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[20:46] <@DevGM> +++
[20:47] <@DevGM> Hooray!
[20:47] <@DevGM> Hooray for science.
[20:48] <@DevGM> You have been invited to come to the premire of a invention that willchange the world as we know it.
[20:48] <@DevGM> You are in the back of a limo, going to a building in Delta City.
[20:48] <@DevGM> Then the gas comes in.
[20:49] <@DevGM> You are knocked out for what feels like hours.
[20:49] <@DevGM> Then, you wake up, it a cold room with metal walls and a locked door.
[20:49] <@DevGM> ---
[20:50] <@DevGM> {hello?}
[20:50] <Arashi> Go to purify a scientific discovery and get locked up in a metal room.
[20:50] <Arashi> JUST MY LUCK, I GUESS.
[20:51] <Joefus> great
[20:51] <Joefus> now what
[20:51] * Arashi looks around for anything worth noticing
[20:51] <@DevGM> A voice come through the speakers:
[20:51] <@DevGM> Man: Test, test, 1, 2, 1, 2.
[20:51] <@DevGM> Man: Can you hear me?
[20:51] <Arashi> I can hear you.
[20:52] <Joefus> yes?
[20:52] <@DevGM> Man: Great.
[20:52] <Joefus> how can you hear us?
[20:52] <Arashi> it seems to be a double-way speaker.
[20:52] <@DevGM> Man: Pretty well.
[20:52] <@DevGM> Man: what he said.
[20:53] <@DevGM> Man: Now don't panic.
[20:53] <Arashi> No need to worry there, ojii-san.
[20:53] <@DevGM> Man: You are indeed at the premire of the invention.
[20:53] <@DevGM> Man: Just, instead of witnessing it, you'll be the first to try it out!
[20:54] <Joefus> will this hurt?
[20:54] <Arashi> You mean, the invention is this high-security room?
[20:54] <@DevGM> Man: Depends.
[20:54] <Joefus> oh gawd you'
[20:54] <Joefus> re gonna kill us
[20:54] <@DevGM> Man: The invention is a simulator of sorts.
[20:55] <@DevGM> Man: You will live out events from real life and fiction.
[20:55] <@DevGM> [so this is just a fictonaut clone, btw.]
[20:55] <Joefus> [fictonaut?]
[20:56] <@DevGM> Man: We are going to put you in a scene.
[20:56] <@DevGM> Man: Quick! Name an action movie!
[20:56] <Arashi> Count of Monte Cristo.
[20:56] <Joefus> minority report
[20:56] <@DevGM> Man: Erm.
[20:57] <@DevGM> Man: Minority Report, that was a good one!
[20:57] <@DevGM> +++
[20:57] <@DevGM> You hear a few buttons pressed, then suddenly, the walls change.
[20:58] <@DevGM> Its a suburban Shopping Mall, in the world of Minority Report.
[20:58] <@DevGM> Man: Of course, you shopping would be unintresting!
[20:58] <@DevGM> Man: You are being flagged down by the police for a crime you did'nt commit.
[20:59] <@DevGM> And those police, are indeed down the hall.
[20:59] <@DevGM> ---
[20:59] <Arashi> [more like a crime we haven't yet committed.]
[20:59] <@DevGM> [lol yea]
[20:59] <Joefus> [I should have said star wars]
[20:59] <Arashi> [I should have said LOTR]
[21:00] <Arashi> [anyways]
[21:00] <@DevGM> [Oh well, I was looking for Terminator 2 anyways.]
[21:00] <Joefus> is there a problem officer?
[21:00] * DevGM is now known as POLICE
[21:00] <Arashi> Of course, asking them that is a mistake of sorts.
[21:00] <Joefus> oh crap
[21:00] <Arashi> [how many are there?]
[21:00] <@POLICE> They be chasing you!
[21:00] * Joefus runs, like everybody
[21:01] <@POLICE> [3]
[21:01] * Arashi runs also, knocking various things into the police's path as he flees
[21:01] * @POLICE goes after the perps. One of them trips!
[21:01] <@POLICE> Shit! One down!
[21:01] <@POLICE> The two are still after you.
[21:02] <Arashi> [don't they have those fancy ships?]
[21:02] <@POLICE> [not inside they dont]
21:02] <Joefus> what should we do Arashi?
[21:02] <Arashi> [oh, right]
[21:02] <Arashi> keep running, for now!
[21:02] <@POLICE> Obviously, DEAD END.
[21:03] <@POLICE> 2v.2
[21:03] <Joefus> craaaapppp!
[21:03] <@POLICE> +++BATTLE+++
[21:03] <Arashi> well, I will fight if I must.
[21:03] <Arashi> and now, I must.
[21:03] <@POLICE> Since they got you first, they attack first.
[21:04] <@POLICE> Results from 1d2: 1
[21:04] <@POLICE> Results from 1d20: 5
[21:04] <@POLICE> Attacked Arashi for 5!
[21:04] <@POLICE> Results from 1d2: 2
[21:04] <@POLICE> Results from 1d20: 18
[21:04] <@POLICE> OH!
[21:04] <Joefus> aarrrgh
[21:04] <Arashi> holy Amida Buddha.
[21:05] <@POLICE> Joe is hit quite badly
[21:05] <Joefus> [rotten luck I have 2 hp now and no med pack]
[21:05] <@POLICE> [prox have anything?]
[21:05] <Arashi> one sec.
[21:06] <Arashi> I'm afraid all I've got is a bottle of inebriating alcohol.
[21:06] <Arashi> and 200 dollars.
[21:06] <Arashi> but that's a paltry bribe for two policemen.
