Author Topic: Turner Classic Movies is a kick ass channel and you should watch it more  (Read 23608 times)


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As the topic states Turner Classic Movies is a kick ass channel and you should watch it more. I <3 the channel so much. You can watch a lot of really cool old movies with awesome actors and stories, and it really gives you more insight into past generations and the evolution of film and society. As such, in hopes to generate more board discussion I’m going to try and let you guys know when a good movie is going to come on, or if I find something that may be good, I will post about it here. I will tell you what I think, or thought, about the movie, and you can tell me what you thought about it. I’ll try to give you enough time to set your DVRs, VCRs, or torrents. I may also throw in a few interesting Netflix movie reviews for more modern Independent movies.

To start off with some stuff you guys all may be interested in cartoons~, but not just any cartoons Chuck Jones cartoons (and if you don’t know Chuck Jones SHAME ON YOU)

Tuesday March 24th 8pm EST

Chuck Jones mini-marathon starting with a half-hour documentary about the man, then 2 hours of some of Chuck Jones’ best cartoons.
Theres a link for you to check to see exactly which cartoons there are, highlights include Duck Amuck (where an animator harasses Daffy Duck), What’s Opera Doc (Kill the Wabbit), and One Froggy Evening (the cartoon that gave us the WB’s old froggy mascot).

Stay tuned though because at 11pm TCM will be playing The Phantom Tollbooth. And watch that trippy movie where letters and numbers are at war and taught you what the hell a dodecahedron (thanks spellcheck) was because it was apparently directed by Chuck Jones.

Another thing to know is you don’t have to worry if you miss any of this because you get a second chance with the cartoon short marathon starting again at 12:30am and The Phantom Tollbooth at 3am.