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RPLog: Fairview Expo
« on: November 04, 2005, 01:18:16 am »
[23:48] <Boris> +++
[23:49] <Boris> In an effort to promote the ongoing new relations between Delta City and Risus ambasardors, several interest groups from both sides are holding a 'magic and technology: same uses' expo on neutural ground
[23:50] <Boris> The ideal town of Fairview, situated in the forest-foothills is playing host to this occasion, as well as making the most tourism money they've ever seen
[23:51] <Boris> Because there is likely to be black, the associated mercinaries have hired you: the associated mercinaries, etc. to gaurd the event
[23:51] <Boris> why did I type black, what I mean was 'hostilities from associated magic or technology superiority groups'
[23:52] <Boris> Your contact is a one Boris Grishenko, assisting the technology exhibits. Try not to let anything bad happen to the expo, we don't want relations between the superpowers hurt.
[23:52] <Boris> ---
[23:53] <Prox> awright.
[23:53] <Buzzard> Kay
[23:53] <Prox> so, are we at Fairview already?
[23:54] <Boris> right outside the town
[23:54] <Deck> *The expo is full of chatter and sound of active devices here and elsewhere, the blue robot Deck is part of an exibit nearby*
[23:54] * Kari comes out from Expo to greet others
[23:54] <Buzzard> so, who says we go inside and pick up some cool upgrades
[23:54] <Kari> Salutations, glad you could makje it
[23:55] <Buzzard> I'm so for getting lightening bullets
[23:55] <Buzzard> and ice bullets
[23:55] <Kari> I'm Kari, Ambassador for Risus
[23:55] <Buzzard> and stuff
[23:55] <Buzzard> I remember you
[23:55] <Buzzard> we saved you from those spiders in the forest
[23:55] <Kari> yes, many thanks
[23:55] <Prox> Pleased to meet you, Kari.
[23:56] * Prox shakes hand
[23:56] <Kari> But it is rude to leave you all out here, come in
[23:56] * Kari heads in
[23:56] * Prox follows Kari
[23:56] * Buzzard follows Kari
[23:56] <Boris> The town of Fairview is dwarfed by the expo
[23:56] <Boris> a flight demo is currently occuring the middle of town, showcasing how a hover bike and a flying broom accomplish much the same task of transporting a single rider
[23:57] <Buzzard> My bike is so much better than the one in their exhibit
[23:57] <Boris> Boris sees and come up to greet you
[23:57] <Boris> "Hey, you're the folks they sent to help out, right."
[23:58] <Buzzard> Yeah
[23:58] <Buzzard> The names Buzzard
[23:58] * Buzzard holds out hand
[23:58] <Boris> [I'm gonna start using OOC [[]] markings for GM observations]
[23:58] <Buzzard> [k]
[23:58] * Boris shakes Buzzard's hand
[23:58] <Prox> you must be Boris.
[23:58] <Boris> I remember you Buzzard, the biker from the woods
[23:58] * Prox shakes hands
[23:58] <Buzzard> yeah
[23:58] <Buzzard> that's me
[23:58] <Boris> and I've already met Kari today
[23:59] <Boris> Its smooth sailing so far, and I honestly hope nothing rears its head
[23:59] <Boris> Why don't you guys check out the expo for a bit
[23:59] <Buzzard> Too bad Joefus couldn't make it
[23:59] <Buzzard> I know he'd love to see some of this stuff
[23:59] <Boris> I'll come with and explain anything, at least anything tech that I can understand
[23:59] <Prox> sounds good.
[23:59] <Buzzard> How about that Blue robot
Session Time: Fri Nov 04 00:00:00 2005
[00:00] <Boris> I'd have to leave the magic to the ambassador, there
[00:00] * Prox looks around at the exhibits
[00:00] <Buzzard> He looks pretty cool
[00:00] * Prox walks up to Deck, pushing through the amazed onlookers
[00:00] <Kari> I would be my honor to assist you all in any way
[00:00] <Boris> heh, the blue robot can introduce himself, really
[00:00] <Boris> Lets go on over there
[00:00] <Boris> Hey Deck, these are the folks I was saying would come
[00:01] <Deck> Heyo, anything to get my attention off this place
[00:01] <Deck> I really don't like being an exibit to be honest
[00:01] <Boris> Deck is supposed to be a robotics demonstration, but the magic people are a bit too out of sync with a full robot
[00:01] <Deck> I'm glad those clay golems are getting most of the attention
[00:01] <Prox> psh.
