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THE BASICS: For those first time players a must read


Hit Points(HP): If this reaches zero you die. Level 1 starts at 20.

Power Points:  This is used to perform special techniques, attacks, spells and the such.  Level 1 starts at 5.

Attack points(AP):  This adds extra damage to your attack, weapons can add to this.  Level 1 starts at 0.

Defense points(DP):  This subtracts damage that you take, armor can add to this.  Level 1 starts at 0.

EXP: Amount of Experience Points you have earned in RPs.  Level 1 starts at 0

Level:  Your current level.  All new characters start at Level 1.

In the game

GM: The GM controls everything and is control of the overall direction of the RP.  +++ notify's the GM is speaking and wishes not to be interupted, you may talk if the GM asks you to or gives the --- that he is done speaking.

Battle: Battles are turn based so you will need to wait for your other party members to finish their moves before you can make another attack or move, the GM will notify who is next in combat, you may do normal talking for plans and such.  A normal attack is a 1d20.

Level Up

After battles or certain events you may be rewarded EXP.  When your total number of EXP rises to 100 or more you gain a Level up.  At each Level up you may choose to either gain 5 more HP, 1 more PP, 2 More AP, or 2 More DP.


Whatever you feel like your character having, it will be judged for fairness later on.  Usually they take they use of a PP to deal higher damage like MEGA PUNCH: A powerful hit that uses 1 PP to deal 1d30 damage.


Certain items are restored to you at the beginning of each adventure, these are the basic ones that you start off with like healing items, armor, and weapons.  Any GM given item may have a limited use before being gone forever.  Vehicles count as a item, their like a weapon essentially.


The World

Fybertech:  The homebase of Fyber and your group.  The place is more of a home for Fyberoptic to work and study and the others come to do the same to enrich their knowledge in their field of study.  Not everyone is limited to just research as others also visit for various other reasons.

Arvix Industries: A company run by Arvis, it works mainly on Military contracts, mostly in electronics but some weaponary.  Electronic equipment is mainly in things like handheld units and controllers.  Conflict often arises between the people in Avrix Industries and the people in Fybertech.

Turner Transcontinental: A shady shipping firm that was a front for a group dealing with some discovered Nylarian technologies.

G.O.B.L.I.N.:A group of former Arvix and Turner and other such companies who are now an unground organization who uses alien tech for personal gain and does many illegal things.

Other Characters(NPCs):

Black Suit Lackies: Generic throw away bad guys of Avrix.  They are equiped in black armor and sometimes a large shield.

Can the IRC rules still hold steady for those who want to do an occasional RP in the chat? (lol like that'll ever happen)

I think the stuff about the RP world and the characters is kind of obsolete seeing as how we use the fyberverse now.

I dunno, some folks might enjoy breaking away from the norm once in a while.  Though I dunno if this particular universe has been used yet here.

I don't either...! Even if we were still using this system though, I would probably more want to have there be no restrictions on location.


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