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Author Topic: Fybertech Role Call  (Read 21484 times)
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Careful, or the mice will rise up.

« Reply #15 on: January 18, 2007, 10:16:21 AM »

*tries pulling off peoples faces to see if thay are MDude in disguise*

One day, when the zombies rise and destroy humanity; I will survive, I will live on, I will take your best stuff for myself.
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Sup Mr. Human Nega-Duck

« Reply #16 on: January 18, 2007, 01:04:36 PM »

And by "intresting plots" he means having mdude sneak into lady showers w/ video camera.

[01:31] <@Boris> cross-dimensional lesbians sounds like a porn I'd rent
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« Reply #17 on: January 18, 2007, 08:28:45 PM »

Name: Prospero

and that's pretty much it for now.
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Oh god what is that?

« Reply #18 on: January 20, 2007, 01:42:37 AM »

So here is the cliffnotes version of character info I've been putting together:

Fyber - "Jeff Bowman", or "FyberOptic", or just "Fyber"; after Arvix Industries encounter, becomes determined to find and take/destroy all Zentaxian/alien technology on Earth
Buzzard - Michael Daniels, or "Buzzard"; Master thief, stole a concept motorcycle from Turner Transcontinental
Vito - Private investigator, durrr.
Boris - "Boris Grant"; college student; financial contributor; focuses on conceptual science as opposed to Fyber's hands-on methodology; opposes the destruction of alien technology
Deck - "Deckar Walson", or "Deck"; genetically modified to adapt to DNA of other creatures, to change his physical properties
Mets - "Dr Christopher Graft", cybernetic specialist; artificial arms
Prox - "Prospero (lucky) Sapienti (wise)", or just "Prox"; italian; analytical by nature; received neural implants from Dr Graft, allowing for prompt determination of the odds in most situations
Rhythm - "Paul Aston", or "Rhythm"; Acoustical engineer
Mdude - "M-D00D", or "MDude"; robotic skeletal frame equipped with HEAT technology, allowing him to take the forms of others; built by Arvix Industries
Bluejay - "Jason 'Jay' Raynes", or "Bluejay"; estranged son of billionare industrialist Michael Joeseph Raynes; privileged life allowed for flying lessons and development of WING unit
Shadow - "David Green", or "Shadow"; uses Nylarian technology for a claw capable of slicing through most materials; connected to Turner
Rotary Turbo - Mechanic

We're still working on a couple folks or so, and there's still details I need for others, but it seems like our league of extraordinary gentlemen is coming along nicely.
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Sup Mr. Human Nega-Duck

« Reply #19 on: January 29, 2007, 12:16:48 AM »

Well, from what I remember, Graft was born with 1 arm, went through the proper classes and build his own arm. Then Fybertech helped him with supa-arm. The big one you see.

3rd one is him in civies and wearing his normal arm and no boots.

* DrGraft001.gif (2.53 KB, 209x90 - viewed 1127 times.)

[01:31] <@Boris> cross-dimensional lesbians sounds like a porn I'd rent
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Implying I need a job

« Reply #20 on: February 04, 2007, 04:28:27 AM »

