Which idea should he use?

turn based with upgrading
1 (50%)
turn based with complex AI
0 (0%)
top down exploran'/puzzlin'
1 (50%)
3D puzzle robot platformer
0 (0%)
first person spooky times
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 2

Author Topic: MDude makes a game  (Read 15217 times)


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MDude makes a game
« on: April 05, 2012, 09:40:07 pm »
Mostly I just need to decide on an idea so I can start on it:

1. A turn based strategy game where you have one or two basic units that can be individually upgraded two or three times to increase speed, range, attack, or defense. You need to balance having power, versatility, and quantity. Different factions have various special rules.

2. A different turn based game where you only directly command and see the area around special command units, who gather your other units and relay commands to them. Units have simulated emotions and don't always obey perfectly.

3. A top down exploration/puzzle game where you talk to people, collect items, and get past obstacles. Might involve a bit of Zelda-like fighting and items/shops, but otherwise more along the lines of games like Cartoon Network Summer Resort, with few if any dungeons, an puzzles in the overworld.

4. A 3D puzzle platformer, a bit like Space Station: Silicon Valley, but with customizable robots and maybe some building, though more focused on getting something to work with limited resources than free-form building, which I guess would be a bonus mode or something.

5. A first person game where you're a ghost/parasite/space phantom/whatever and you need to manipulate people into completing your objectives for you. Multiple levels where you have to do different stuff. A lot of it would be figuring out who to trick into performing a certain task and how to get them to do it.