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Author Topic: RPLog: Jack and the Wolf  (Read 5489 times)
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« on: November 13, 2005, 03:06:34 AM »

[00:59] * Now talking in #rp
[00:59] * Blazeman is now known as Kurisu_Murei
[01:01] * Deck has joined #rp
[01:01] * Joefus has joined #rp
[01:01] <Joefus> Hello
[01:01] <@Buzzard> sup
[01:01] * Buzzard is now known as BuzzardGM
[01:01] <@BuzzardGM> lol@
[01:02] <@BuzzardGM> I'm watching bond chace a guy in a tank
[01:02] <Joefus> Where could Mets be he never misses these
[01:02] <@BuzzardGM> anyway
[01:02] <@BuzzardGM> this everyone?
[01:02] <Kurisu_Murei> Apparently.
[01:02] <@BuzzardGM> lolplx
[01:02] <@BuzzardGM> +++
[01:03] <@BuzzardGM> Today you guys have beeen hired to investigate a werewolf
[01:03] <@BuzzardGM> --e
[01:03] <@BuzzardGM> mansion in the fringes of the spider forest is where you've been sent
[01:04] <@BuzzardGM> RP START
[01:04] <@BuzzardGM> --
[01:04] <@BuzzardGM> -
[01:04] <Deck> WHERE AM I OH GOD
[01:04] <Joefus> Mansion on fringes of the woods?
[01:04] <Joefus> creepy
[01:04] <Kurisu_Murei> Another mansion to explore, or it is the same one I was in last time? Hmm...
[01:04] <@BuzzardGM> [new one]
[01:04] <Kurisu_Murei> [Ok]
[01:05] <Joefus> so what sorta stuff should we looking for?
[01:05] <@BuzzardGM> a werewolf?
[01:05] * Joefus looks
[01:05] <@BuzzardGM> in the mansion?
[01:06] <Joefus> in a window
[01:06] <@BuzzardGM> [oh yeah, a local has been sent to help you]
[01:06] <Deck> Alright boy's let's do it LEEEEEEROOOOYY JYEEEENKINS
[01:06] <Joefus> [bah]
[01:06] * Joefus looks in the window
[01:06] <@BuzzardGM> [up to you guys if you want him]
[01:06] <Deck> [I'm cool with it]
[01:06] <Joefus> [yes]
[01:06] <@BuzzardGM> k
[01:07] * BuzzardGM is now known as Jack
[01:07] <@Jack> So, you are the guys the mercs sent?
[01:07] <Kurisu_Murei> Yeah, that would be us.
[01:07] <@Jack> awesome
[01:08] <Joefus> so can you tell us anything about this werewolf?
[01:08] <@Jack> Welll, he used to be a small time thief in the village, but then something weird happened
[01:09] <Kurisu_Murei> Small-time thief turned werewolf...sounds familiar...
[01:09] <@Jack> people started claiming that they were attacked by a werewolf, and the thief started showing up with their stuff on
[01:09] * Jack sets mode: +v Jack
[01:10] * Jack sets mode: +v Jack
[01:10] <@Jack> [gah]
[01:10] <@Jack> [how do I voice you guys]
[01:10] * Jack sets mode: -v Jack
[01:10] <Deck> [Right click our names and go to control]
[01:10] <@Jack> [not working for me]
[01:11] <@Jack> [whatever]
[01:11] <@Jack> anyway, this mansion is apparently where he went when we drove him out of the village
[01:12] <Joefus> so I guess we gotta go in then.
[01:12] <@Jack> yeah
[01:12] <@Jack> he's been kidnapping and possibly eating people
[01:12] <Kurisu_Murei> So we find him, then what?
[01:12] <@Jack> we kill him
[01:12] <@Jack> or bring him in
[01:12] <@Jack> either one
[01:12] <Deck> Dude, we need silver steaks first
[01:12] <Joefus> any body got silver bullets?
[01:13] <Deck> And then we feed them to him
