Author Topic: Fybertech: Forgotten History  (Read 7119 times)


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Fybertech: Forgotten History
« on: June 21, 2008, 03:55:05 pm »
Many of the people who frequent this place have a past at the now defunct Hazard Labs.  And as those folks will recall, after "THAT AWFUL DAY", both Fybertech and the former Hazard Labs restructured their fictional representations to account for the division, and moved along with new adventures.  To my knowledge, both sides have modified their histories to exclude various parts of the past.

There's been casual mentionings of the fictional version of events that left to the two sides as they are now, but nothing was ever "officially" written to portray that.  Well, after it briefly came up in chat again a few days ago, and with me being in such a writery mood lately from working on De Novo, I felt the urge to tell that story as I've imagined it.

Keep in mind, the events of FyberOptic aboard the Hazard Labship are currently no longer a part of the Fybertech timeline.  But for a time, they were, and so this is my own telling at least of the events that transpired.  Also keep in mind that this lacks any bearing on the current Hazard Labs history with the folks over at Snipe-Hunt.  Just pretend it's some alternate reality version, where Fybertech and Hazard Labs still co-exist in the same universe!

Fybertech: Forgotten History