[00:01] <Boris> I think the tech folks are more interested in the golums than vice versa
[00:01] <Prox> I'm somewhat glad they ignored me.
[00:01] <Boris> say what Deck, why don't you join us
[00:02] <Boris> we'll go on over to the next central expo
[00:02] <Deck> I got nothing here anyway
[00:02] <Boris> Well, lead on then
[00:03] * Deck pushes his way through the crowd
[00:03] * Kari follows
[00:03] * Prox follows Deck
[00:03] <Buzzard> kay
[00:03] * Buzzard follows Deck
[00:03] <Boris> [[The central expo floor is currently showcasing cleaning equipment. A vaccume cleaner and a magic funnel are sucking up equal dirt off a test carpet.]]
[00:04] <Buzzard> cool
[00:04] <Prox> Hmph.
[00:04] <Buzzard> I should get some bullets that do that
[00:04] <Boris> I never do get how that stuff works. I can think of the vaccume as a series of parts, each function leading into the next.
[00:04] <Boris> I've heard the magic is similar, links in a chain
[00:04] <Boris> but I can't follow it back to the source you know
[00:05] <Deck> vacuum, it's pronounced
[00:05] <Boris> Sorry, hillbilly accent, I know
[00:05] <Kari> Magic is a form of will power, it takes great concentration to focus it into physical manifestation
[00:06] <Boris> thats what I mean, I guess, I can't follow the physical back into the will of a person
[00:06] <Deck> Air flows in a way not unlike water, all you have to do is take air out of a space, and more will come to take it's place, it's that flow that's sucking everything up
[00:06] <Boris> doesn't mean I hate it or anything though
[00:06] <Kari> Ive heard of stories of shrouded stranagers who call it "Chakra" to perform "Ninjustsu"
[00:07] <Prox> yeah, those men from the east.
[00:07] <Prox> Their ways are infinitely impressive.
[00:07] <Boris> say, I wonder what this next expo is, it looks big
[00:07] * Deck has made his way further into the central expo, not noticing the others have not been following him
[00:07] <Boris> [[large crates are being wheeled out onto the stage]]
[00:07] <Prox> hmm...
[00:08] * Prox looks to see where Deck has gone
[00:08] <Boris> we should get him back
[00:08] <Prox> Deck!
[00:08] <Boris> he would't want to miss this
[00:08] <Deck> [[is over at the other expo where the crates are being led]]
[00:09] <Deck> [[o wate]]
[00:09] <Deck> [[let's say I'm just on the other side of the stage]]
[00:09] <Boris> [[suddenly engines are heard revving]]
[00:09] <Boris> [[Two bikers burst from the crates, brandising big guns. The third crate falls over comically.]]
[00:10] <Boris> See, I knew it was too good for some punks to pass up!
[00:10] <Kari> EEEK!
[00:10] <Boris> This is why I hired you guys, get to it!
[00:10] <Boris> +++BATTLE TIME+++
[00:10] <Boris> prox, go
[00:10] * Buzzard whips out pistols
[00:10] * Prox gives Biker 1 a hefty fist to the stomach
[00:10] <Prox> Results from 1d20: 19
[00:11] <Prox> B)
[00:11] <Boris> nice, deck go
[00:11] * Deck pries the lid off the third toppled crate
[00:11] <Deck> Hello~~~~?
[00:12] <Boris> A biker has fallen over iside held in place by his bike. He's clearly the newbie of the lot
[00:12] <Boris> you also find his gun, for the effort
[00:12] <Buzzard> hey deck, pass me that gun
[00:12] <Deck> HEY EVERYONE, MOSH PUT!
[00:13] * Deck tosses the newbie biker into the crowd
[00:13] <Buzzard> [what kind of gun is it?]
