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Your Gaming zones! pix plz
« on: February 27, 2008, 08:31:22 pm »
So where do you partake in that most favorite of activities, that is to say vidya-gaming? I have a dirty little corner in my basement. Let's explore together, shall we?

Here it is! My beloved gaming zone, complete with coke stains on the carpet. My gaming zone includes every Nintendo Console to date, the Sony Playstation 1 & 2 (That's the PS1 tucked under the Guitar Hero 3 box) and the Toshiba Fax Machine. My excellent 19" Panasonic gaming TV circa 1991 sits on top a replica antique ice cream cabinet.

Inside the ice cream cabinet you'll find that first of all I forgot to rotate the image. So sorry. But also you'll find my whole NES collection, spare controllers, and whatever old Nintendo Powers and strategy guides I could fit in there.

My basement is an awesome place to be, especially for spiders. Spiders love my basement and build their cobweb bachelor pads there, as you can see. But also here's another unrotated image of all my newer generation games.

Gaming Throne- No gaming zone is complete without a quality gaming throne. My throne is old, circa 1970s, leathery, and oh-so-comfy~ This pic also gives a better view of the coke stains.

Portables!- Not in my gaming zone sprecifically but rather my own room, here is my complete collection of Game Boy and GBA games in a Swiss Colony tin, along with my rather miniscule DS collection.

And there you have it.