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WoW Hotspots
« on: November 21, 2005, 01:45:11 am »
Here's some shots I took today of places you can't get to yet.

First up, Emerald Forest~  Not much to see,  but it's certainly bright!

Next is GM Island.  Mostly just a house here, and some graves over to the side.

There's too many pictures for the next two places, but here's shots from Scarlet Bastion and Draenor/Outland/The Tainted Scar.

I would have taken shots from Programmers Island, but there wasn't anything in particular to see.  It had a few copies of Northshire Abbey, some floating mines, some horde structures, and lots of places where land suddenly changed from one type of terrain to another (dirt, snow, etc).  Lots of random things strewn about, like pieces of fencing and bridges.