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« on: July 26, 2015, 04:07:42 pm »
Not be confused with the Teen Titans character ★Fire. It's some program I found that's for peer-to-peer program stuff, and that seems kind of interesting so I think I'll try it out.

For now I'll see if I can do some programming with it, but the idea is to do stuff with other people, so I've attached my contact info for it in a txt since these things are pretty long to put in a thread.

Edit: So now that I actually know where to share stuff privately, I'm just going to consider this contact info defunct. If anyone wants to use Firestr with me, I can put up my profile elsewhere later. Wait, I was already starting to use "Meticulac" back then? ...This was from less than two years ago? My sense of time has pretty much no accuracy beyond "thirty minutes ago or longer".
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