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Time for a paper comic thread!

[14:46] <+Armature> oh shi, they finally collected the Civil War series onto Rapidshare
[14:46] <+Armature>
[14:46] <+Armature> civwar.rar
[14:46] <+Armature> i suggest do it before it either dies or gets pulled

And I'm posting the checklist, which is basically the table of contents for it. I'll post opinions and junk when I'm done.


The parody series of Civil War, better than the real thing I think...!

I didnt like Civil War, but it would have been better as a What If.. kind of story. Without the old continuity to weigh it down and the screwing up of future continuity, CW could have been great.

huh, that's less engrish than the rest of the bots posts. You think it was entered in there by somebody at some point?


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