[00:13] <Boris> [[handheld machine pistol]]
[00:13] <Buzzard> [???]
[00:13] <Buzzard> [automatic or something?]
[00:13] * Deck underhand tosses the gun to Buzzard
[00:13] <Prox> [[so, the bikers are on bikes.]]
[00:13] * Buzzard catches it
[00:13] <Boris> Kari, go
[00:13] * Kari whacks biker 1 with book
[00:13] <Boris> [[the bikers are inded mounted, but they seem more interested in fighting than speeind around]]
[00:13] <Kari> Results from 1d20: 8
[00:13] <Kari> +1
[00:14] <Buzzard> I really need to get my bike a beckon thing
[00:14] <Buzzard> so it comes on command
[00:14] <Boris> biker 2 executes a drift turn
[00:14] <Boris> Results from 1d4: 2
[00:14] <Boris> Results from 1d4: 3
[00:14] <Boris> Results from 1d10: 8
[00:14] <Boris> Results from 1d10: 10
[00:14] <Boris> err wait
[00:14] <Boris> I can't get this straight
[00:14] <Buzzard> [oh yeah, in case I forget, that new gun's in my trenchcoat now]
[00:14] <Boris> that was supposed to be a 5
[00:14] <Boris> Results from 1d5: 5
[00:15] <Boris> Results from 1d5: 2
[00:15] <Boris> Deck takes 5 (ouch!), Kari takes 2
[00:15] <Boris> Buzzard, go
[00:16] * Buzzard tries to disarm the biker
[00:16] <Boris> which one?
[00:16] <Buzzard> biker 2
[00:17] <Boris> ok, being mounted he's gonna have a slight advantage, if you still want try, throw an 8
[00:17] <Buzzard> [i'm lacking a diceroll]
[00:17] <Boris> [gar, roll for him
[00:17] <Kari> [what is it a d10 or d20?]
[00:17] <Buzzard> [I think 1d8
[00:18] <Boris> [1d8]
[00:18] <Kari> Results from 1d8: 1
[00:18] <Buzzard> -o-
[00:18] <Buzzard> There goes that plan
[00:18] <Buzzard> and there goes a second gun
[00:18] <Boris> well if I get a one, you still get
[00:18] <Boris> Results from 1d10: 10
[00:18] <Boris> lol no way
[00:18] <Kari> [plz thats a d10]
[00:19] <Boris> [The biker was mounted, he wasnt', I told him and gave him an chance to change up there]
[00:19] <Kari> [oh wait dummer me, my own Gm cahllhenge]
[00:19] <Boris> biker one fires off the gun
[00:19] <Boris> Results from 1d5: 4
[00:19] <Boris> Results from 1d5: 1
[00:19] <Boris> only one damage to prox
[00:20] <Boris> Prox, go
[00:20] * Prox calcifies Biker 2
[00:20] <Prox> Results from 1d30: 1
[00:20] <Prox> aw, shit.
[00:20] <Buzzard> haw
[00:20] <Prox> no paralysis, counter-attack.
[00:20] <Boris> [don't you roll a 1d5 seperate for that?]
[00:21] <Prox> no paralysis b/c fumble
[00:21] <Boris> I ain't exactly worked fumblers in lol
[00:21] <Prox> and the biker gets a counter attack.
