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Because I need a place to ramble about the amazing pain that is modding the sword of the stars prime tech tree:

For now let's just have some proof I can actually do it:

Tweaked it a little more. At this point I need to do one more tier then start working on the actual .weapon and .effect files. Fortunately Kerberos has an actual editor for .effects that's pretty great, so I don't have to do a ton of mucking with .3DS and .X files there.

(edit: POST 666, DEBBUL!)

Here's the full set of boxes for my modified ballistic tree. I don't know if this will render right in game yet because I have a monster editing of the main techtree text file to do to unlock it all for testing purposes. Based on tests though, it should only require tweaking, not a full redo or anything.

Done. It'll doubtlessly need some rework, but I have to actually start writing text files to describe all the neat loot you get from researching through the new ballistics tree here.

What am I looking at here exactly?

I can see that you are modding OsTS tech trees but beyond that I dunno what I am looking at exactly.


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