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Can you believe some Fybertechers are actually trying to learn a complex rule system? Armature and I were gonna hop onto a game over on the Dreams of the Quill Forums and then Boris got into it. So we will probably be playing the game over there still since it's just the three of us. But here are Boris's sheets with some filtered clarity.

Now we have four that show interest, mebbe five now.

I'm working on my CS as I edit this post, and from the information that I found, there is a bit of an error on Boris's sheet: (unless there's a Cleric ability that I didn't find,) Boris put his Con score in calculating Healing Surges instead of Con modifier. (You realized that already)

I still need to work on items a bit: I don't have any reference to that. I'm planning on making a Ranger character, if that helps any.


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