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Re: Show off your sprites!
« Reply #195 on: July 08, 2008, 12:10:19 am »
Ress plz? OK!

Anyway, I decided to update my 8-bit persona with a few things from other versions of myself from other storyverses. One of the alternates had an armor made of nanotechnology and could change forms akin to a Ditto. However, since Pokeymans probably don't exist in the Fyberverse, I gave it a different purpose, and a different design (thanks to some 'research' of some old HazLab RPs. Thanks and apologies to Mets and Drake) possible in part by sprite frankenstening.

Of course, the armor's still in progress, but I'd still appreciate perhaps some assistance with some poses (namely, some moves with that spear of his), but some of what I intend to do with it later (namely element-shifting) can simply be done with a simple recolor.


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Re: Show off your sprites!
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