[01:13] <Deck> Through his heart
[01:13] <@Jack> We tried that
[01:13] <@Jack> doesn't work
[01:13] <Joefus> best plan ever
[01:13] <Joefus> oh
[01:13] <Deck> Then what makes you think we'll do any better?!
[01:13] <@Jack> he's some kind of mutated one
[01:13] <Deck> Lycan, perhaps
[01:13] <Joefus> we'll do better cause we're just crazy enough to think up a plan
[01:14] <Deck> Yeah we'll cut his stomach open and fill them with stones or something
[01:14] <Deck> Are we ready?
[01:14] <Joefus> we're so ready for this guy
[01:14] <Joefus> lets go in
[01:14] <Deck> I'm ready
[01:14] <Kurisu_Murei> Yeah, I'm ready.
[01:14] <@Jack> well then
[01:14] <@Jack> let's go
[01:14] * @Jack opens the door
[01:15] <@Jack> you first
[01:15] <Kurisu_Murei> Okay.
[01:15] * Joefus goes into mansion gun drawn
[01:15] * Kurisu_Murei enters through the door.
[01:15] * Deck opens window from inside, climbs out, then goes in the door
[01:16] <@Jack> [loll]
[01:16] * @Jack pulls out a hefty black cane
[01:16] <Joefus> Mr. Deck what you doing?
[01:16] <Deck> N-nothing
[01:16] * @Jack goes in
[01:17] <Joefus> k
[01:17] <Joefus> so lets see...
[01:17] * Joefus looks around the mansion
[01:17] * Deck slides down the banister
[01:17] <Deck> WEEEEEEEEE~!
[01:17] <Deck> Joe
[01:17] <Deck> Joe
[01:17] <Deck> Joe
[01:17] <Deck> Joe
[01:17] <Deck> Joe Watch me
[01:17] <Deck> Joe
[01:17] <Deck> Joe
[01:17] <Deck> Joe Watch me
[01:17] <Deck> Joe Watch me
[01:17] * Joefus watches Deck
[01:18] * Deck slides down the banister
[01:18] <Deck> WEEEEEEEEE~!
[01:18] <Joefus> [other than deck what do I see?]
[01:18] <Joefus> so much fun you have
[01:18] <Kurisu_Murei> But let's get back to why we're here.
[01:19] * Prox has joined #rp
[23:20] <Joefus> [buzzard start GMing and tell me what this room looks like!!]
[23:21] <Kurisu_Murei> looks like we got someone who lagged behind a bit and finally caught up to us.
[23:21] <Prox> [i'm just here to watch]
[23:21] <Joefus> ah glad you could make it Prox
[23:21] <Prox> [unless you wish otherwise...?]
[23:21] <Joefus> [we jsut started so why not join]
[23:22] <Prox> [alrighty, what's the story so far?]
[23:22] <Kurisu_Murei> [We're in a mansion, looking for a werewolf.]
[23:22] * @Jack has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[23:22] <Joefus> [we're hunting werewolf and we went into this manision and that's it so far]
[23:23] <Joefus> and the game's over
[23:23] * Jack has joined #rp
[23:23] <Prox> ...
[23:23] <Jack> what happen
[23:23] * Jack has left #rp
[23:23] <Kurisu_Murei> [Lag]
[23:23] * Jack has joined #rp
[23:23] <Joefus> [you're computer ok?]
[23:23] <Kurisu_Murei> [You won't need ops...I hope]
[23:24] <Jack> [yeah]
[23:24] <Jack> [no]
[23:24] <Jack> [pingout, right?]
[23:24] <Jack> anyway
[23:24] <Joefus> [yeah]
[23:24] <Kurisu_Murei> [Yeah]
[23:24] <Jack> which way you guys wanna go?
[23:24] <Jack> through the doors under the stairs, or upstairs?
[23:24] <Kurisu_Murei> Upstairs.
[23:24] <Jack> k
[23:25] <Joefus> upstairs sounds good
[23:25] * Prox agrees
[23:25] <Jack> we'll have to find a way to get up there
