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Unnamed game (Fybertech?)
« on: November 13, 2006, 01:20:36 am »
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[23:44] <Armature> [23:38] <@Boris> clearly the solution is to found Fybertech
[23:45] <Buzzard> we'd never finish a game
[23:45] <Boris> It's true
[23:45] <Buzzard> we'd just publish them half done
[23:45] <Boris> Fyber and I tried once
[23:45] <Vito> that would be the point
[23:45] <Boris> to even get one started
[23:45] <Buzzard> and people would walk right off the map
[23:45] <Boris> had some cool idea
[23:45] <Boris> s
[23:45] <FyberOptic> we don't have manpower for such things
[23:45] <Boris> + discussed basic structure of how to make it a tiny bit
[23:45] <Vito> roocks would fall and all would die
[23:46] <Boris> but then the 3rd party thing never worked right
[23:46] <Boris> and it kinda fizzled when we didn't talk about it anymore
[23:46] <FyberOptic> the only art people are deck and vito, with vito being just sprites
[23:46] <Buzzard> If we ever did make a game, I'd just write storylines that would never get done
[23:46] <FyberOptic> I have a small amount of experience making sound effects but not enough
[23:46] <FyberOptic> I've made music but it's too hard to pull them out of my butt
[23:46] <Buzzard> I have Garage Band for such a thing
[23:47] <Vito> i couls maybe try hand at musics
[23:47] <Armature> farts into mic
[23:47] <FyberOptic> and the only programmer is me
[23:47] <Buzzard> +a billion people who would be willing to make musics for us
[23:47] <Yutz> You know, the Wikipedia article on Captain Planet is very sub-standard
[23:47] <FyberOptic> which, as I said to boris, leaves me doing most of it, and then I die
[23:47] <Yutz> Check it out
[23:47] <Boris> you know, I can kinda program some at least these days
[23:47] * Vito changes topic to '[00:51] <Yutz> You know, the Wikipedia article on Captain Planet is very sub-standard'
[23:47] <Vito> i just thought that was a nice standalone quote
[23:48] <Yutz> How?
[23:48] <Armature> link
[23:48] <Vito> it just came out of left field
[23:48] <Boris> wait Buzzard
[23:48] <Boris> you have an actual garage band
[23:48] <Boris> any good or just noise
[23:48] <Armature> no
[23:48] <Armature> the program
[23:48] <FyberOptic> he means a mac program I think
[23:48] <Armature> for macs
[23:48] <FyberOptic> probably similar to Fruityloops
[23:48] <Vito> those aren't real computers
[23:48] <Armature> [21:57] <+Buzzard> we all know Fybertechers don't have friends
[23:49] <Boris> lol
[23:50] <Boris> Hey Vito
[23:50] <Boris> you can do sprites good right?
[23:50] <Vito> i can try
[23:50] <Buzzard> oh shit he's right
[23:50] <Buzzard> but yeah, I have the program
[23:50] <Vito> they're mostly megaman edits
[23:51] <Buzzard> it's just as good as fruityloops if not better
[23:51] <FyberOptic> *microsoft sues*
[23:51] <Boris> oh I was gonna say
[23:51] <Boris> I created a good base sheet
[23:51] <Armature> yer sprites are good tho
[23:52] <Boris> I just can't make it looks right when walking
[23:52] <Boris> when you might be able to
[23:52] <FyberOptic> but yeah, vito does good spritery
[23:52] <FyberOptic> but again, for making a game, it requires many many sprites
[23:52] <FyberOptic> for aminations and backgrounds and everything imaginable
[23:52] <Boris> lemee talk with Vito
[23:52] <Boris> I'm not completely terrible at such things
[23:53] <Vito> i have a few possibly usable backgrounds
[23:53] <Boris> Also Deck maybe could help
[23:53] <Boris> so since I'm trying to wrangle folks for this again, should I just tell em of our ideas and work Fibber?
[23:53] <Boris> not like we have anything to lose
[23:53] <FyberOptic> I never considered it really secretive or anything so go ahead
[23:54] <Boris> I used to have visual aids to make it easier
[23:54] <Boris> did I baleet them all or something?
[23:55] <Buzzard> I call plot
[23:55] <Vito> think gernal plot was laready developed
[23:55] <Boris> well we have a general plot
[23:55] <FyberOptic> just think lost vikings with vito, boris, and fyber as the main characters, and there you go
[23:55] <Buzzard> I call useless guy position
[23:56] <Vito> wasn't it going to be like lost vikings
[23:56] <Boris> yeah kinda
[23:56] <Boris> more actiony too though
[23:56] <Buzzard> never heard of Lost Vikings
[23:56] <Boris> all right let me MSpaint this
[23:56] <Boris> PS Buzzard
[23:56] <FyberOptic> an SNES game where each of the three characters had a unique ability
[23:56] <Boris> be our sound guy
[23:56] <FyberOptic> and you needed all three to complete a level
[23:56] <Buzzard> k
[23:56] <Boris> we need somebody who can make music and effects
