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This is a placeholder for a Zombie RP I'm planning. It's set about 6-10 years in the future after the outbreak. You can go with a BIT of a mystical feel. More later.

Name: Basic junk here.

History: Zombies killed a lot of people, likely people you knew! You can gloss over everything before the outbreak, just give me a timeline and when you died. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT YOU DIE. You are not a zombie, this RP takes place after you die and are raised by something mysterious.

Inventory: Give me a good reason for what you own or I'll rip it out of your cold dead hands.

Skills: Three skills, do your own shit and so on.

I do really have shit planning for this. Exams next week so, wait for more.

Age - 17
Gender - Male
History: [NAME DELETED] is a basic kid, with dark red, slightly unkempt hair and numerous tiny cuts and abrasions, especially on his palms. When the zombie epidemic broke out, he was in class, and eventually kept on running. He spent a bit of time around the city, filching food while the outbreak was still young and moving from place to place from rooftops and windows. When the outbreak became much worse, and all the food and supplies were just about taken, he left, cross-country hiking across the continental United States from ages 14-17. Being out in the woods improved his perception a great deal, and he learned very quickly how to skin and cook food, start fires, find safe places to sleep, and avoid both the undead and natural predators, who, due to the lack of civilization, were become much more bold in attacks on humans. He died somewhere when climbing along a cliff face. The ledge he was on gave way, causing him to fall to his death to the river below.
Inventory: Machete – A simple weapon, the Machete was looted from a military surplus store when he was still in town. Already sharpened, unlike most, it has a black coloring, doesn't rust, and basically lasts forever. [NAME DELETED] normally uses it for hacking through thorns, and bushes, although on occasion he has also used it to defend himself with enough skill to keep him alive.

Inventory: Flint – A couple of flint rocks, normally used for starting fires. [NAME DELETED] used to use some crappy lighter, but when the fluid ran out he was forced to bring along that.

Inventory: Backpack – A lightweight, but very handy hiking backpack, it only weighs around five pounds, but can hold a great deal of things. It's sealed to prevent water from entering, and big enough to use as a pillow at times. Contains inconsequential shit like a jacket, sleeping bag, cleaning cloth, rope, etc.
Inventory: Sharp Knife – A sharp knife, used to cut through things too small for the machete, and normally used to skin creatures so he doesn't eat fur when he cooks.
Skills: Survivalist – Allows basic knowledge of natural environments, including, but not limited to, what type of plant is poisonous, what things are safe to eat, where to sleep, pitching tents, starting campfires and skinning creatures.
Skills: Fleet-Footed – Allows character to move at a greater speed than normal. This helps in running, evasion, jumping, and balance, even when wearing a slightly heavy load. Of course, this becomes less effective as more weight is added, but his default inventory is enough to get a benefit.
Skills: Weapon Specialization (Machete) – Allows character to wield a machete with exceptional skill.

Name: Kiran
Age: 56
Gender: Male

History: A Tibetan Buddhist and owner of a plant store in Brooklyn. Bald, with grey eyes and tanned, leathery skin, wears dark red robes and simple sandals. He abandoned his store after the beginning of the zombie outbreak and escaped to the Adirondack region in northern New York. In the quietude of the thick forest and relative absence of zombies, he sat down to meditate, and died of unknown causes.


Hatchet - A wieldy hatchet. It was kept at Kiran's store to help him feed the wood stove whenever the weather was cold.

Bag - A leather satchel which can be used to carry things.


Stoic - Character is able to endure a heightened level of pain and stress.

Marksmanship - Character is skilled at using projectile weapons precisely and accurately.

Meditation - By sitting and meditating, character is able to recover physical and mental well-being.

Name: Michael "Dislycan" Daniels
Age: 25
Sex: Male

History: Dislycan worked as an intern for a small pharmaceutical company in Los Angeles, freshly out of med school. After the breakouts, Dislycan looted a local gun store for a shotgun, having gone through High School watching old zombie movies and playing zombie survival games. He also stocked up on ammo, using the living dead as target practice before escaping the city to the north into the outlying suburbs. Using his training as a doctor, and proficiency with a shotgun, he helped out other survivors who he met along his way before being killed when a run down building collapsed with him inside.

Inventory: Double Barreled Shotgun
Backpack (contains 12 shotgun shells, 2 First Aid Kits, and a cellphone with a cellphone charger.


First Aid - Character can heal wounds using first aid kits

Shotgun Training - Character is skilled with shotguns

Surgery - Character can heal severe wounds using first aid kits

I enjoyed all the deaths so far.

Make your skills more wordy.


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