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So anyone who's looked at the front page by now will have noticed a facelift.  That's not all that'll get done though.  Prox suggested I might could fit some news in there if I shift the gear over, so I might just do that . . !  There will also be a section for comics since there are some without a home now.

In any case, if you've got an idear or suggestion about anything on the site, this is the place to stick it.  Even if it doesn't get used exactly as you suggested, it might lead to other ideas, so it's all worth hearing.

Maybe, just maybe, you could change the rounded rectangle thumbnails in the middle of the green gear. I was thinking maybe a circle shape with a border similar to the green gear would fit a little better, but then there's the problem of where to put the text.

The only reason I used the square ones is just because I already had them, to tell you the truth.  I'm gonna fidget with the size of the gear anyhow, so I might be able to make the images appear circular in the center of the gear.

Here are a couple of design ideas I quickly made for you guys to get the idea of what I was thinking of. I don't know how good they are and how easy they'd be to make, but that's not up to me, is it..!?!+

Belive it or not, our orriginal idea was for a spinning cog. Unfortunately without diving into flash there really isn't a good reliable way to make things spin. You can make move in a circle, but they keep their orientation.

I still think mabey the newspost should be on the left. My mouse is always over there for most sites anyway, so even if I'm right handed, its more ergonomic to have it on the left. This is just me, of course.

The internet is the revenege of left handed people, I swar~


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