[23:25] <Jack> the stairs are out
[23:25] * Prox observes the size of the gap
[23:26] <Kurisu_Murei> Okay, we'll have to take the other option for now, then.
[23:26] <Jack> [small enough to jump if you get lucky]
[23:26] <Prox> is it less than 5 feet or so?
[23:26] * Deck looks for a nearby wooden banister
[23:26] <Deck> Hmm
[23:26] <Jack> [about 6 feet]
[23:26] <Deck> [Nevermind]
[23:26] <Prox> I could be the bridge, then.
[23:27] <Deck> But we're talking about stairs
[23:27] <Deck> We can't climb a banister at an angle
[23:27] <Joefus> yeah lets just go through the ground door for now
[23:27] <Prox> yeah, i see what you mean.
[23:27] <Prox> ground floor it is, i guess?
[23:28] <Jack> up to you guys
[23:28] <Kurisu_Murei> Yeah.
[23:28] <Jack> I'm just here to make sure you get the job done
[23:28] <Joefus> does that mean we have to keep you alive too?
[23:28] <Deck> Sure ground floor
[23:28] <Jack> yeah
[23:28] <Jack> that might help
[23:29] <Joefus> kk
[23:29] <Joefus> brb
[23:29] <Prox> well, this mansion's too gloomy for me.
[23:29] <Prox> Anyone want some gum?
[23:29] <Kurisu_Murei> Nah
[23:30] <Jack> Maybe later
[23:30] <Prox> alright, then.
[23:31] <Jack> so, let's stop waiting around, then
[23:31] <Kurisu_Murei> Okay!
[23:31] * Jack walk walk walk
[23:31] * Kurisu_Murei walks up to the door
[23:31] * Jack open (door)
[23:32] <Kurisu_Murei> Deck, are you coming as well?
[23:32] <Deck> Yeah I'm behind you
[23:32] <Kurisu_Murei> Okay.
[23:32] * joe has joined #rp
[23:33] <Jack> [whodat]
[23:33] <joe> [It's Joefus}
[23:33] <Jack> [joefus?]
[23:33] <Prox> [laff, sorry]
[23:33] <Jack> [k lets go]
[23:33] <joe> [had to close laptop for sec and it didn't kick me out]
[23:34] <Jack> Hey joe, you coming?
[23:34] <joe> Yeah yeah
[23:34] * Joefus has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[23:34] * joe follows
[23:34] * joe is now known as Joefus
[23:34] <Jack> +++
[23:34] <Jack> the next room is a hallway
[23:35] <Jack> there is a door at the end of it, and a door on the wall along the way
[23:35] <Jack> ---
[23:35] * Deck heads down the hall and systematically starts poking the eyes out of all the paintings
[23:35] * Kurisu_Murei checks the first door
[23:35] * Joefus follows Deck stops at first door
[23:35] * Prox replaces the eyes with grapes, and follows
[23:36] <Deck> Be careful, spooky guys in masks could be watching us through anything
[23:36] * Joefus opens door
[23:37] * Prox looks inside
[23:37] * Kurisu_Murei looks inside as well
[23:38] <Deck> What's in there?
[23:39] <Kurisu_Murei> [Don't tell me...Lag problems again?]
[23:39] * Prox twiddles thumbs and waits until his eyes work again
[23:39] * Jack has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[23:40] <Kurisu_Murei> [Yeah.]
[23:40] <Prox> [well, let's wait for a (1) minute]
[23:40] * Joefus busts out the cards
[23:41] * Joefus starts playing 53 card pickup
[23:42] * Prox finds the AARP card that was mixed up in the deck
[23:42] <Deck> Did someone just say my name?
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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2005, 03:06:56 AM »

