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Shadow Swat
« on: October 13, 2006, 10:03:35 pm »
[22:03] *** Channel mode is +tn
[22:03] *** Shadow has joined #fyrp
[22:03] <MDude> SWAT RP
[22:03] <Shadow> YAY
[22:04] <Shadow> Now to wait....
[22:04] <MDude> This is what the criminal looks likw:
[22:05] <MDude> 
[22:05] <Shadow> An Ash ripoff?
[22:05] <Shadow> Damn cosplayers.
[22:06] <MDude> Choose your horribly messed up outfit.
[22:07] <MDude> Or just go with a leather jacket or something.
[22:07] * Shadow puts on a black leather trenchcoat, black turtleneck, and black gloves, pants, and a semi automatic pistol
[22:07] <Shadow> How be that?
[22:08] <MDude> I con't see you!... Oh wait, there you are. That's cool.
[22:08] <Shadow> It even has a scope.
[22:10] <MDude> In the jacket?
[22:10] <Shadow> No, on the pistol
[22:10] <MDude> Ok.
[22:13] <Shadow> Begin?
[22:13] <MDude> I'm waiting for Sino to wake up.
[22:13] <Sino> naw
[22:13] <Sino> forget it
[22:13] <Sino> no one is joining
[22:13] *** Sino has left #fyrp
[22:14] <Shadow> Fuck.
[22:14] <MDude> Ok then. Shadow, You have one helicoptor, a pistol, and an urge to kill.
[22:14] <Shadow> ...Ok
[22:14] <Shadow> Begin?
[22:14] <MDude> Your taks is to take out some guy that looks like Ash
[22:15] <MDude> Probably, but let me tell you where you are first.
[22:15] <Shadow> Ok.
[22:16] <MDude> You're on a rooftop at your secret base. The helecoptor is nearby. You forgot your lunch. What do you do first?
[22:16] <MDude> Also, in the middle of a city.
[22:16] <MDude> Downtown.
[22:16] <Shadow> I look for a nearby entrance to the base
[22:17] <MDude> Behind you.
[22:17] * Shadow slowly opens the door, seeing no one, I walk in slowly and and take out my pistol
[22:18] <MDude> It's your base, dummy.
[22:18] <Shadow> Oh.
[22:18] <MDude> The base just has the lunch.
[22:18] <MDude> Not that good either.
[22:18] <Shadow> Not even an armory?
[22:18] <MDude> Well, yeah, where did you get your pistol from?
[22:18] <Shadow> True.
[22:19] * Shadow takes the lunch and looks inside
[22:19] <Shadow> Egg sandwhich, some Ruffles, and for some reason, a piece of cardbioard.
[22:19] <MDude> Office supplies and some spare ammo. Also a secretary.
[22:19] <MDude> In the building.
[22:20] <Shadow> Hey, secretary, hold all my calls. Im going to be out for awhile.
[22:20] <Shadow> Also, heat up my dinner when I get back.
[22:21] <MDude> Secretary: "Fine. Don't mess up that jacket, HQ makes me clean those things."
[22:21] <MDude> They think I'm also a maid or something.
[22:21] * Shadow heads to the armory and picks up some ammo cases, putting them in his trenchcoat pockets.
[22:22] <Shadow> Alright, its on like Red Dawn.
[22:22] * Shadow heads upstairs and starts the helicopter.
[22:23] * Shadow turns on the onboard computer system.
[22:23] <Shadow> S.A.L., where is the target located?
[22:25] <MDude> He's in fruit stand street ruffling up the local buisnesses
[22:25] * Shadow smirks.
[22:25] <Shadow> Heh, sloppy.
[22:25] <MDude> *helicoptor sound*
[22:26] * Shadow drives the helicopter to Fruit Stand Street, noticeing the guy shoting random bullets into buildings.
[22:26] * Shadow tells the computer to keep the helicopter 10 feet above ground
[22:27] * Shadow jumps out, pulling out his pistol, pointing it at the target.
[22:27] <Shadow> Alright jackass, we can do this simple, or we can do this hard.
[22:27] <Shadow> Which one you want?
[22:27] <MDude> Arsh: No way! Mudkip, go!
[22:28] <Shadow> ...Huh?
[22:28] <MDude> A big stuffed animal falls from the sky.
[22:28] <Shadow> ...Are you f*cking kidding?
[22:28] * Shadow shoots several rounds into the stuffed animal.
[22:29] <MDude> Every cartoon bad guy has a messed up stupid crazy power.
[22:29] <MDude> The rounds penetrate it, but don't go all the way through.
[22:29] <Shadow> Wait, how big is this thing?
[22:30] <MDude> Rhino big.
[22:30] <MDude> It's more like an animal shaped sand bag.
[22:30] * Shadow steps over the thing, pointing his pistol at the target, again
[22:31] <Shadow> Alright, now, can you just.... come on and surrender?
[22:32] <MDude> Arsh: No way! These people won't give me food for my Pokematz!
[22:32] <Shadow> Its... a toy.
[22:32] <MDude> Arsh: You'll see how much of a toy it is!
[22:33] <Shadow> Huh?
[22:33] * Shadow sighs
[22:33] <Shadow> Alright, the contract says alive, so I cant kill you.
[22:34] <MDude> He jumps out from behind the toy, and throws some smaller toys at you.
