Author Topic: So just how the heck is your nation run?  (Read 7475 times)


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So just how the heck is your nation run?
« on: August 27, 2006, 10:00:31 am »
This has to do with Cyber Nations. If you don't know what I mean (this is unlikely, but still) view the topic in the gaming section.

Canavic Dominion's Government is labeled as a revolutionary government aby the rest of the world.

In truth, it's a Theocracy where the church of the Seven Divines run the show. Aristocratic families have a say in each town's government, however.

More about Canavic Dominion's mythology is as follows. Note for those who don't know me that well, when I create something, I tend to go all out in it's background.

Canavic Dominion National Mythology

The Gods

The Dominant Worship of the Dominion is centered around it's leader, Sean Canavi. In all aspects, he truely is a living god, no strings attached. Buried under Atlantis
was a spiritual cavern where the energy of an unknown, deceased god was abundant. Divining it's workings, Sean literally became a god. He shares
the divine power with his governmental brethren, and to some lucky nobles.

The Worship is divided as follows.

Sean Canavi
:. God of the Kingdom. Oversees the Nation and it's spiritual needs.

Mark Willows
:. God of Commerce. Oversees and blesses traders and industry.

Monroe Chainrowe
:. God of Spirit and Death. Oversees both the living and the dead, and judges whether they are worthy to enter the divine realm. His Sister is Megan Chainrowe.

:. God of War. Oversees The Flame of War, and commands the armies of the Dominion.

:. God of Culture. Oversees music, art, and the production of such things.

Megan Chainrowe
:. Goddess of Love and Tender Passions. Oversees relations of all types in the Dominion. Her Brother is Monroe Chainrowe.

Jacob Taylor
:. God of Oblivion. Oversees the dead unworthy to enter the Divine Realm.

The people of The Dominion are extremely Xenophobic and hostile to other nations, especially America. They believe most of them to be worshippers of false gods. They especially hate America because it no longer upholds the ideals on which it was founded for the most part, while the Dominion does.

Alright, your turn.


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Re: So just how the heck is your nation run?
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2006, 10:49:19 am »
Following the post soviet breakup, many tiny territories devolved into nothing more than scattered dictatorships clinging to soviet ideals as a way for their corrupt leaders to take power. Some of these were less than recognized nations even. Little territories inside established countries. Esentially Gurrila camps. Nosdiva was one such camp. Located deep in the center of the south american island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, it was ripe for change. Enter revolutionary Boris. Carrying with him the usual free market propaganda, he waged gurrelia war on the gurrilas. In the end of the shakeup, he was left with about a mile of land and 100 citizens who shared the goal of becoming an economic power.

The government isn't yet large enough to need ministers and supports, it mainly consists of Boris directing a small ammount of the nation's resources toward public goals such as: Roads. Electricity. Running Water. etc.

The nation had a windfall in their goal in that their territory is rich with gems and uranium, both valueable trade items in the modern world.

(Pretty good for off the cuff~)
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Re: So just how the heck is your nation run?
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2006, 08:25:35 pm »
After Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez learned of the potential oil wealth of his country, he started a huge campaign to use the money for the improvement of Venezuela. At first, his efforts were beneficial, increasing the overall standard of living in the country and making life easier for thousands of people. However, extreme mental pressure on Chavez from issues within his own country and from elsewhere, which befell him as Venezuela rose in the world, caused his sanity to deteriorate. In the downhill slump that followed, Saudi Arabia was able to purchase Venezuela from the now insane president, turning Venezuela into The Populist Republic of Bas Arabia. The Saudis figured out soon that it was difficult to manage the new country, and so they handed the reins over to a businessman named Daniel "Prox" Landoss, while retaining ownership of the offshore oil fields. While troubles between Bas Arabia and Old Venezuela are resolved by Landoss, Saudi Arabia is enjoying its monopoly on the oil industry.

Bas Arabia is so far autonomous, with vast meadows ideal for pig farming and enormous lead deposits within the mountains providing resources enough to keep them off the ground.


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Re: So just how the heck is your nation run?
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2006, 09:27:58 pm »
Aiurr is a small country in the middle of the sea which seperates north-eastern Russia and Alaska. It has little access to the mainland, but what little it does have the poorest people live their, with the rich living in the grand city of Protossia. The  nation has 8 castes:

Farmer Caste: The poorest people in this nation work as pig farmers, supplying much of the food supply.

Miner Caste: Lower middle class citizens work as silver miners, providing much of the nations economy.

Trader Caste: Upper middle class citizens work as traders, handling foreign trade from Armaturia, Gweenland, and Nosdivia.

Military Caste: The warriors of the nation, they are well trained in hand to hand combat and several forms of martial arts (CQC, Tai Chi, Dragon style, and Northern Shaolin style), knife combat, and marksmenship training.

Noble Caste: The rich people that live in the upper towers of the city and dress in bright blue and velvet robes.

Religious Caste: The richest and most religiously dedicated people are chosen to be the priests and priestesses of the Grand Temple of Adun and Adium, the god of life and death, and the goddess of war and peace

Council Caste: A council chosen by the people, consisting of 30 members.

The Grand Council Caste: The rulers of the city, consisting of 9 members, one for each caste and the grand council member, Judicater Tran.

It is a peaceful nation, and as such, is a place of spiritual guideance and peace for those that come here. It is home to some of the greatest universitys and religious temples in the world. The capitol city has buildings seemingly made of gold, and glowing blue crystals as the citys main power sources, with two others being hydroelectric power and solar power.


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Re: So just how the heck is your nation run?
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2006, 10:54:09 pm »
Soon after Nothing was done to irans nuclear Power, Ireland went out and got drunk, all of it, excessively, due to the fact they knew the world was doomed. Soon after, the entire nation lost their memory. This caused massive riot and upheaval. The nation reverted to old Celtic ways. Enter HitomiBoy, and american of celtic descent, who united a small village of celts to rise up and become the new nation of Celtin. They are in the fybertech alliance, and HitomiBoys brother has also started a nation to become a main trading partner.