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Abaranger subs
« on: February 06, 2007, 11:49:20 am »
Only Vito is likely to care about this, but I thought I'd post it so I don't lose it.  These are subs to Abaranger (Dino Thunder), though they're apparently done in Hong Kong and are kind of shitty.  I have yet to get any of the episodes to know how good/bad they are as of pasting this.

Episode 1: Abare Dinosaur big charge!

Episode 2: Birth! Abaren'oh

Episode 3: Children's hero Abare system

Episode 4: Completed! The secret Abare base

Episode 5: Abare cure! Bububububuum

Episode 6: Abare-idol aged daughter

Episode 7: Abare baby blastasaurs

Episode 8: Abare Black, this one-shot

Episode 9: Awaken!! Abare Survivor

Episode 10: Abare Leaguer bind

Episode 11: Abare Psychic. Oink

Episode 12: The Abare saw cuts through kyoto

Episode 13: The Abare hand topknot

Episode 14: Discovery! Abaresaures

Episode 15: The Abare world is just demons

Episode 16: Riding! Abare surfing

Episode 17: The Battlefields-Abare strut

Episode 18: Who is it?! It's Abare Killer

Episode 19: Greetings Abare Amigo

Episode 20: Killeroh Abare beggining

Episode 21: Abare Love Kilokilo'

Episode 22: Little Girls Abare song

Episode 23: Abare EM wave dogyuun

Episode 24: Abare Schoolgirls, unbelievable

Episode 25: Better fortune, Abare shinto offering

Episode 26: Fishing idiot abare diary

Episode 27: Abared is Abare Blue

Episode 28: The bride is abare-chan

Episode 29: The selfish discipline, abare-contest

Episode 30: Ultimate Evil, Abrevolian formation

Episode 31: That abare, the ultimate float

Episode 32: Abare blastasaurs full throttle

Episode 33: Don't forget the abare warrior

Episode 34: Let's play the Abare game!

Episode 35: Abare nadescio, Seven Changes VS

Episode 36: First love, Abare Miracle

Episode 37: Pleasant feeling, Abare Queen

Episode 38: The Blooming Abare Pink!

Episode 39: Good luck! Abare Father

Episode 40: Behind the abare armor

Episode 41: Merry Abaremas, Jamejame

Episode 42: The thing hidden in the Abare kid

Episode 43: Abarekiller is immortal?

Episode 44: Is the salaryman a dreaming abare trick?

Episode 45: The opening abare rumba

Episode 46: Praying, abare visual-kei

Episode 47: The Five Abarangers

Episode 48: The Final Abare game

Episode 49: Break in! Abare final decisive battle

Episode 50: Only the Abare'd number

Movie: Abaranger Deluxe!


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Re: Abaranger subs
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2007, 02:34:32 am »
Hong kong subs are gernally not taht great. I may give it a watch when I have some free time.


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Re: Abaranger subs
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2007, 03:07:30 am »
I watched the first one, and it's not too bad.  Definately not a good job on the translation, but decent enough to make sense of the situations.  The differences between Dino Thunder and Abaranger are fairly drastic even from the very first episode.  I won't mention yet though in case of spoilers.