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I’m such a Weaboo
« on: March 01, 2007, 01:22:53 am »
So yeah I spent almost a hundred bucks on FLCL Ultimate Collection and preordering the first special edition of Haruhi. In my defense, the FLCL ultimate collection was 40% off, and Haruhi is awesome. I <3 Yuki Nagato so much.

Speaking of another Yuki I love so very much, I should be going home on Friday for spring break and awaiting me at home are two new Judy and Mary CDs. For those of you who I haven’t been in the chat and subsequently been pestered by me saying how awesome Judy and Mary and YUKI are Judy and Mary was a Japanese rock, pop, and punk band that started in like 1993-4 and broke up in like 2000. The lead singer of the band, YUKI, has a fairly successful solo career even doing the OP for Honey and Clover and Honey and Clover II, which is an awesome series and also where I first learned of YUKI. Some reasons I love her. Anyways with these 2 new CDs I’ll probably want to listen to them for many hours at a time, and since I’ll want to do something while listening I’ll probably work on the comic either writing scripts for the next 100 comics or making more comics for the current arc.

And just for some more Japanese loving, the new Power Rangers, Operation Overdrive, apparently premiered Monday. I hear it’s another bad one. I might make another post on it when I see it since I love to talk about some toku.

Vito-chan version up. ^_^>C

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