino> I got a message saying "You are about to be hacked."
[21:39] <+Sino> OHSHI
[21:39] <SHY> cation
[21:39] * Sino is now known as haker
[21:39] <+haker> sup fybes
[21:39] <+haker> i hak you
[21:40] <@FyberOptic> D:
[21:40] <+haker> hak hak hak hak hak
[21:40] <+haker> hak hak hak hak hak
[21:40] <+haker> hak hak hak hak hak
[21:40] <+haker> hak hak hak hak hak
[21:40] <+haker> i c ur files
[21:40] <@FyberOptic> plxl
[21:40] <+haker> you still got gud porn
[21:40] <SHY> o good god!!!
[21:40] <+Prox> 9 terabytes of it.
[21:40] <+haker> ime delete ur shit!!1!!1111!!
[21:41] * +haker dletes everything lolololololollolololololo
[21:41] <SHY> ha ha ha ha!!!
[21:41] <+Prox> omg my browser
[21:41] <+haker> ur windows?
[21:41] <+haker> ya rite
[21:41] <+haker> deletes
[21:41] <SHY> ha ha ha ha
[21:41] <+haker> files and setters?
[21:41] <+haker> fuk that
[21:41] <+haker> now to take all of ur porn
[21:41] * +Prox has disconnected (disconnect: olu8 jkee 203 ---')
[21:42] <+haker> on my flash drive
[21:42] <SHY> HA HA HA!!!
[21:42] <+haker> u can see i already got pox
[21:42] <+haker> who next
[21:42] <+Armature> mor lik u got but pox
[21:42] <SHY> HA HA HA !
[21:42] -Prox:+#fybertech- smallpox?
[21:42] * +haker hacks armchair
[21:42] <+Armature> u cnat get pats my fierwall
[21:42] -> -@+#fybertech- lol i mene prox
[21:42] <SHY> HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:42] <+haker> gets past it with a bucket of water
[21:43] <+Armature> Sad
[21:43] -Prox:+#fybertech- water bete fier lolol
[21:43] * +Armature has quit chat (IRC: u suck)
[21:43] <+haker> mrfyber
[21:43] <+haker> i take ur site
[21:43] <SHY> me/laphs at haker HA HA HA!!
[21:43] <+haker> why laugh
[21:44] <SHY> stupid
[21:44] <+haker> y stupid?
[21:44] <SHY> you
[21:44] <@FyberOptic> Sad((9
[21:44] -> -@+#fybertech- remember to trill this
[21:44] <SHY> you can't kill me
[21:44] <+haker> u call me stupid?
[21:44] <+haker> HAK
[21:44] <+haker> hak hak hak hak hak
[21:44] * SHY has quit IRC (Quit: later chat)
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Oh god what is that?

« Reply #27 on: November 27, 2005, 09:37:10 PM »

This comes from our firends at 4chan (with unimportant comments removed):


A)Yes I own a 360 and love it
B)Yes I own a 360 and regret buying it
C)No I don't have a 360 but I want one
D)No I don't have a 360 and NEVER want one

i hate polls, they never give logical or neutral responses.

F) I am not interested in buying/owning the system, but i wouldnt mind playing it.

you could be C then.

no, no i wouldnt.
there's a big difference between playing a virtual boy, and owning one.
The Money Man
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Implying I need a job

« Reply #28 on: November 27, 2005, 10:29:15 PM »

that would be about $75 and 2 seizures?

<Armature> i just really want centaur Azula
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Careful, or the mice will rise up.

« Reply #29 on: November 28, 2005, 10:58:30 AM »

I played that there Virtual Boy, it wasn't half bad actually, I had fun.

One day, when the zombies rise and destroy humanity; I will survive, I will live on, I will take your best stuff for myself.
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