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DIY Tech Tree
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:08:20 pm »
Something I've been wanting to do for a while is make a compilation of DIY project links, organized in a way that associates projects which make certain tools or materials with other projects that use that tools and materials, to simplify the process of building up from simpler to more complex things. Taking a while to figure out where I want it hosted as a site later when I have a nice graphical tree image, but since for now all I really need is a simple table I figure it might as well go here if I can't decide on somewhere else. Feel free to comment and suggest other projects that relate to making things that help you make other things, I'll edit this post to add on to the table as needed.

TechLinksPrerequisitesUsable in
vacuum tubesF2FO (article(French))glass blowing, metalworking,inert gashigh voltage circuitry
rope making machineKing of Random (Youtube 1,2,3)rope material (yarn or string), hooks/pins, spacers, boardsrope
French bobbinAtomic Shrimp (article)wood, woodworking tools (drilling, cutting, sharpening)knitting
coconut yarn/string/ropeKing of Random (Youtube)coconuts, other fibre sources may be useablerope, knitting
plastic yarn/stringAtomic Shrimp (article),
        King of Random (Youtube)
plastic bottles or bags, cutting toolsrope, knitting
Stone Axe, plus hammer and chiselPrimitive Technology (Wordpress,
stones, water, wood, firechopping, carving
StraightedgeWoodsmith (PDF download)woodworking tools (planing)woodworking, alignment
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