[00:21] <Boris> nah, you're good, aisde from really low damage
[00:21] <Boris> Deck, your move
[00:22] * Deck ducks into the panicing croud and ducks under the stage, me looks for what is keeping said stage up
[00:22] <Boris> the stage is held up by a wooden pillar at each conor, old timey style
[00:23] <Boris> a couple of good strikes could bring it down
[00:23] * Deck uses a feat of robotic strength, attempting breaking a corner pillar that faces the back
[00:24] <Boris> [go ahead and roll a 20 on that]
[00:24] <Deck> Results from 1d20: 13
[00:25] <Boris> success plenty, the stage goes wobbly and down, and the bikers slide back shaken
[00:25] <Buzzard> heh
[00:25] <Boris> biker one, already having taken some hits gives it up
[00:25] <Boris> biker two gets back on and circles
[00:25] <Boris> Kari, go
[00:26] * Kari casts Smite
[00:26] <Kari> Results from 1d30: 5
[00:26] <Kari> +2
[00:26] <Boris> biker two fires the big gun
[00:26] <Boris> Results from 1d5: 5
[00:26] <Boris> but misses completely
[00:26] <Boris> buzzard, go
[00:27] * Buzzard tries mugging the biker again
[00:27] <Boris> this time you're on even odds
[00:27] <Boris> because of deck's cool move
[00:27] <Boris> [thorw a 10 for him, gar]
[00:27] <Kari> Results from 1d10: 5
[00:27] <Boris> Results from 1d10: 2
[00:28] <Boris> success, you jack the biker's big auto machine pistol
[00:28] <Boris> disoriented, weaponless, and smarting something awful, he flees off into the woods.
[00:28] * Buzzard stores it in his trenchcoat
[00:28] <Boris> ---
[00:28] <Buzzard> that's another gun
[00:29] <Buzzard> today's turning out well
[00:29] <Prox> Not for me...
[00:29] <Boris> Hey, thats what I'm talking about!
[00:29] <Boris> I knew you guys would pull through
[00:29] <Boris> aisde from the fact we need a new center stage
[00:29] * Deck puts an arm out from under the skirt of the stage and jokingly grabs Kari's ankle
[00:29] <Deck> BRAAAAAAINS~!
[00:29] <Buzzard> sadly, I have nothing in my bag of tricks to fix that
[00:29] <Kari> AIIEEE!
[00:30] <Deck> ololololollolol
[00:30] <Buzzard> lolplx
[00:30] * Kari makes comic like hit on Deck with book
[00:30] <Boris> look, I hate to put you guys back to work so fast
[00:30] <Buzzard> that arm is obviously blue
[00:30] <Buzzard> and robotic
[00:30] <Boris> but if hte technology superiorists were here
[00:30] <Boris> no doubt we've got some magic bigots lurking about
[00:30] <Buzzard> we're bound to have some magic superiorists
[00:30] <Boris> exactly
[00:30] <Boris> your call as to where to look for them though
[00:31] <Buzzard> I'd say split up, but it might make things harder in the long run
[00:31] <Boris> I would have suggested center stage, but I think anybody would be reconsidering that plan by now
[00:31] <Boris> I'd say off in the technology expos, or in the woods over tword Risus
[00:31] <Prox> naturally they won't be examining very many of the magical exhibits, they're used to that stuff.
[00:31] <Boris> yeah
[00:32] <Boris> I'll let you guys pick and check it, I have to get to work on a surrogate center stage
[00:32] <Buzzard> Lets head toward the tech section
[00:32] * Boris dashes off
[00:32] <Buzzard> maybe I'll be able to snag a laser gun or something
[00:32] <Buzzard> >>
[00:32] <Buzzard> <<
[00:32] <Prox> such greeds.
[00:32] <Prox> if you do, it's mine.
[00:32] <Buzzard> I'm a thief
[00:32] <Boris> [[group vote btw, you all pick]]
[00:32] <Buzzard> it comes with the package
[00:33] * Prox kicks Buzzard in the package
[00:33] <Prox> anyways...
[00:33] <Buzzard> [your foot crumbles at the might of my cup!]
[00:33] <Deck> [[I'm fine with anything]]
[00:33] <Prox> [[tech station is me.]]
[00:33] <Boris> [[2 tech
[00:33] <Boris> + 1 neutural = tech exhibits]]
[00:34] <Buzzard> [3 tech]
[00:34] <Boris> [[not unless gar voted~]]
[00:35] <Kari> [[tech?]]
[00:35] <Deck> [[ya sur]]
[00:35] <Prox> k cool, tech it is.
[00:35] <Buzzard> my kind of place
[00:36] <Boris> [[The tech exhibits are much as you left them earlier. Curious Delta City citizens point out things they want to buy, Risus Kingdom folk shift between interest and occasional confusion. Nobody seems particularly shifty, but you just don't know today]]
[00:36] * Buzzard keeps one hand on revolver
[00:36] * Prox looks around indifferently at the exhibits
[00:36] <Buzzard> hey Prox, you wanted a weapon, right?