<Doc> Let's talk turkey.
* Doc cracks knuckles.
<Doc> Here goes nothing.
<Boris> yokai
<Doc> Doctor Worm's a mild mannered drummer for a band. That's his stage name, not his actual name. He's a bit off, thinking himself not a real doctor, but a real worm instead. Openly welcoming criticism of his tenuous drumming skills, he claims to actually be part of a front for the CIA. The band he's in is a fake band, having to practice posturing and acting like rock stars in order to monitor the youth of America.
<Boris> I'm not gonna steal that much from the song
<Doc> i thot it was gud
<Boris> the idea is that the references are just references, not the whole thing
<Doc> I have no idea.
<Boris> I don't mind Doctor Worm and Working for the man, hell theres even drumming jokes with Rhythm in there somewhere
<Doc> I'm not very good at this whole thing.
* Boris cracks knuckles instead
<Boris> lesee what do I have to work with
<Doc> I'm usualy firing on all cylinders, but this is like three in hte morning here.
<Boris> Ok, so the starting idea on the character is medical skills?
<Doc> Good idea.
<Doc> Do we want actual medical skills, or thinking he has medical skills?
<Doc> Like, real doctor, or got his degree from a vending machine in Rio?
<Boris> actual is better since most of the folks at fybertech are professionals of some type
<Boris> engineers and scientists
<Boris> a doctor would be fine too
<Boris> doctor working for some 'the man'
<Boris> hmm
<Doc> Government is always fine.
<Doc> I mean, any reason why Finbar and Co. would need to be monitored?
<Boris> well, we always sorta valued ourselves as an underground
<Boris> I dunno, let the gears churn a bit
<Boris> Ah, heres something
<Boris> I've been writing for a while a sort of fictional thing I called fybertech investigations
<Boris> where somebody was studying the records and histories of fybertech characters
<Boris> the flavor suggests a detective agency of some kind
<Boris> private and with its own interestes but still a 'the Man' kind of organization
<Boris> you could easily be working for them
<Doc> Mayhaps this investigation group could actually have deeper ties, into something more sinister?
<Boris> yeah, we could develop it into whatever as time goes on
<Boris> all that matters is that at the moment it doesn't constitute too much of a change
<Boris> no government investigations or our enemies getting in on us
<Boris> esentially a somewhat neutural the man with no reason to bust us open
<Doc> Sounds good to me.
<Boris> for now
<Boris> ok, so medical powers
<Boris> I want to say some kind of fybertech enhanced device
<Boris> but I don't want it uber-powerful
<Doc> Nothing like nanotech?
<Boris> yeah, probably nothing so advanced
<Boris> maybe like subdermal repair via lasers or something
<Boris> or ooh, holograms projected inside
<Boris> since HEAT is a big central thing around here
<Boris> something like that
<Doc> Eh, I don't know how effective that'd be.
<Boris> think of it like tiny forcefields doing skillful repair work
<Doc> I was thinking maybe not nanotech, but microtech at least, which would allow a holographic projection of the area in question with subsequent use of laser scalpels and such for noninvasive surgery.
<Boris> yeah
<Boris> thats basically hwat I was getting at
<Boris> meaning you have to explicitly control it
<Doc> But not so much projecting holograms in, as much as projecting a zoomed in area out for fine control.
<Boris> and its more like super advanced surgery than magic healing
<Doc> It'd be like Operation, only with a 3-D model.
<Boris> yeah, roughly there
<Boris> ok so lesse
<Boris> Doctor Worm, working for the Man, with his fybertech advanced microsurgery robots
<Doc> Heh, I thought of Metal Gear's little bloodstream bots.
<Boris> all thats left is a design which which we should go out and talk to deck about

03:13] <Boris> I want something that says field work
[03:13] <Boris> but is still a little classy
[03:14] <Boris> [03:13] <Deck> Classy War Field Doctoring? I dunno how to do that
[03:15] <Boris> picture of what I meant
[03:15] <Boris> http://www2.hq.nato.int/shape/graphics/2005/0511/b051109c.jpg
[03:15] <Boris> like that but less camo and no armband perhaps
[03:23] <Boris> http://www.arnadal.no/film/actors/images/alda_alan_1975.jpg
[03:23] <Boris> actually thats not too bad
[03:24] <Boris> I had a more offwhite color pictured but it does look kinda classy and active at the same time
[03:23] <Deck> I want to give Doc some cool rugged Doctor look
[03:23] <Deck> Like Mr. Lupus
[03:24] <Doc> Make it a combination of Hawkeye and House, and you'll collapse the interent.
[03:24] <Boris> FTW

<Armature> i just really want centaur Azula
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Gonna need more rope.

« Reply #21 on: February 06, 2007, 11:08:58 AM »

Name: David "Shadow" Green.

