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ok this wins weird fan art of the day award: Rarity as a Cybran ACU pilot
ascended Twilight talks to Fleur
I\'m starting to hear this is going to be horrible
Pokemon, Adventure Time
Fox news...misleading? No way.
Dragonslayer Vayne
welp, I\'m horrified
Adventure Time, Merceline, \"Not even the dead can know peace from this evil.\"
where\'s derpy in the latest pony two parter
Boris\'s fantasy
ICS, wtf?
creepy fox doll not indicitive of actual quality
I dunno who made this but I enjoy it
two responses to the latest update that both made me crack up
miss Twilight when did you accidentally ascend
Two laughing allmigthy tallest, \"He thinks he can conquer a planet!\"
This isn\'t even my final form
3563 hours of LoL to unlock everything
pony fanfic fanart (It\'s a Dangerous Business)
Doc plays Marvel vs Capcom 3
Dr Who Timeline
Doctor Who
you\'re not allowed to have huma twilight without a sweater vest come on
it\'s funny becase reddit fags don\'t realize this came from a \/v\/ comic satirizing them
oh man, this caused so my rage and I lost my shit at \"Altor\"
Motorcity, Homestuck

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