[21:06] <@POLICE> [Ill try to do something]
[21:06] <Joefus> [don't worry I got two vehicles
[21:06] <Joefus> ]
[21:06] * Arashi pulls out his flute and plays a fiery tune
[21:07] <Arashi> Results from 1d30: 5
[21:07] <@POLICE> The fire hits him!
[21:07] <@POLICE> And his material = imflammable
[21:07] <@POLICE> oh hes burning!
[21:07] <@POLICE> QUICK 1d3
[21:07] <Arashi> Results from 1d3: 3
[21:08] <@POLICE> 15 damage!
[21:08] <@POLICE> he = deader
[21:08] <@POLICE> GO JOE!
[21:08] <Arashi> Kogasu serves me well!! ^3^
[21:08] * Joefus fires electro gun
[21:08] <Joefus> Results from 1d20: 17
[21:08] <@POLICE> lol pwn
[21:09] <@POLICE> he is so dead
[21:09] <Joefus> take that punk
[21:09] <@POLICE> +++
[21:09] <@POLICE> Man: Whoa! Good one!
[21:09] <@POLICE> He presses some more buttons, and it's back to the old dark, damp room.
[21:10] <@POLICE> ---
[21:10] <@POLICE> Man: Now, the one who got hit bad.
[21:10] <Joefus> you know killing some officers over a crime we didn't commit wasn't such a hot idea
[21:10] <@POLICE> Man:The damage dealt to you is fake.
[21:11] <Joefus> hey I feel better!
[21:11] <@POLICE> Man: You are just as healthy as you were in the beginning of the simulation.
[21:11] <@POLICE> Man: Now, name a video game.
[21:11] <Joefus> Mario bros
[21:11] <Arashi> Chrono Trigger.
[21:12] <Joefus> Mega Man
[21:12] <@POLICE> [never played chrono trigger]
[21:12] <Arashi> [go with mega man plx plx plx]
[21:12] * POLICE is now known as BOWSER
[21:12] <@BOWSER> Man: Mario it is!
[21:12] <@BOWSER> +++
[21:12] <@BOWSER> shit the walls
[21:12] <@BOWSER> shit
[21:12] <@BOWSER> shit
[21:13] <@BOWSER> You are in Bowsers Castle.
[21:13] <@BOWSER> Luckily, this is Mario 64, and his first castle.
[21:13] <@BOWSER> You are at the platform where you do battle.
[21:13] <@BOWSER> ---
[21:13] <Arashi> odd, I'm two-dimensional.
[21:14] <@BOWSER> [lol this is 64
[21:14] <Arashi> oh, rite.
[21:14] <Arashi> didn't read that.
[21:14] * Joefus pokes a straw in Arashi, inflates him to 3d]
[21:14] <Arashi> fels gud
[21:14] <@BOWSER> I didnt expect you two!
[21:14] <Joefus> don't get used to it
[21:14] <@BOWSER> Oh well!
[21:14] <@BOWSER> +++
[21:15] <@BOWSER> BATTRU
[21:15] <@BOWSER> Now both of you, roll a 1d5
[21:15] <Arashi> Results from 1d5: 5
[21:15] <Joefus> Results from 1d5: 2
[21:15] <Arashi> [call me natty mcnat]
[21:15] <@BOWSER> Arashi has got it!
[21:16] <@BOWSER> Now he has the speed to rush to bowsers tail.
[21:16] <@BOWSER> DO IT
[21:16] * Arashi grasps the tail
[21:16] * Arashi spin spin spin
[21:16] <Joefus> GO FOR IT!!
[21:16] <@BOWSER> 1 d 7
[21:16] <Arashi> Results from 1d7: 4
[21:17] <@BOWSER> PWN
[21:17] <@BOWSER> Fiyaa!!11!!
[21:17] <@BOWSER> Results from 1d10: 7
[21:18] <@BOWSER> Both of you! Seven damage!
[21:18] <Joefus> MAMA MIA!!
[21:18] * Joefus flies up into air holding buutt
[21:18] <@BOWSER> 1d5, again
[21:18] <Joefus> Results from 1d5: 3
[21:18] <Arashi> both of us?
[21:18] <@BOWSER> yep
[21:18] <Arashi> Results from 1d5: 3
[21:19] <@BOWSER> Instant connect to mine!
[21:19] <@BOWSER> BOOSH!
[21:19] <@BOWSER> This wont be the last of me!!!
[21:19] <@BOWSER> +++
[21:19] <@BOWSER> Once again, the walls are back to reality.
[21:19] <@BOWSER> ---
[21:20] <@BOWSER> Man: So it does work!
[21:20] <Arashi> It does.
[21:21] <@BOWSER> Man: Guess what, you were watch by potential suitors of this technology on TV.
[21:21] <@BOWSER> Man: You guys were on TV.
[21:21] <Joefus> were famous!?
[21:21] <@BOWSER> Man: I guess.
[21:21] <Arashi> Hmm, well.
[21:21] <Joefus> well I guess this explains the limo treatment
[21:21] <Arashi> People will forget after a while.
[21:22] <@BOWSER> Man: Listen, come back anytime, and we will escort you back.
[21:22] <@BOWSER> A door opens up.
[21:22] <@BOWSER> The light of the outside world glistens.
[21:22] <@BOWSER> You are the awesome.
[21:22] <@BOWSER> ---RP OVER---
[21:22] <Joefus> yay
[21:23] <@BOWSER> GRADE: A
[21:23] <Arashi> woot-hoo.
[21:23] <Joefus> any exp?
[21:23] <@BOWSER> ECKS PEE:
[21:23] <@BOWSER> Prox: 13
[21:23] <@BOWSER> Joe: 13


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Looks like a good way to satisfy a player's need for a short RP...


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I liked that one.