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« on: February 24, 2007, 11:57:04 pm »
[22:35] <+Armature> i'm still in love with the multiverse idea
[22:35] <+Armature> and likely will until Exiles finishes its run
[22:35] <@Boris> I don't mind that for RPG's
[22:35] <+Deck> tell me more of this multiverse
[22:35] <@Boris> anything can happen in RP's
[22:35] <@Boris> the idea is we can make a more loose noncanon version of fybertech
[22:35] <+Armature> /imagination macro
[22:36] <@Boris> to let in a few more ideas I won't approve for canon
[22:36] <+Armature> Pretty much make up any idea for a Fybertech universe
[22:36] <+Armature> dimension
[22:36] <+Armature> hooplaw
[22:36] <+Deck> how do we prevent readers (assuming we have them) from confusing the true canon and the RP Multiverse?
[22:37] <+Armature> a tag or two
[22:37] <@Boris> by only putting it on the rp board
[22:37] <@Boris> with a nice faq topic at the top or wahtever
[22:37] <+Armature> well, stories should not be discouraged
[22:37] <+Armature> Like, a foreword saying that it is not Canon
[22:37] <+Armature> set in the Multiverse
[22:37] <+Armature> etc etc etc

[22:41] <@Boris> I don't like the idea of calling it the multiverse even
[22:41] <+Armature> me either
[22:41] <@Boris> that implies its somehow connected
[22:41] <@Boris> I just say 'not canon'
[22:41] <@Boris> which means do whatever you want and the rp group agrees with
[22:41] <+Deck> *fyber is really a super saiyan, blows up planet with goggle beamss*
[22:42] <+Armature> *Fyber's goggles are red, along with his liquids*
[22:42] <@FyberOptic> FYBER SMASH
[22:43] <@FyberOptic> *six episodes later*
[22:43] <@FyberOptic> RARRRR
[22:43] <+Deck> he transforms whenever the moon on his screensaver reaches its apex
[22:43] <+Armature> haw
[22:43] <+Deck> and the only way to save him is to put his pants back on
[22:44] <@FyberOptic> shit, that's already a believable anime premise
[22:44] <+Deck> shit you're right!
[22:44] <+Armature> Fyberverse 001, Fyberwolf
[22:44] <+Armature> or monster
[22:45] <+Armature> whatever

[22:52] <+Deck> So anyway, we could perhaps add a sticky to the RP section explaining a "non canon" universe
[22:54] <+Armature> I'm kinda liking the Fyberverse name better than multiverse or non canon
[22:54] <+Deck> sounds right
[22:57] <@Boris> Fyberverse is ok I guess
[22:57] <@Boris> it suggest kludgeing which is what we're famous for~
[22:58] <+Deck> But as long as we make it clear that Fyberverse stands for non-canon Fyber universe, instead of canon Fyber Universe

I do not think it should be limited to RPs, maybe even branch into stories, Fan-fiction if you will. If you got questions ask em here or in chat.
[01:31] <@Boris> cross-dimensional lesbians sounds like a porn I'd rent