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cute hedgehog
Motivational Image: Deception
I look at the enterprise these days and decide its a terrible way to design a ship
Now that I think about it, being Megatron and commanding that nest of backstabbers must have been pretty hard. Megatron was a fucking hardcore leader to keep all that shit working on.
Interesting Note: On the Color Wheel, Red and Green seperated by two other colors, the same goes for Yellow\/Purple, Blue\/Orange
animated awesome Theo Jensen
lets put some vegeta in, since I got two out
oldie but a goodie
No sir, I don\'t like it
toph promotions!
Mario Powerups
Furry Mario can still kick ass
is that a fucking cookie?
Why did I laugh at this?
this is one of my fav images
mister skeletor, please put on some pants

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