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PC: Trackmania Sunrise
« on: November 20, 2005, 03:05:38 pm »
I picked this up for 20 dollars down at Frys, and it's worth more than I paid for it. The whole game needs no plot, but if you want one, here you go: You drive really fast, jump from platform to platform, and build tracks. That third part, however must be unlocked, so for instant gratifaction, so solly cholly. There are 4 modes: Race, Platform, Puzzle, and Crazy.
Race: While the name explains itself, there is something different about Trackmania's races. Only, say 10 out of all the races are lap races. All other have you zooming from point A to point B, causing an awesome sence of speed.
Platform: Go carefully through jumps, hard turns, and other things that can endanger you instead of you going through it on a timed basis, you want to do it without restarting from a checkpoint that often.
Puzzle: Make track, if track = best, you win. Oh, you have a limited amount of track, also.
Crazy: Go as fast as you can through a small track with a big stunt. Last one to finish the track is out, and next round the same happens, until there is only one.
The graphics are very nice, and the controls are easy to master. Sound is alrigth, with a few euro pop driving tunes here and there.