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I'm taking networking technologies at college, and in my hardware class I built a PC an took it home. Of course, we ran out of time before we could install an operating system, and we had to take our computers home in case someone would try to steal them. I'm also going to get free software, but since I want to try out my computer as soon as I can, I looked up DOS 6.22 on and downloaded it. And promptly found out that i couldn't fit it on a floppy disk, or at least not the kind I had. Anyway, I plan on putting it and/or or Linux on a CD, and installing it on my new computer.

You were actually able to find DOS for download on Microsoft's site?  I thought they were still clinging to the copyrights on that like it were gold.  If it's the real thing, it prolly ought to create install disks for you that you can actually use.

Anyhoo, you can get Linux LiveCDs which you can use without even having to install anything, if you want to be able to play around immediately with the least fuss.  You just stick it in and it boots.  Ubuntu has one, for example.  It's the distro I have installed on my laptop and desktop (though I usually use XP on the desktop) and consider it perdy good.

You can get the Ubuntu LiveCD here, it's about 630mb.  Or you can get it via bittorrent (from their servers, so it's safe) if you'd prefer.

Cool. I'm trying that now. As for DOS, I thought I found DOS 6.22 set up files, but they're actualy 6.222 STEP up files.

There's also FreeDOS if you truly want to put DOS on it.  Tis what I run FyBBS on.  Except on top of a DOS emulator inside Linux, combined with Fybertech magic, so that it'll work over the internets.  But FreeDOS is still in there . . !

There's always a little Fybertech magic involved.


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