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In regards to comic 132-133
« on: April 11, 2007, 12:06:30 am »
In comic 132, I was sort of parodying super sentai (Japanese show where we get Power Rangers from) with Vito's dialogue. The “finishing things earnestly” is from Magiranger (mai favorite), and the “fighting cool burning heart” and “DEKA-VITO” are from Dekaranger. Both cool shows you should go watch. You can torrent them from the subbers group TV-Nihon, or just watch them on Youtube.

Comic 133 is my personal favorite single comic of all time because I have Fyber doing the Magiranger dance dressed as Magi-pinku~ ,Houka-chan~, the wonderful whimsical woman that I love like Andy loves Peach. If you’re curious about the Magiranger dance here’s some Youtube videos:
The show ending
The movie ending (with dancing Hikaru-sensei and megazords)
The full dance version of learning


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Re: In regards to comic 132-133
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