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Author Topic: MORE WIIIIII  (Read 3004 times)
King of Earth
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Oh god what is that?

« on: May 11, 2006, 10:02:29 PM »

This place is claiming to have some new facts on the Wii, some of which seem to be new!  Here's a few:

At Launch:
The Wii will ship the same way most every Nintendo console system has: Wii Remote (Wiimote, get it?), Nunchuk and console, with no games. The classic controller will not be included.

The default purchase package for additional controllers will all include the Nunchuk as well. You won’t have to purchase it separately, though they weren’t able to comment on price.

Batteries Included?
The Wiimote currently uses AA batteries, which I thought was an enormous faux pas. The remote uses Bluetooth to communicate with the console, IR to determine distance from the screen and where you’re aiming, and a series of gyroscopes and accelerometers to figure out what the hell you’re doing. It’s ridiculously accurate and has a blue LED on it, too. And a joystick. And rumbling force-feedback. While they assured me that they were told the controller batteries should last the entire week, they weren’t able to say how long the batteries would last on average (depends on gameplay, and they just didn’t know) and commented that allowing a rechargeable system as an accessory is a definite possibility.

How much cheaper than the PS3?
Asking yet again about price, they said they simply didn’t know. One developer said “I’ll say between $149 and $299 just to be safe,” but his coworked said “definitely closer to $150.” Take that as you will.

Personally I think the fact that the Wii Remote has rumble is amazing, considering how thin it is.  And I guess using AA batteries is fine, as long as the rumor I heard that they'll be rechargable is true.

If that url is down, you can use a mirror for the time being.
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