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« on: September 07, 2006, 04:56:51 pm »
Has anyone ever played this game?

Military Madness for the Turbo Graphix 16 Gaming System

I think it ROCKS. It's one of the best "oldie" games I've ever played. I've downloaded the rom and emulator (XPCE :) ) and am having tons o' fon with it.
Basically, it's a strategy turn-based game VERY similar to Advanced Wars, just on the moon. You are the Allies, fighting for property on the Moon. The first level is easy, then after that units start expanding, levels get bigger, factories come available, and strategies are needed. as your units fight and survive, they earn experience. The best part? The "battle scenes" (also similar to Advanced Wars). It's always awesome when you see you experienced army blow away a nOOb unit.

If you haven't played it, buy or download it now and Experience The Madness!
                                           --VideoGame Reviewer (not me)

BTW, if you can neither download or buy it and you have Java, you can play it online here.
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