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Super Dice Fighter 2 Turbo
« on: April 28, 2008, 09:40:56 pm »
Time to pull out the old d20 again. I've developed a Chat RP system of my own. This one's slightly different, since it's more PvP based than story based. This one is designed to allow for shorter-duration 'matches', since most of us don't have two hours to devote to a full story most of the time.


Character creation:
Four stats are employed:
-Strength: Dictates attacking ability with physical attacks
-Reaction: Dictates defending ability
-Stamina: Dictates maximum HP
-Aura: Dictates maximum MP and attacking ability with energy attacks

Starting stats must total 60, each within the range of 10-20.

Max HP = Stamina stat x2
Max MP = Aura stat

Experience: Every 20 damage dealt grants 1 EXP. To level up, (25x# of next level) EXP. (I.E 50 EXP to level 2, 75 to level 3, etc). Each level gives a character an extra four stat points to distribute.

Battle calculations:
-A 1d(Strength) is rolled by the attacker. The target then rolls a 1d(reaction) to defend.
-If the attack roll exceeds the defense roll, then the target loses the difference in HP.
-If the attack roll is triple the target's defense roll, then the target takes the entire attack roll in damage.
-If the attack roll is equal or less than the defense roll, no damage is done.
-If the attack roll is less than half of the defense roll, then the target can declare a counterattack when his or her turn comes, where the roles are reversed, and the now-target's reaction roll is halved. This counterattack uses the attack for the turn.
-If the attack roll is at its maximum, then the attack does full damage, regardless of the defense roll, unless...
-If the defense roll is at its maximum, then the attack does no damage, regardless of the attack roll. This overrides a "critical" attack roll. However, this does not apply when being counterattacked.
-If the attack roll is 1, then the attack does no damage.
-If the defense roll is 1, then the attack does double damage.

Defense: A fighter can, rather than attacking, take a defensive stance. This gives a character an extra 50% to their defense roll (rounded up) but the fighter can only counter against a 'whiffed' (1) attack.

KO: Once a player's HP hits 0, he or she is KOed. Depending on the mode, the player may be able to return at full HP and MP and all stat changes cleared on his/her next turn.

Special abilities: Each character has three specials to start. They can be used as attacks, defenses, or stat boosts. Each technique needs a description of its effect. As one levels up, he or she can learn a new technique. The number of levels needed to learn a technique is equal to the number of known techniques plus one. So, the fourth technique is earned at level 5, the fifth at level 10, the sixth at level 16, etc. Most specials have an MP cost to them.

Special ability traits:

-Special ability power: The 'power' (Attack roll or defense roll, where applicable) of a special is judged relative to its appropriate stat.

-Ranged Attack: The opponent cannot declare a counterattack against a ranged attack.
-Guardbreaker: A guardbreaker needs only to score double (instead of triple) the defense roll to deal full damage.
-Unblockable: Unblockable attacks deal full damage if the attack roll exceeds the defense roll. If it doesn't, however, a counterattack can be declared regardless of the difference. (unless the attack is Ranged.)
-Fire Attack: Fire Attacks can reduce the target's Strength by half for three turns if the attack roll does at least twice the defense roll.
-Ice Attack: Ice attacks can immobilize the target for the next attack (or three turns) if the attack roll does at least twice the defense roll. Immobilized fighters cannot defend. However, unless the next attack is a Fire attack, it only does half damage.
-Electric Attack: Electric attacks can reduce the target's Reaction by half for three turns if the attack roll does at least twice the defense roll.
-Poison Attack: Poison attacks deal 1d4 additional damage per turn for three turns if the attack roll does at least twice the defense roll.
-Follow-up: A Follow-up attack can be executed after a successful attack. This kind of attack is performed at half Strength (Rounded up) and elemental effects on it last only one turn, but since the target is hitstunned by the initial attack, he or she cannot defend against it.
-Auto-counter: If an Auto-counter defense technique is used and the attacker leaves himself open to a counterattack, the counterattack takes place immediately after the attack instead of the defender's turn.

This is just a sample list. If a special technique has an effect not listed, describe it in the technique's description

Game modes:
-Rumble: Time-based mode. Dairantou scoring system in place (if someone KOs an opponent, the one who landed the finishing blow scores a point, and the one KOed loses a point.) Highest score at the end of the time limit wins.
-Score Match: First to score a set number of KOs wins.
-Survival: Each fighter can revive a set number of times. Once that limit is reached, that fighter is out. Last fighter standing wins.
-Dynasty Battle: One (or two) against an army of nondescript fighters. The fighters come five at a time and are individually weak but could be a threat with their numbers. When the player's character is KOed, that's it for him/her.
-Story: Of course, it's not all pointless fighting. If one wishes to make a more plot-based battle, it can be done. EXP gains are doubled in a Story (only 10 damage needed per EXP.)

Except for a Dynasty Battle and Story, up to six can participate in a battle. Dynasty Battle's limit is two, and Stories have no limit. In Rumble, Score, and Survival, they can be either Free-for-all or Team Battle. A point is deducted instead of gained in Rumble and Score match for KOing a teammate in a Team Battle.


Signup format:

Name: (Character's name)
Appearence: (Brief description or picture of character's appearence)
-Strength: (Strength stat)
-Reaction: (Reaction stat)
-Stamina: (Stamina stat)
-Aura: (Aura stat)
-Specials: (List special techniques here)

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Re: Super Dice Fighter 2 Turbo
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2008, 11:18:16 pm »
Not a terrible idea from skimming it.

I may fiddle with this later.
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Re: Super Dice Fighter 2 Turbo
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2008, 02:21:42 pm »
Fixed a few typos, clarified a few things, and overall optimized the system.
Sample application. I don't expect too much for it: Just follow the criteria for starting stats and make sure your specials are reasonable (That is, no Ranged Unblockable that has an attack power of 3 times its appropriate stat for only 1 MP.)

Name: Chris
Appearence: Chris stands at 5'7" tall, has brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a blue t-shirt, lightgray pants, and black shoes.
-Strength: 13
-Reaction: 18
-Stamina: 14
-Aura: 15
-Specials: (List special techniques here)
1. Flame Shot: A simple fireball attack. Ranged attack and deals (Aura) fire damage. (3 MP)
2. Phoenix Impact: A slow but powerful punch. Deals (Strength x2) damage and is a guardbreaker, but the time it takes to execute the attack gives the target +5 to his or her defense roll. Cannot be used to counterattack. (7 MP)
3. Phoenix Buster: A follow-up attack to either a normal attack or Phoenix Impact. Deals Fire damage based off of Aura stat. (2 MP)
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