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So yeah, I've been working on a design idea for Hindsight to get its own website for a little bit over a year, and I finished. Now Fyber is making it work. You can follow the development at...

Don't know how long it'll take to get all the way done, and get kinks worked out, but once it's done I'll start updating regularly on the preceding Monday (which will most likely be maybe next Monday, or the Monday after that). In even better new I’ve written the scripts up to comic 200 and have been working on a surplus of comics for a little less than a week and so far I have all the way to comic 126 made. So with an update every Mon through Friday, we're looking at least over a month of regular updates, but with the way I’ve been making comics I might have al the way up to 200 made done in a month or two so regular updates will last even longer (craziness I know).

Also this doesn’t mean I’m leaving Fybertech. The forum and chat will send people to Fybertech’s forum and chat. Hopefully, this will help us get a little more traffic to the forum and to the chat.

Feel free to offer some feedback on the site. Also if any of you guys know of some fairly popular sprite comics or other places that might consider doing a link swap let me know because I’m hoping for the site to be fairly popular and links can help.

P.S. here’s an animated banner I made.

Banner = WIN
The site's good too, so far.

I like it, but you may want to have a slightly darker background, maybe a light brown.

Looking good, but you said you would mention me!

And you would be.....?


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