[22:34] * Shadow shoots them all out of the sky, except on that hits him on the forehead.
[22:34] <Shadow> *one
[22:34] <MDude> It's ticking. You know what that means, right?
[22:34] <Shadow> Ah hell.
[22:35] * Shadow runs away before it explodes.
[22:35] <MDude> Ba-BOOM.
[22:35] <MDude> You find safety behind a fruit stand.
[22:35] <Shadow> Holy crap, this guy is dangerous.
[22:36] * Shadow jumps from behind the fruit stand and starts shooting the guys little toys
[22:36] <MDude> They don't call in SWAT for bad car insurance.
[22:36] <MDude> They each explode as the bullet hits them.
[22:37] * Shadow reloads his gun
[22:37] <Shadow> Alright, now will come in with me?
[22:37] <MDude> He's heading away by scooter down an alley.
[22:37] <Shadow> God damnit.
[22:38] * Shadow starts sprinting after him, knocking some guy off his bike and riding after him
[22:42] * Shadow starts running at him
[22:42] <MDude> Arsh: DOn't make me blow us up!
[22:42] <MDude> Note: He seems crazy and suicidal.
[22:42] * Shadow jumps up and does a jump kick to knock the toy out of his hand
[22:42] <MDude> Also, shooting an explosive=not too smart.
[22:43] <Shadow> Are you dense!?
[22:43] <MDude> I was hoping you would look around, but okay.
[22:43] <Shadow> Im a professional bounty hunter!
[22:43] <Shadow> Your some dumbass fanboy!
[22:43] * Shadow puts the pistol to his head
[22:43] <Shadow> Now, come with me, NOW
[22:44] <MDude> Arsh: A-All of my life's dreams are being crushed right now, I can't get up!
[22:44] <MDude> I like this RP.
[22:44] <Shadow> ...You have been watching too much Pokemon....
[22:45] * Shadow sighs
[22:45] <Shadow> Alright, luck for you, you havent caused TOO much damage.
[22:45] <MDude> Anyway, you manage to carry him away.
[22:45] * Shadow loads him in the back of the helicopter
[22:46] <Shadow> The You getropes seem secure...
[22:46] <Shadow> S.A.L, tell HQ the target has been captured.
[22:46] <MDude> S.A.L.: Affirmative.
[22:47] * Shadow pilots the helicopter to the helipad back at the base.
[22:47] <MDude> You get home safley, but the dinner is (some food you don't like).
[22:47] <Shadow> Liver!?
[22:48] <Shadow> God....
[22:48] <MDude> Secratary: You know I can't cook anything else...
[22:48] * Shadow sighs
[22:48] <Shadow> Its okay.
[22:49] * Shadow cuts a piece up, eating it with some disgust
[22:49] <Shadow> Ugh...
[22:49] <Shadow> Im not hungry right now.... you can have it
[22:50] <Shadow> So, how much was that guy worth?
[22:50] <MDude> But I don't like liver either... The boss is only one who ever eats it.
[22:50] <Shadow> Then give it to him.
[22:51] <Shadow> Like I said, how much is he worth?
[22:51] <MDude> Well...
[22:51] <MDude> You keep forgetting, you're a SWAT, not a bountey hunter. You have a flat salary.
[22:52] <Shadow> Remind me to ask for a raise...
[22:52] <MDude> Of course. Right after I get one. ;)
[22:53] * Shadow takes off his sunglasses to rub his eyes
[22:53] <Shadow> So, anymore jobs?
[22:54] <MDude> Nah, it's almost 11, time for MDude to get to bed soon.
[22:54] <MDude> This was a great RP though.
[22:54] <Shadow> So, what to name it
[22:55] <MDude> I'd call it SHADOW SWAT. You can't go wrong with alliteration.
[22:55] <Shadow> k
[22:55] <Shadow> Make it so
[22:56] <MDude> Done.
[22:59] <Shadow> And so people will know the greatness of solo RPs
[22:59] <MDude> I need to work with the formatting, but I'll post the log sometime tommorow.
[23:00] <MDude> Getting rid of a lot of carriage returns.

Note: The carriage returns were just somethin with notepad. I got rid of them by going to fullscreen.


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Re: Shadow Swat
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2006, 10:07:30 pm »
And that was the best solo RP, EVER.


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Re: Shadow Swat
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2006, 11:06:04 pm »
Heh, that was awesome. Good job Shadow for taking out evil Ash impersonators. Good job MDude for being a good GM.
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Re: Shadow Swat
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2006, 08:24:45 am »
Me like Kitty Cats


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Re: Shadow Swat
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2006, 09:15:56 pm »
Shadow, I'm afraid you'll have to change your costume. I'm the one with the black trenchcoat around here. SENORITY YOU KNOW.
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