[00:37] <Prox> Not really.
[00:37] <Buzzard> k nevermind
[00:38] * Prox walks up to a particularly interesting exhibit
[00:38] <Deck> Prox, that's a water fountain
[00:38] * Buzzard takes a look at some of the latest guns
[00:38] <Prox> plz.
[00:38] <Buzzard> and lazers
[00:38] <Buzzard> lasers too
[00:39] <Boris> [[indeed the guns and lasers booth has drawn quite a crowd. Everybody loves fireworks it seems]]
[00:39] <Boris> [[the water fountain is pretty popular today too, its warmish]]
[00:39] <Prox> for god's sake.
[00:39] <Prox> I'm at the high-tech accessories exhibit.
[00:39] <Deck> IT'S NOT A URINAL, PEOPLE
[00:39] * Kari continues to look for anything suspicuos
[00:40] <Buzzard> Not much to see in the form of baddies
[00:40] <Buzzard> good
[00:40] <Boris> [[the crowd at the laser booth is growing
[00:40] <Buzzard> !
[00:40] <Boris> it seems a demonstration is about to occur]]
[00:40] * Buzzard works his way towards the front, to see what's going on
[00:40] * Boris is now known as Smithy
[00:41] <Smithy> "-Latest in refraction crystal technology
[00:41] <Smithy> this stuff is sure fire gaur-en-teed to blow a hole in whatever anime yer huntin
[00:41] <Prox> [[/me shoots a hole in a naruto book?]]
[00:41] <Smithy> and most of the surrounding country-side!"
[00:42] <Smithy> [[some oohs and aws go up, but a particular bunch seems unhappy]]
[00:42] <Buzzard> Sounds cool
[00:42] <Buzzard> how much for one?
[00:42] <Smithy> "This here one is experi-mental. Something like this back in good ol D.C. would run you a couple thousand creds
[00:43] <Smithy> Like 3 or 4 of them A rank payouts from the mercinaries."
[00:43] <Buzzard> ah
[00:43] <Smithy> [[suddnely somebody in the front row has had it up to here ^]]
[00:43] <Buzzard> guess I'll not be getting one
[00:43] * Prox approaches him from the back, cautiously
[00:43] * Buzzard puts hand on revolver
[00:44] <Smithy> "You think your pop toy will do damage, sir? I'll show you damage!"
[00:44] <Smithy> [[the young man has conjured a firebolt, causing the weapons dealer to go diving under the bench]]
[00:44] * Buzzard whips out revolvers
[00:44] <Buzzard> freeze
[00:44] <Kari> Hold it right there!
[00:45] * Prox doesn't act like he's here to save the day
[00:45] <Smithy> [[the young man is grumbling, and motions to his friends.]]
[00:45] <Smithy> +++A FIGHT BREAKS OOT+++
[00:45] <Kari> This is a complete breach of the agreement made by the Regent!
[00:46] <Smithy> Two young men are blocking you from getting to the third
[00:46] <Smithy> all that matters is that you keep them from doing any serious damage to the arms dealer
[00:46] <Smithy> thus avoiding a debaccle
[00:46] <Smithy> Buzzard, you're firsty
[00:47] * Prox sidles through the crowd, towards the back of the group. So far, they can't tell I'm against them
[00:47] * Buzzard shoots the guy he was aimed at
[00:48] <Smithy> Prox, still distant from the fight, doesn't have any problem bleding in
[00:48] <Smithy> [gar, can you roll buzzard plz]
[00:48] <Kari> Results from 1d20: 12
[00:49] <Smithy> slamo, the magic user looks a little hesitant
[00:49] <Prox> [[I'm in the crowd, at the backs of the three young men]]
[00:49] <Buzzard> +2 from AP
[00:49] <Smithy> his budy isn't though, and suddenly you're facing icicles
[00:49] <Smithy> Results from 1d4: 2
[00:49] <Smithy> Results from 1d2: 1
[00:49] <Smithy> Results from 1d2: 1
[00:49] <Smithy> Results from 1d2: 2
[00:49] <Buzzard> hmm
[00:49] <Smithy> 4 damage on deck (they hate him today...)
