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Title: Epic Crossover: Code Lyoko/Megas XLR/Samurai Jack
Post by: Bluejay on November 12, 2008, 12:32:38 PM
Okay, MDude and I were joking about this, but then some creative juices flowed, so I'll post the brief summary of what came up so far, work with it, change it, let's make it a horrible Fybertech fanfic...

Okay, Megas art style: Jeremy tracks Xana into this strange new server, we'll say CL and MXLR are in the same world, just different art styles, this new Server belongs to "Typhoon" or something, some huge game company that just released the latest hit game, "HUH" (Humanities Ultimate Hoverbattle) and he finds something irregular about it, it seems to be a portal to a whole new world, thinking it's another world like Lyoko, he sends the crew to investigate.
While traveling the net they are in 3D CL style, then get to the game and it's Samurai Jack art style. They find Jack fighting Aku and aid him, Aku runs through the portal they opened and meets Xana, the two merging into Xanku...

Coop meanwhile is using Megas onboard computers to play "HUH", much to Kiva's displeasure, something goes BZZT and Xana's lil icon appears on the screen, pulling the Megas crew into the game and taking control of Megas.
The Megas crew are now dressed/equipped as thier avatars, they meet the CL crew + Jack and think it's thier fault they're here, the CL/J crew thinking that these are Aku's minions (seeing as they exited the same portal Aku fled through) attack, a hero fight ensues until the new and improved Xanku appears and attacks them all.