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Professor Hazard:
That spazzing Thwomp is still HI-LARIOUS. But you know, you can't jump on a Thwomp. It's all covered with spikes.

It still bugs me that the sound doesn't quite sync up, since I couldn't tell on my old compter, but I don't wanna edit it at this point.  It's like editing Star Wars; IT SHERDNT BE DONE.

Man, I just wandered into here from Boris' site, and this is awesome stuff.

10 cls
20 screen 12
30 input "Episode: ", num
40 input "What was funny: ", char$
50 char$ = lcase$(char$)
60 if num = 4 and char$ = "thwomp" then goto 80
70 else end
80 for x = 1 to 5: print "Funniest Mario skit ever! "
90 end

c:\dos\>qbasic.exe /run:mario.bas

Episode: 4
What was funny: Thwomp

Funniest Mario skit ever! Funniest Mario skit ever! Funniest Mario skit ever! Funniest Mario skit ever! Funniest Mario skit ever!

... yeah, don't mind me... I'm bored :P  I'm at work, and I'm bored (I do tech support).

*manages to drop his computer out of a thirty-stories-high window, calls you for tech-support and only says "It doesn't work.", not revealing what actually happened until half an hour into the call*

You know, back when I used to use Basic and QBasic, I couldn't even use screen mode 12.  My CGA graphics card would have scoffed at the idea of 16 colors in a graphical mode.  It was either 320x200x4 or 640x200x2.  SUCH A HORRIBLE TIME IT WAS.

Anyhoo, the "517 days later" thing in Gordon #5 is no exageration.  It may not be down to the very day, but it's been well over a year since I made #4 here.  #5 isn't nearly as good/long as these other ones, but perhaps it's a start into doing more again.

Also, thanks for the comments!


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