His parents worked for Arvix since he was a child. His father worked in the R&D department and his mother was in charge of medical services for the company. Concerned for their child’s safety, they paid Spree to teach David basic martial arts styles. As he grew, Spree taught him more and more advanced styles. By the time he was 14, he was a black belt in 5 forms of unarmed combat. Spree was almost like a sister to David. However, one day his life changed forever. Arvix goon Contact killed his mother. Apparently, she had found some incriminating documents about Arvix, and Arvix didn't want that information to spread. When his father found out, he quit and vowed to take down the company. Obviously, he failed. A unit of grunts led by Spree killed him in the dead of night. However, when Spree found Shadow in his room, Spree decided to throw him in an alley, taking pity because of the time she spent with him. For four years, Shadow traversed the streets and alleys of his home city, taking on any threat that came at him. When he was 18, he earned the name "Shadow" by the local street gangs, describing how he attacked in the night and struck swift and quick. However, he decided it was time to get revenge on Arvix for all those years ago. He soon found employment from Turner Transcontinental. He was hired to be one of the grunts, and soon moved his way up to an elite unit. It was during that time he found his signature claw weapons. When he was promoted to the elites, nicknamed "Serpent Strike", he was issued the "P.O.W.E.R. Claws, Mark V". This was what he had been waiting for, a weapon to fight Arvix with. He put them on - and stole them. He snuck his way out of the compound and hid for the next several weeks. Soon, he left the town, because with the entire ruckus he caused every Turner grunt and mech in the city would be after him. So he decided to head to a small, quiet city: Seaboard City. It was there he met Boris, a local college student. Boris seemed interested in his claw weapons, and Shadow gladly answered the questions Boris asked him. Later that same day, a mech built by Arvix was destroying a convention center. Shadow decided this was his time to strike at Arvix for all those years ago. The events of Shadows of Arvix took place, and the mech fled, badly damaged. Video feed from the robot showed the child from four years ago, only more dangerous. Spree scolded herself for letting her former student live. Later, Shadow joined Fybertech.

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Oh god what is that?

« Reply #22 on: June 07, 2008, 02:07:36 AM »


I thought I'd revive this topic to clarify characters again, since it's been a long time since it was discussed.  If you're not satisfied anymore with your character posted somewhere in this topic, feel free to reconsider him or her.

I'd also like to clarify any character groupings/associations people have with one another.  Fybertech isn't one big awesome-guy-fest who live under the same roof, after all.  In De Novo, for example, the core group is Fyber, Boris, and the imaginary Jenny (which ironically is the name of the drunk sorority girl in IRPG).  Closely related to that group in the story is Vito, but he's his own guy who is more of a helper character in this story, since when he's done with this job, he'll go back to doing his normal gig.

Let me just write some of this stuff out:


Fyber, Boris, Jenny Colgan (Core Fybertech)
Arvis, Spree, Bluster, Sever, Scaffold, Contact (Arvix Industries)
Dr. Graft, Deck, Prox (Possibly not even an official "group", but all connected with Dr. Graft's cybernetic expertise)


Vito (Vito's Detective Agency?)
Rhythm (no known associations; acoustical engineer by trade?)
Bluejay (no known associations or occupation that I know of)
Buzzard (independent thief, connected to Turner Transcontinental)
Shadow (connected to Turner Transcontinental; unknown occupation)
Rotary Turbo (no known associations; mechanic somewhere)

Jake Gregors (associated with core Fybertech but doesn't know their secrets, college student, comic geek)
Russel Davis (owned scrap yard in De Novo)
Morris (bartender of Moondance)
Mdude (technically Arvix Industries I guess, but a robot)
Zeltar (Zentaxian Planetary Guard)

I know some of the stuff in question has been discussed, but it's so scattered around in logs and notes and crap that lord knows where it all is or what was settled on..!
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Sup Mr. Human Nega-Duck

« Reply #23 on: June 10, 2008, 05:40:20 AM »

Shit I don't even know what I want to do anymore.

[01:31] <@Boris> cross-dimensional lesbians sounds like a porn I'd rent
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Careful, or the mice will rise up.

« Reply #24 on: June 10, 2008, 07:59:56 PM »

I was hoping to work for teh Fybertech boyz, currior and such, as well as airborn recon and just sitting around being surly.

One day, when the zombies rise and destroy humanity; I will survive, I will live on, I will take your best stuff for myself.
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