Author Topic: RPG Log: Special pre-RP furniture mission?  (Read 8676 times)


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RPG Log: Special pre-RP furniture mission?
« on: October 14, 2005, 11:11:08 pm »
*During the first part of the RP, Prox and Deck start out
*in a furniture store, and are chased out when the furniture comes to life
*and attacks, doing 3 damage to Prox. Prox grabs a plant on the way out.
*The only furniture that followed them out was a love seat that tries and fails to take over Deck's mind.
*Yeah, sorry for not logging the whole thing. I guess this one's a Z mission by default?

[21:59] *** Channel mode is +tn
[21:59] <Prox> Results from 1d1: 1
[21:59] <Prox> yay
[21:59] <Prox> i hit it.
[21:59] <MDude> But no damage.
[22:00] <Prox> Results from 1d20: 16
[22:00] <Deck> I really gotta sleep guys
[22:00] <Deck> sorry
[22:00] <MDude> Deck hurts it pretty good, though.
[22:00] * Deck teleports away megaman style
[22:00] <Prox> bai dack
[22:00] *** Deck has quit (Quit: later chat)
[22:00] <Prox> anyhow
[22:00] <MDude> The store explodes.
[22:01] <Prox> I survive just barely
[22:01] <Prox> by jumping through a plate glass window.
[22:01] <MDude> But you're outside now I thought.
[22:01] <Prox> uhh...
[22:01] <Prox> i dunno
[22:01] <Prox> i'm confused.
[22:01] <Prox> i thought I was kicking the loveseat.
[22:02] <MDude> Well now you are. ROLL.
[22:02] <Prox> roll a what.
[22:02] <MDude> A 1d5
[22:02] <Prox> Results from 1d5: 3
[22:03] <MDude> it was the seat's turn, so you take 4 damage.
[22:03] <MDude> Nor a 1d20 for your attack.
[22:03] <Prox> Results from 1d20: 1
[22:03] <Prox> ;o;
[22:04] <MDude> Now 1d5 for plant.
[22:04] <Prox> Results from 1d5: 1
[22:05] <MDude> it does 3 damage
[22:06] <MDude> And I'm wondering what's up with your dice roller.
[22:06] <Prox> i dunno.
[22:06] <Prox> Results from 1d1000: 918
[22:06] <MDude> Anyway, it's almost dead.
[22:06] <MDude> But now it lunges!
[22:07] <MDude> Roll a 1d5 for seat.
[22:07] * Prox catches it by the love-feet
[22:07] <Prox> 1d5 to see if catch succeeds
[22:07] <Prox> Results from 1d5: 3
[22:07] <Prox> #@!&$
[22:07] <MDude> You don't catch it, but you knock it aside, preventing it's attack.
[22:08] *** Sino has joined #FYBERPG
[22:08] <MDude> Roll 1d20 for your attack.
[22:08] *** Sino has left #FYBERPG
[22:08] * Prox picks it up and tosses
[22:08] <Prox> Results from 1d20: 10
[22:10] <Prox> k, i wanna end this thang.
[22:10] <MDude> Yay, it's dead now. All splinters and stuff.
[22:10] <Prox> it died, i got away, now I have a plant buddy.
[22:10] <MDude> And you win. You got 5 xp maybe?
[22:10] <Prox> okay.
[22:11] <Prox> alright, that was fun.
[22:12] *** Prox has quit (Quit: now for the real one)
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