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Vito has been working on a FAQ thing, and after recent posting spasms that were brought to my attention, I thought I'd edit up the forum/chat part and put it out for everyone to read over.

Some suggestions on how to act on the board and chat. These aren't rules, but if you follow them you have a better chance of getting along with other members.


* Don't double-post unless the last post was a couple days ago and you need to add some new information, otherwise just use the modify button at the top right corner of your post box.
* When you post try to have some message in the post rather than "lols", "yeah", or "me too".  It should usually at least be something someone can respond to.
* Try not to have too big of a sig, it's just really gaudy and a pain to scroll down a lot.
* Try to keep the random topic making and posting to a minimum. Generally, its not really funny.

* If it's your first time, and you have a question, feel free to ask. I believe there is a topic about the IRC and Java chats (, so you may want to check that out first.
* Really try to keep the randomness down when there is a conversation going on.  However, if the chat is dead and no one has talked in like 20 minutes, feel free to say something stupid to try and get the chat going again.  But don't keep on being random.
* Don't flood the chat with the same message over and over.  It's usually just annoying, and will prolly get you booted!
Both Places:

* Try not to do any of that power-moding/god-moding stuff. None of that "I stab you", "punch you in the face", etc, because unless you have some invention that lets you do that over the Internet, you're just being dumb trying to act cool.  Heads up, you're on a site with few girls, no real reason to assert your manliness.  Goofing around does happen around here often, but many times it's based around inside jokes, so you might want to learn the ropes before you act out, to prevent looking dumb.
* DON'T BE A JERK. Try and be understanding of other members; if they make a mistake or do something stupid, tell them in a courteous way, and give them a chance to correct their ways. Chances are you've been or done something stupid in the past and lord knows we can remind you.
* Don't go changing your name constantly, or trying to act like a new member because you have a different name; we can tell who a person is by their internet address, and if we find out you're posing as two or more different people, chances are we'll be pissed. I don't like being lied to, and I'm sure the other members don't either.
* Keep the swearing to a minimum.  That isn't to say you can't swear, because it happens here, and many times to be funny, but just doing it for lack of a better reason really doesn't make you look any cooler.
FYBAR AGAIN.  This list will get modified or appended as necessary, but that's perdy much it.  If anyone has any suggestions or questions or comments about rules and guidelines, feel free to make'em here!

I think a good way to get rid of randomness and spamming here on the board is to take away post count. That's why many people do this anyway, to get many posts, just so they'll look cool to new members. I've seen it done in a couple of forums, and god knows it worked. It's just a suggestion. What's the post count there for, anyway? We all know who's collguys around here, the post count has nothing to do with it. me duno.

The post count can be set to give someone more privileges when they get so many, but I don't use that for anything.  Not sure if I can totally turn the count off, but it aint a bad idear.

Holy (BLEEP) we have a new member, welcome

Can you just hide it from anyone who's not admin or mod or something? That'd work just as good. But hey, it's only an idear.


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