Fyborg Command Reference
!4getLinks a random image from 4get.

!4grabGrabs an image from an url, with an optional tag. Make sure to surround your tag string in the [ ] brackets.

!4grab http://www.bestwebsiteever.com/images/greenfrog.jpg [Him name Hopkin green frog]
!4killDeletes an image from 4get. This requires two people in order to fully delete an image, in order to enact a form of moderation. The first person who uses the command marks the image for deletion, while the second person doing it causes the actual deletion. It can be done in channel, or in a private message to Fyborg.

!4kill 423908492384.jpg
!4kill http://www.fybertech.com/4get/view/4928394234.jpg
!4findSearches 4get for a tag containing the provided search criteria, and randomly returns one of the results.

!4find pumpkin
!4tagRetags an image with the tag specified. Also allows for clearing out a tag if left blank.

!4tag 23409834234.jpg [MORE LIEK A SHATNER BURRITO]
!4gettotalDisplays the total images and storage space that 4get consumes. Optionally specify a user to see how much they personally contributed.

!4gettotal Armature
!4threadGrabs an entire thread from 4chan for display in 4thread. Like with !4grab, entries can be tagged with [ ] brackets. The command can be issued at a later time to update the contents of the thread if it still exists.

!4thread http://cgi.4chan.org/g/32842934.html [A typical day on /g/]
!weatherFetches your local weather report from Yahoo.

!weather 37664
!forecastFetches your local weather forecast from Yahoo.

!forecast 37664
!weathermapFetches a link to the doppler radar map for your area.

!weathermap 37664
!weathercastFetches your local weather report, forecast, and radar map in one command.

!weathercast 90210
!googleFetches the "Are you feeling lucky?" search result from Google.

!google Where are my pants?
!uptimeReturns the server uptime.

!diceRolls X number of Y-sided dice.

!dice 2 20

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