Author Topic: Some kind of yet-unnamed crazy evil fantasy world.  (Read 15270 times)


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Some kind of yet-unnamed crazy evil fantasy world.
« on: October 29, 2009, 11:30:26 pm »
Some time ago, when I read up on D&D stuff, I figured most of the lawful-evil planes were more evil than lawful, so I went and started thinking up this. The detailed, exacting nature of the control rules is what makes it a crazy order world, but let me know if anything needs clarified or made simpler.

Basically, the main premise of the plane is a world with magical properties designed to promote and enforce a coherent and well defined hierarchy through any means. But mostly wrestling and boxing. Basically, if you stick two ordinary people in the plane from somewhere else, they'll both start out at as equals, but if one of them beats the other in some way that I'll figure out later, preferably through a contest like traditional boxing or wrestling, the winner gain control over the loser, similar to Dominate Person and Enslave, which will last until death or some super powerfull counter spell is used. This also moves the winner up half a rank in the world's magical ranking system. Higher ranked people get some kind of advantage against lower ranked people who don't have anyone in control of them yet. Taking servants away from someone else, though, is either impossible or more difficult, with one sort-of-exception.

Any one person can control only so many others directly (probably some fixed amount for everyone). Once they reach the maximum, however, with enough servants (possibly than the maximum) they also go up another half rank in the ranking system to full rank*. Until this happens, servants can't get servants of their own, as it would put them at the same rank at their master. After this, they can go around dominating their peers and/or anyone "running loose" of lower rank unless prohibited form doing so. However, they can't rank up more than half a rank until enough reach it to let their master reach rank and a half**. If a master tries to gain new servants when he already has too many direct servants, they will automatically be reassigned to the most senior (by subjugation date) servant whose control tree isn't too full, even if said servant is prohibited from gaining servants, although they may be forced to give such "bonus servants" to the next most senior. In this way, the system can be expanded to any number of servants in one big pecking order.

A master cannot disband the hierarchy, and is replaced by their most senior direct servant if they die or somehow become ineligible to rule, with similar rippling replacements as needed like with those geometrical order guys. This means it's pretty much impossible to completely get rid of the influence of the system without killing at least all but one person in it. Leaving the plane probably gives you some ability to break free, but it should probably still be pretty hard.

I'll try to get into some lore and environment descriptions soon.

* more like fully rank amirite
** This will possibly only get more amusing to me over time.