[23:42] <Joefus> no maybe yes
[23:43] <Prox> yes or maybe
[23:43] * Kurisu_Murei pulls out a graphic novel titled "Heroes of Arcadia: Fallout"
[23:43] <Joefus> yesaybe?
[23:44] * Prox pulls out a stack of National Geographics and starts searching for pictures of topless women
[23:44] * Joefus calls local congress man
[23:44] <Joefus> "look these books are corrupting the young they need a rating system!!"
[23:47] <Kurisu_Murei> [Z-ranked again!]
[23:47] <Joefus> [guess so]
[23:47] <Prox> [if he doesn't get back, I'll take over or something]
[23:47] <Joefus> [yay]
[23:48] <Kurisu_Murei> hopefully, you'll know what he's planned...
[23:48] <Kurisu_Murei> []
[23:48] <Joefus> [actually I'm like super tired so if he don't show up I'm gonna go to bed]
[23:48] <Deck> [Why do we always wait until night when everyone is sleepy?]
[23:49] <Joefus> [b/c rules]
[23:49] <Kurisu_Murei> [Out of character chat]
[23:49] <Prox> [well, should we resume RPing?]
[23:49] <Joefus> [i wouldn't mind going to 3 or 4 but I gotta get up early tommorrow
[23:49] <Kurisu_Murei> [Okay]
[23:49] <Kurisu_Murei> [Okay]
[23:50] * Prox is now known as Jack
[23:50] <Joefus> [so yeah have fun you can drag me around the mansion if you want to]
[23:50] <Joefus> [but there's nobody home Cheesy]
[23:51] <Jack> [so anyways, where were we.]
[23:51] * Joefus has left #rp
[23:51] <Jack> [at the door?]
[23:51] <Kurisu_Murei> [Yeah. What behind the door?]
[23:52] <Jack> [you walk into a magnificent dining room]
[23:52] <Jack> [an enormous table is laid out with all kinds of food and silverware and what not]
[23:53] <Jack> [however, it's remarkably dark in the room, and you hear a low sound, like a moaning]
[23:53] <Kurisu_Murei> Hmm...I hear something...what's up?
[23:54] <Jack> [the sound seems to be coming from the corner of the room]
[23:54] * Jack ignites a lighter and uses it to light a flambeaux on the wall
[23:54] <Jack> dear lord and all his angels.
[23:54] <Jack> +++
[23:54] <Jack> In the corner is a large mangy beast.
[23:55] <Jack> it springs over the table with great agility.
[23:55] <Jack> BATTRE TIME
[23:55] <Jack> ---
[23:55] <Jack> [deck, your turn]
[23:56] <Deck> OH JESU
[23:57] <Deck> Results from 1d20: 8
[23:57] * Deck flaps at him weakly with his arms
[23:58] <Jack> [did Buzzard say I had a cane or something?]
[23:58] <Jack> [well, I do now, i guess.]
[23:59] * Jack tries to hit it in the jaw
[23:59] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 13
[23:59] <Jack> [Kurisu, go.]
[23:59] * Kurisu_Murei performs a quick slash at the beast
[23:59] <Kurisu_Murei> Results from 1d20: 3
[00:00] <Kurisu_Murei> That didn't work well...
[00:00] <Jack> [The beast opens its jaws and brings them down to bear upon...]
[00:00] <Jack> Results from 1d4: 3
[00:00] <Jack> [Kurisu]
[00:00] <Kurisu_Murei> [1d3]
[00:00] <Jack> [4 is a miss]
[00:01] <Kurisu_Murei> [ah]
[00:01] <Jack> [anyways]
[00:01] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 10
[00:01] <Jack> *CHOMP*
[00:01] <Kurisu_Murei> Gyah!
[00:01] <Jack> [decker, go]
[00:02] <Deck> Results from 1d20: 16
[00:02] * Jack removes the end of his cane, revealing a sharp steel point
[00:02] <Jack> *stab*
[00:02] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 11
[00:03] <Kurisu_Murei> Okay, that's it! No holding back!
[00:03] * Kurisu_Murei attacks the beast furiously with Triple Strike
[00:03] <Jack> Kurisu, your turn.
[00:03] <Jack> ...
[00:03] <Kurisu_Murei> Results from 3d20: 35
[00:03] <Jack> [the beast howls in pain]
[00:04] <Jack> [but, instead of dying, it jumps back on the table!]
[00:04] <Jack> [to your great astonishment, it flings itself at the ceiling]
[00:04] <Jack> [it succeeds in making a large hole, which it quickly climbs through]
[00:05] <Jack> gah! it escaped!
[00:05] <Jack> [you can hear the beast crashing around upstairs]
[00:05] <Jack> we've got to find a way to get upstairs!
[00:06] * Jack jumps on the table and tries to reach the hole, to no avail
[00:06] <Jack> have any ideas...?
[00:07] <Kurisu_Murei> Not yet...Maybe I should have something to eat and regain my strength after that...
[00:07] <Jack> now there's a thought.
[00:08] <Jack> [so, i guess you all eat some of the food on the long table]
[00:08] <Kurisu_Murei> [yeah]
[00:09] <Jack> [full HP to ya]