[23:56] <Boris> and my frooty loops ain't workin right
[23:56] <Buzzard> I can't "make" effects per se
[23:56] <Buzzard> I can make music tho
[23:57] <Boris> thats a good start
[23:57] <Boris> lemee mspaint some junk to asplain
[23:57] <Buzzard> and I can always call on some of the people over at OCR that I know
[23:57] * Armature has returned from luv leveing earth's orbit after 1day 6hrs 49mins 15secs
[23:58] <Buzzard> welcome back met
[23:58] <Buzzard> s
[23:58] <Buzzard> (tm)
[23:58] <Deck> I'd love to help with graphics Boris
[23:58] <Boris> can you do backgrounds Deck?
[23:59] <Deck> Not experienced in that, I wouldn't know what size to make everything in relation to characters and events
[23:59] <Boris> well all this will hopefully be put together
[23:59] <Vito> might be easier fopr me to do that boris
[23:59] <Boris> lemee start with what I have
[23:59] <Vito> since handling sprites
[23:59] <Boris>
[23:59] <Boris> here are our stunning heroes in a sort of home style I cooked up for sprites
[00:00] <Vito> we wouldn't just the mega man edits?
[00:00] <Deck> Since my experience making those Dexbot sprited for Prof Game, I think I could make some good stuff
[00:00] <Buzzard> mega mang edits look bad tho
[00:00] <Deck> Probably in less time!
[00:00] <Buzzard> and overused
[00:00] * Vito runs waway crying
[00:00] <Boris> megamang edits are cheap, sorry
[00:00] <Armature> later draco
[00:00] <Boris> they're good for sprite comics, but iffn you're gonna put in work on this level anyway
[00:01] <Boris> might as well make em good looking
[00:01] <FyberOptic> vito's were actually better looking than those three, if you ask me
[00:01] <Buzzard> if we're gonna do an 8-bit game I suggest we use Pixel's thing
[00:01] <Buzzard> pxtone college or whatever it's called
[00:01] <Boris> I played with that ocne
[00:01] <Boris> you think you could make anything with it?
[00:01] <Buzzard> with enough time, yes
[00:01] <Boris> it's not a bad idea
[00:02] <Buzzard> also given I can find the damn thing
[00:02] <Boris> I can upload iffn you can't after a bit
[00:02] <Boris> I think it's on that nice cave story page I used all the time
[00:02] <Boris> or linked from anyway
[00:02] <Deck> If we were to make a game, I hope we can give it a compelling story like De Novo has
[00:02] <Buzzard> we should totally use De Novo as the story
[00:02] <Boris> well ok
[00:02] <Boris> generally it was post De Novo
[00:03] <Boris> with us breaking into another Arvix facility
[00:03] <Boris> I think was the rough idea
[00:03] <Buzzard> that works
[00:03] <Boris> it can be worked on as needed
[00:03] <Boris> think technical though
[00:03] <Boris> story is easy
[00:03] <Buzzard> there we go, pixel's site
[00:03] <Boris> we abandon this kind of project because it takes lots of material and time
[00:03] <Boris> so lets thing material first and see if we can actually make headway
[00:03] <Boris> all right, my sprites may not be very great, I acknolwedge
[00:03] <Buzzard> I'm downloading Pxtone college right now
[00:04] <Boris> Deck and or Vito, what can we do without megaman edits?
[00:04] <Buzzard> but I've really only got 35 days before that WINE port stops working
[00:04] <Deck> Heck I can make sprites from near-scratch!
[00:04] <Buzzard> we should totally recruit Garshak
[00:04] <Boris> yeah, I know Gar is good
[00:04] <Boris> would love to have his help
[00:04] <Boris> Deck, did you see my link?
[00:04] <Deck> The sprites?
[00:04] <Deck> HMM
[00:05] <Boris> I sorta like how that started
[00:05] <Boris> a little more proportional than megaman
[00:05] <Boris> its a nice style to go from
[00:05] <Deck> I might be able to make something similar, a little stylized
[00:05] <Boris> sure, give it a whilr
[00:05] <Deck> What now?
[00:05] <Boris> whirl even
[00:06] <Deck> I'm not sure this game will even get made though
[00:06] <Boris> neither or we, but why not
[00:06] <Boris> unless you were workin on somethin already
[00:06] <Buzzard> are we gonna do this in any format other than for the PC?
[00:06] <Boris> that I have to ask fyber about
[00:06] <Boris> I think SDL works with mac too but iono
[00:07] <Vito> maybe just flash game like
[00:07] <Deck> I'll do some research on how I will be putting these sprites together
[00:07] <Buzzard> god how do I use pxtone college it's all in moonspeak
[00:07] <FyberOptic> SDL is cross-platform, but I know of no way currently to develop for any other platform other than linucks
[00:07] <Boris> well wait
[00:07] <FyberOptic> because the game itself would have to be compiled for such
[00:07] <Buzzard> it doesn't really matter to me if it works on mac or not
[00:07] <Armature> t-tifa?
[00:07] <Armature>
[00:07] <Boris> can't Buzzard just compile on a mac?
