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You can discuss the second story arc that takes place from comics 101-200 here. Also thought I’d maybe do some commenting on the comics here too.

Comic 101: Pretty much this comic sucks. It's not particularly funny, and I just needed a way to start the comic. It'll get better though I promise.

Comic 102: And when I say, "It'll get better" I don't mean just yet. Another comic that's pretty mediocre that just sort of gets a meh. One thing of note is that with this comic I found a way to make graffiti and thus will be able to deface more sides of buildings in the future.

Comic 103: I like how I got Morris portrayed in the panels here all worried that Vito will learn of karaoke. Yeah that thing on the stage is supposed to be the karaoke machine. This comic ain't to bad really. Fun Fact-The reason I chose the broken wing song was because back when X-play was on TechTV, they had one of those karaoke revolution type games up for review and there was a clip of Adam singing the song and it was so beautiful. Morgan also sang some Billy Jean later on in the segment and it was magnificent combining my love of 1980s Michael Jackson and nerdy chicks.

Comic 104: More proof I like Michael Jackson.

Woo, new comics finally. Think we'll get any sort of feed from fybertech?

Edit: and by feed I mean a newspost telling us when it's been updated.

It'll be updated regularly around midnight EST for a while every Monday through Friday.

#128 made me laugh, but the doctors note and mothers note took the cake. (Shadow if you say something "Shadow takes the cake and gives it to whoever" ill blow your ears out. ;D )

132: That is one major fart I tell you.


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