[00:09] <Jack> [the werewolf's crashing has stopped]
[00:10] <Jack> Now, to find a way upstairs...
[00:10] <Kurisu_Murei> Hmm...should we see what was at the other door in the hallway, first?
[00:10] <Jack> We don't know what can happen with that werewolf in the house.
[00:11] <Jack> If we don't get upstairs, we'll never get to it.
[00:11] <Jack> [uh, the werewolf was our primary objective, right?]
[00:11] <Kurisu_Murei> [Right.]
[00:12] <Jack> So, what should we do? To the hallway, or upstairs?
[00:12] <Kurisu_Murei> Hallway first.
[00:12] <Jack> alright.
[00:13] * Jack heads out of the dining room and to the other door
[00:13] * Deck follows
[00:13] * Kurisu_Murei follows
[00:13] * Jack opens the door carefully
[00:14] <Jack> [there seems to be various tools inside the room]
[00:14] <Jack> [among them is a large two-man saw]
[00:15] <Jack> ...can we use any of these?
[00:15] <Kurisu_Murei> Maybe...
[00:15] <Kurisu_Murei> [Other than the saw, what is there?]
[00:16] <Deck> [Why do I always fall asleep during these things]
[00:16] <Jack> [just a shovel, a pickaxe, and some other stuff]
[00:17] <Kurisu_Murei> Will that saw over there be able to be used as a bridge?
[00:17] <Jack> it looks to be too thin to support all of our weight.
[00:17] <Kurisu_Murei> How about one of us at a time?
[00:18] <Jack> well, that's what i meant.
[00:18] <Kurisu_Murei> Oh.
[00:18] <Kurisu_Murei> Hmm...
[00:18] <Jack> It could probably support you and I, but not our robotic friend.
[00:18] <Deck> [I'm sorry, but I think I'm done]
[00:18] * Deck has quit IRC (Quit: later chat)
[00:18] <Jack> [well, i guess it's a solo-er then]
[00:19] <Kurisu_Murei> I think someone forgot to charge Deck's power supply...
[00:19] <Jack> well, we could use some of these tools for their intended purpose.
[00:19] <Jack> But I can't think of anywhere besides...
[00:20] <Jack> the dining room table.
[00:20] * Jack hefts the saw onto his shoulders and proceeds to the dining room
[00:21] <Jack> Give me a hand with this, would you?
[00:21] <Kurisu_Murei> Okay.
[00:21] * Kurisu_Murei helps Jack with the saw
[00:21] <Jack> +++
[00:21] <Jack> you both clear the food off of the table and start cutting a large piece out of it.
[00:22] <Jack> you make sure it's large enough to fit over the gap in the stairs.
[00:22] <Jack> alright, this looks to be about the right size.
[00:23] <Jack> [well, like Deck, I'm getting tired.]
[00:23] * Jack presses the fast-forward button
[00:23] <Jack> you take the makeshift bridge to the stairs.
[00:23] <Jack> When you climb the stairs, you see no sign of the werewolf.
[00:24] <Jack> You hear heavy footsteps on the roof.
[00:24] <Jack> A hidden ladder in the corridor falls down to reveal the open sky.
[00:24] <Jack> ---
[00:24] * Jack climbs up quickly
[00:24] * Kurisu_Murei follows
[00:25] <Jack> [the werewolf is across the roof a ways.]
[00:25] <Jack> [there is a gap in the roof where the breezeway goes through]
[00:25] <Jack> [a narrow bit of wood is stretched across it]
[00:26] <Kurisu_Murei> [How big is the gap?]
[00:26] <Jack> [the gap's about 6 or 7 feet across]
[00:27] <Kurisu_Murei> Hmm...will the wood be able to support us?
[00:27] <Jack> it's no doubt a bit thicker than the saw, so, yes.
[00:27] * Jack hurries over to it and begins to cross
[00:27] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 11
[00:28] <Jack> *Jack makes it.*
[00:28] * Kurisu_Murei also hurries over it
[00:28] <Kurisu_Murei> Results from 1d20: 4
[00:28] <Jack> you feel the board creak under your weight.
[00:28] <Jack> as it snaps, you hop to the opposite side.
[00:28] <Jack> made it.
[00:28] <Kurisu_Murei> That was close...
[00:28] <Jack> However, one victory leads to another challenge.
[00:29] <Jack> the werewolf is growling right in front of you.
[00:29] * Jack fingers his silver cross
[00:29] <Jack> +++BATTLE TIME+++
[00:29] <Kurisu_Murei> Why didn't you use that last time?
[00:30] <Jack> I can only use it when it's very weak, contrary to popular belief.
[00:30] * Jack whacks the wolf over the head with his cane
[00:30] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 6
[00:30] * Kurisu_Murei stabs the wolf
[00:30] <Kurisu_Murei> Results from 1d20: 19
[00:31] <Jack> With a sickening sound, the wolf pulls out the steel point from Jack's cane.