[00:07] <Deck> You don't mind if I make the sprites bigger do you? I would like room to work some arts here
[00:08] <FyberOptic> nerp, there'd have to be custom code written just for mac
[00:08] <FyberOptic> and I have zero idea how to program for a mac
[00:08] <Boris> I thought C++ compiled on mac too
[00:08] <Buzzard> indeed mets
[00:08] <Buzzard> naw
[00:08] <Boris> Deck, go ahead
[00:08] <Deck> k
[00:08] <FyberOptic> code compiles, but you have to interface with the OS
[00:08] <Buzzard> it doesn't really matter
[00:08] <Boris> if we're making for the PC
[00:08] <Boris> it can be any size really
[00:09] <Boris> just each frame has to be uniform for ease
[00:09] <Deck> Ya
[00:09] <Boris> and the smaller you can hold it the better for file size although when you consider you can make every sheet a png
 or whatever
[00:09] <Boris> it probably won't be bad at all
[00:10] <Deck> Even if I make them big I can edit them to make them smaller later
[00:10] <Boris> shore
[00:11] <Boris> yeah, I'll leave it in your hands, we're just sorta playing for the moment
[00:11] <Boris> mister Fyber lemee ask you about codes now
[00:12] <Boris> assuming we put the graphics and music and crap in the hands of others, what kind of material would it take for
 such a thing, and can I possibly help at all with what I know
[00:13] <FyberOptic> having no idea how we'd put it all together yet, I can't give you an answer for most of that. but at some
 point custom tools would prolly have to get written, so you might could handle convertings or something or other that had to be
[00:13] <FyberOptic> GRUNT WORK?
[00:13] <Boris> Grunt work is good
[00:13] <Boris> I can make black boxes I think
[00:13] <Boris> I have learned a few things from C++ class
[00:14] <Boris> well shit, if I ended the day by paying you guys, this is what a business would look like~
[00:14] <Boris> since I can't though, feel free to ignore me forever now
[00:14] <Buzzard> we should save the log and post it on the coolbert area
[00:15] <Deck>
[00:15] <Buzzard> oh lawd
[00:15] <Deck> Imagine what we could do if I could make stuff of this quality
[00:15] <Buzzard> I just remembered this crazy thing Ciono posted a while back
[00:15] <Buzzard> that's made for spriting
[00:15] <Buzzard> but it's for macs
[00:16] <Buzzard> so I could prolly help with low level spriting
[00:16] <Deck> Tell me what it is anyway
[00:16] <Deck> +What it does
[00:16] <Buzzard> I can't remember the name anymore
[00:16] <Buzzard> I just remember him telling me about it
[00:16] <Deck> frowmn
[00:16] <Boris> pixel art is really just doing more with fewer colors
[00:16] <Boris> + lesser size
[00:16] <Boris> I find it highly entertaining even though I suck at it
[00:17] <Boris> I can't draw either though
[00:17] <Boris> so there you are
[00:18] <Boris> ok
[00:18] <FyberOptic> there are many logs from boris and vito and I chattering about all this before but I dunno if they got put
[00:19] <FyberOptic> which would mean we'd have to try and dig'em out
[00:19] <Boris> I logged quite a bit to the forums
[00:19] <Boris> Fyber I have some info we wrote all official like in Word
[00:19] <Boris> which I'll copy too
<Armature> i just really want centaur Azula


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Re: Unnamed game (Fybertech?)
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2006, 01:24:32 am »
Starting with the characters: One weapon and power per each.
Fyber gets a lightning attack (short range, laserlike) and interfaces electrically with generators and computers.
Boris gets Thor’s explosive shot  (long range, splash damage) and fixes things
Vito gets infinite random keys (medium range then disappears, weakest) and collectible keys for unlocking stuff

Start each level with no items
Each character can only pick their own item up.
One item is consumed per activating a puzzle trigger.
Puzzle triggers stay on after being activated. (you can make the elevator go up and down.)

Basically the idea is that you control each of the three charactes in turns, and switch between them trying to make your way through the puzzleish level, with elements of platforming too like jumping and shooting.

Here's some sprites I made so far by my own hand although it probably won't be useful after Deck and Vito take some cracks at it.
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<Armature> i just really want centaur Azula


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Re: Unnamed game (Fybertech?)
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2006, 02:18:54 am »
This turned out better than I thought it would, perhaps a future standing sprite for Vito? I think I can get the hang of this pixel art thing.