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The HEAT Is On

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Well, when im making stories, its not just gonna be all in one comic. Each story will have its own name. So heres my first story.


You better have a damn good reason for naming it "how's the weather up there".

*Rhythm never answers*

Fixed up #1, But im not changing anything else, armatures eye (not Eye"s" because its a side view) is gonna stay the same since I attempted to fix it and it looked like crap so im leaving it the way it is. Word bubbles are fixed. And im not fixing anything else on this comic case when i opened it all the layers were merged, so I cant change anything else. PS: I changed it to GIF.

No offense, but "HEAT Fest" is worse than what you were using before.  If you want to use HEAT for whatever reason, make it catchier, like "Can't Take the HEAT", etc.  Even that's arguably not very good..!

I'll think of something eventually. Meanwhile, heres #2.


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