[00:31] <Jack> I mean, he pulls it out of his skin.
[00:31] <Jack> because it broke off.
[00:31] <Jack> He then lunges at Jack.
[00:32] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 5
[00:32] * Jack pushes the werewolf off of him and hits it again
[00:32] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 9
[00:32] * Kurisu_Murei performs a quick slash at the werewolf
[00:32] <Kurisu_Murei> Results from 1d20: 7
[00:33] <Jack> the werewolf composes itself, and dives for Jack again
[00:33] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 5
[00:33] <Jack> (sure likes those fives)
[00:33] <Jack> Jack clasps its muzzle shut with both hands.
[00:34] <Jack> (that hurts when done to muzzled beasts)
[00:34] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 3
[00:34] <Jack> (but apparently it doesn't hurt very much.)
[00:34] * Kurisu_Murei performs a powerful overhead strike
[00:34] <Kurisu_Murei> Results from 1d30: 1
[00:34] <Jack> whoo-ee.
[00:34] * Kurisu_Murei misses completely!
[00:35] <Jack> The werewolf swipes at you in counterattack.
[00:35] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 3
[00:35] <Jack> it then sinks its fangs into Jack's shoulder
[00:35] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 6
[00:35] * Jack shouts in pain
[00:36] * Jack pummels it hard with his fists
[00:36] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 20
[00:36] <Kurisu_Murei> There we go!
[00:36] <Jack> it's still alive!
[00:36] * Kurisu_Murei slashes at it
[00:36] <Kurisu_Murei> Results from 1d20: 3
[00:37] <Kurisu_Murei> [such rotten luck tonight]
[00:37] <Jack> the werewolf ignores your slash, immersed in primal rage.
[00:37] <Jack> its only goal now is to kill the one that stabbed it.
[00:37] <Jack> it begins tearing at Jack's prostrated body.
[00:37] <Jack> Results from 1d20: 7
[00:38] <Kurisu_Murei> Oh no!
[00:38] <Jack> By now, Jack's eyes are starting to film over.
[00:38] <Jack> you can see that even if he lives, he's going to be one of them.
[00:38] <Jack> [skip Jack's turn]
[00:39] <Jack> [your turn]
[00:39] * Kurisu_Murei uses the Blue Potion in his inventory, restoring his PP
[00:40] <Jack> the werewolf prepares for another bite at Jack.
[00:40] <Jack> before he's able to, Jack overcomes his pain and stabs the werewolf in the roof of the mouth with his silver cross.
[00:41] <Jack> Results from 1d500: 329
[00:41] <Jack> The werewolf unleashes a blood-curdling scream and begins to writhe around on the roof with Jack in its grasp.
[00:42] <Jack> +++
[00:42] * Jack is now known as Prox
[00:42] <Prox> The intertwined forms of Jack and the werewolf soon fall off the edge of the roof.
[00:43] <Prox> You hear a crack and a splash as the brave man and his quarry are lost to the will of the elements.
[00:43] <Prox> ---ADVENTURE OVER---
[00:44] <Prox> MISSION RANK: A
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« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2005, 03:08:17 AM »

Joefus: +2 XP (for participation)
Deck: +5 XP
Kurisu Blaze Blazeman: +10 XP
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Gonna need more rope.

« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2005, 10:38:36 AM »

Wah! None told me this of this RP! You lied to me Cry

None even wants me around for RP anymore

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« Reply #4 on: November 13, 2005, 11:28:04 AM »

Actually, it was Buzzard who was doing the RP originally.

I just took over when he left.
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Gonna need more rope.

« Reply #5 on: November 13, 2005, 12:36:54 PM »

So Buzzard leid?? Im confused Huh

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« Reply #6 on: November 13, 2005, 01:11:50 PM »

1) Nobody lied. You just didn't stick around long enough to be in it.
2) These topics are for the RP log only, or to change something if needed. Other discussions should be held elsewhere.
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So I heard you like Mudkips

« Reply #7 on: November 13, 2005, 02:23:39 PM »

Sorry about dissapearing on you guys, my router broke on me.

Ten years to the minute, no longer in it.
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