Author Topic: HOLY CRAP! This is still here?  (Read 28342 times)


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HOLY CRAP! This is still here?
« on: March 10, 2009, 12:46:01 am »
So I’m done with school, and have somewhat settled down in a new place. As a result, I’ve been looking for something to occupy my time, and since I had to pay my websites renewal in February, it seemed like a good idea to not waste the money and start working on the comic again. I’ve had up to comic 200 written forever and just need to assemble the comics. I will also try to have the sprites be a bit more expressive and movable having more than 1 stance (as is the case with some minor characters), so it may take time. My goal is to make all the comics up to 200 then start updating so there will be a guaranteed 3 months of regular updates (M-F), and hopefully give me suitable cushion to complete more comics, so comic updatery will continue long past those 3 months. Check back May 14th to see if regular updates have started, cause that’s when I hope to start because it is 1 day before my 23rd birthday.

Until the next update, be well deadbeats.

Edit: I'm a filthy liar. I doubt I'll start updating in May because I'm having trouble getting work done because of a weird work schedule. I'll try to get it done, but I'm doubtful.
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