[00:49] <Deck> blarghle
[00:49] <Smithy> Deck, go
[00:50] * Deck takes his turn to try and evacuate the arms dealer
[00:50] <Deck> Let's get somewhere safer
[00:50] <Smithy> (dice 20)
[00:50] <Deck> Results from 1d20: 10
[00:50] <Smithy> you sidestep the two men, but the third one, the instigator is blocking you
[00:51] <Smithy> at least his attention is off the arms dealer now
[00:51] <Smithy> Kari, your go
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Re: RPlog: Fairview Expo
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2005, 01:18:25 am »
[00:51] * Kari casts a cure spell on Deck
[00:51] <Kari> Results from 1d10: 2
[00:51] <Deck> thank~
[00:51] <Kari> +2
[00:51] <Smithy> deck's servos are moving a bit better
[00:52] <Smithy> Prox, your turn
[00:52] * Deck total HP = 13/20
[00:52] * Prox makes sure he's standing between the men and the arms dealer
[00:52] <Prox> [[should that take a turn?]]
[00:52] <Smithy> [dice 20]
[00:53] <Prox> [[b-but they can't see me.]]
[00:53] <Smithy> [you're confirming that]
[00:53] <Prox> Results from 1d20: 18
[00:53] <Smithy> oh dead on
[00:53] <Smithy> without even noticing you, you're between them and the arms dealer
[00:53] <Prox> [[but anyways, should that take a turn?]]
[00:53] <Smithy> [yeah, but that basically ends the fight]
[00:54] <Prox> [[ah]]
[00:54] <Smithy> [Prox taps the fellow on the arm for dramatic effect]
[00:54] <Buzzard> [give me a turn to swipe a laser]
[00:54] <Smithy> [no, standby]
[00:54] <Prox> bah
[00:54] <Smithy> [the young man, annoyed at this turn of events, motions for his buddies to give up]
[00:55] <Smithy> "Shoot, I wasn't lookin for a real fight, I just wanted to scare the pop toy maker."
[00:55] <Smithy> [with a little encouragement, they wander off to the edge of town]
[00:55] * Buzzard puts revolvers back in holsters
[00:55] * Smithy gets up and dusts himself off
[00:56] <Prox> are you hurt at all?
[00:56] <Smithy> son, if you ever want a lazer, I'll cut you half price back in good ol D.C.
[00:56] <Smithy> That was some smooth movin
[00:56] <Buzzard> you got a deal
[00:56] <Buzzard> or are you talking to Prox
[00:56] <Smithy> heck, botha ya
[00:56] <Smithy> you stood up fer me and all
[00:56] <Buzzard> Thanks, sir
[00:56] <Smithy> I want to get back to work, I won't be scared off by thugs
[00:56] * Smithy looks up
[00:56] <Smithy> not that theres much light left today anyway
[00:56] <Kari> I am most sorry for this inconvieanance, I assure you Risus does not share there sentiments
[00:57] <Smithy> Thats all right miss, I've got some family between the two countries, I know how tense it can be
[00:57] * Smithy goes back to the stands
[00:57] <Kari> thank you good sir
[00:57] * Smithy is now known as Boris
[00:57] <Boris> You guys are excellent today, I swear
[00:58] <Deck> [[in RP terms too I hope]]
[00:58] <Boris> [yup, we're done here pretty much]
[00:58] <Buzzard> [[yeah]]
[00:58] <Kari> [[Im about pooped]]
[00:58] <Boris> Smooth moves all over, I'll reccomend the mercinary corp pays you well
[00:58] <Boris> thanks for the help
[00:59] <Buzzard> thanks
[00:59] <Boris> -
[00:59] <Boris> ---
Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.


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Re: RPLog: Fairview Expo
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2005, 01:20:31 am »
This is the first RP session I've run, Ime so proud~
<Armature> i just really want centaur Azula


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Re: RPLog: Fairview Expo
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I liked that one. So fun!
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