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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Imagine my shock when I noticed we didn't even have a topic for this show. I'd totally been bothering people for weeks about it, and I know we have several other fans here.

So yeah, for like the one person who didn't already hear, I love this show. It has beautiful art, interesting story, and fun characters.

So hey, the new episodes come on Friday. Comcast on Demand and a bunch of theater screenings have already aired it, and I'm looking, but I don't see a copy surfaceing on the interbutt anywhere. Still, it's not that far off, and I'm impaitent.

We've only heard you tell us about like a thousand times, AND NO TOPIC?

Eh, the topic will happen when it happens. I'm betting some of us will have things to say after the new episodes Friday. If not, no big loss, right?

I caught the show late, but it was and is great, I'm waiting till they put full seasons out on DVD not just volumes

Or, you know, we give it to you all on youtube. See you in a few days when you're done~ For anybody else who cares.


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