Author Topic: RPGLog: Variants and Mysteries. I guess.  (Read 11266 times)


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RPGLog: Variants and Mysteries. I guess.
« on: November 06, 2005, 03:00:21 am »
[23:56] <@Armature> +++
[23:56] <@Armature> You all enter the briefing room as usual.
[23:57] <@Armature> Well, except there is a new... face?
[23:57] <@Armature> I suppose 'face' is an improper term since he's wearing a black mask. And brown trenchcoat.
[23:57] <@Armature> He's sitting at the head of the table flipping through some sort of folder.
[23:57] <@Armature> He glances up and makes a 'phhft' noise and stands up.
[23:57] <@Armature> "So you're the kids that are assigned to me today? Sad lot."
[23:58] <@Armature> ---
[23:58] <+Prox> hmph.
[23:58] <+Joefus> and who are you?
[23:58] <+Kari> Im..sorry?
[23:58] * Armature is now known as TheVariant
[23:58] <@TheVariant> The names the Variant
[23:59] <+Prox> [shoulda said "It varies" lolol]
[23:59] <@TheVariant> [color test ok?]
[23:59] <+Joefus> [punch Prox]
[23:59] <@TheVariant> [I'll swap to 15 to avoid confusion]
[00:00] <+Kari> So...why have we been called here?
[00:00] <+Joefus> So Variant what's your deal?
[00:00] <+Prox> I'd like to know that as well.
[00:00] <@TheVariant> You have a job, and I'm your team leader today
[00:00] <@TheVariant> It's also doubling as an... exam I suppose you could say
[00:01] <+Joefus> huh?
[00:01] <@TheVariant> We have to retrieve a relic for... *flips through folder*... some rich yuppy, lord B.B.T. I guess.
[00:02] <@TheVariant> I don't ask the higher ups many questions and they don't send me to my doom
[00:02] <+Prox> nice policy.
[00:02] <+Joefus> yeah
[00:02] * @TheVariant smiles through the mask
[00:03] <@TheVariant> Well, I don't really know much about y'all, so why don't ya tell me about yourselves?
[00:03] * @TheVariant sits there, waiting
[00:03] <+Joefus> I'm Joe, I have an Elecricty spewing gun, and I'm pretty good with vehicles and such
[00:04] <+Kari> Salutations, i am Kari, High preist of the Holy Order in Risus
[00:04] <+Prox> I'm an animated statue, and I call myself Prox.
[00:04] * @TheVariant jots down notes in folder
[00:05] <@TheVariant> Alright, I'm The Variant. My powers deal with variety and I've been working here a while.
[00:05] <@TheVariant> Now that the introductions are out of the way, hows about we get to our job?
[00:06] <+Joefus> sounds good to me
[00:06] * @TheVariant pulls out a scroll and spawns a portal
[00:06] <+Kari> as you wish
[00:06] <@TheVariant> In ya go, the portal will vanish once I go through
[00:06] * +Prox enters the portal
[00:07] * +Joefus walks thru
[00:07] * +Kari enters
[00:07] * @TheVariant dies, I mean enters
[00:07] <@TheVariant> +++
[00:07] <@TheVariant> As you emerge one by one through the portal and calm your stomachs you find yourselves in a lightless cave.
[00:08] <@TheVariant> The portal provides light until Variant exits it leaving you in total dark.
[00:08] <@TheVariant> ---
[00:08] <+Kari> Oh my, Where are we?
[00:08] <+Joefus> I knew I should have invested in the glow in the dark suit
[00:08] * +Prox tries to light lighter
[00:09] <@TheVariant> The lighter provides some light, but not much
[00:09] <+Prox> might as well not waste the fuel.
[00:09] * +Prox blows it out
[00:09] <+Joefus> so any body got something to shed some light on this place?
[00:09] <+Kari> just a sec...
[00:09] <@TheVariant> Alright, this is the tomb of one of the evilest Necromancers ever to curse this planet.
[00:10] * +Kari casts a heal spell and her hand glows alight
[00:10] <@TheVariant> Worst. Evilest. Whatever.
[00:10] <@TheVariant> The glow is better than the lighter
[00:11] <@TheVariant> Who here can make a guess at why he was the worst?
[00:11] <+Joefus> and what're we doing here?
[00:11] <+Kari> Worst as in not ver good, hopefully?
[00:11] <+Prox> I'm guessing he killed and mutilated people.
[00:12] <+Joefus> or experiemented with lots of forbidden magics
[00:12] <@TheVariant> He was a king of a very peaceful land and in one night he killed every inhabitant of his lands.
[00:13] <+Prox> and then he used their corpses to serve him?
[00:13] <@TheVariant> He was a horrid scourge until the day his body gave out and was... well there's time for that later
[00:14] * +Kari quivers
[00:14] <@TheVariant> But his name was King Narkcroid, and we are here to retrieve his heart
[00:14] <+Joefus> who'd want his heart?
[00:14] <@TheVariant> So follow me and be quiet
[00:14] * @TheVariant starts walking into the gloom
[00:14] * +Prox auto-follows
[00:15] * +Kari silent walk
[00:15] * +Joefus follows
[00:15] <@TheVariant> The reason we're getting his heart is because Lord B.B.T wants it
[00:16] <@TheVariant> *He stops in front of a bridge*
[00:16] <+Kari> I'm not sure this is such a good idea to be messing with dark magics
[00:16] <+Joefus> I think I'd wanna know why I'm trecking through some old tomb
[00:16] <@TheVariant> Well...
[00:17] <+Prox> so, you don't know why Lord B.B.Q. wants this heart?
[00:17] <@TheVariant> I think that B.B.T. wants to resurrect him
[00:17] <+Prox> well, that sucks.
[00:18] <@TheVariant> So what I'm going to do is destroy the heart. On accident of course.
[00:18] <+Kari> of course
[00:18] <+Joefus> I was just gonna ask that
[00:18] <+Joefus> you're not as by the books as you seem
[00:18] <@TheVariant> Did you really think I'm that much of a fool?
[00:18] <+Prox> I'd say this was the best course of action.
[00:19] <+Joefus> I kinda got the feeling you were one of the blind obediance guys
[00:19] <+Joefus> but that's neither here nor now
[00:19] <@TheVariant> Yes. The here is this slick bridge.
[00:19] <@TheVariant> Watch your footing.
[00:19] <@TheVariant> +++
[00:20] <@TheVariant> Alright, this bridge is very slick and requires a 1d10 to cross.
[00:20] <+Joefus> Results from 1d10: 8
[00:20] <@TheVariant> 5 stumbles, anything below and well...
[00:20] <@TheVariant> plz my +++
[00:20] <@TheVariant> OK, NOW ROLL
[00:20] <+Joefus> [sorry i can't read]
[00:20] <@TheVariant> ---
[00:21] <+Kari> Results from 1d10: 8
[00:21] <+Joefus> Results from 1d10: 7
[00:21] <+Prox> Results from 1d10: 5
[00:21] <+Prox> woop
[00:21] <+Joefus> you ok Prox
[00:22] <+Prox> good thing.
[00:22] <@TheVariant> *After Prox finishes crossing the bridge crumbles into the nothingness below*
[00:22] <+Kari> EEP!
[00:23] <+Prox> d-did the variant get across?
[00:23] <+Joefus> woah
[00:23] * @TheVariant just walks across the air
[00:23] <@TheVariant> A bit of Aeromancy goes a long way.
[00:23] * +Joefus startes mouth open
[00:24] <+Prox> me watches silently.
[00:24] <+Prox> [lol forgot /]
[00:24] <@TheVariant> A brief showing of my powers. Earlier I mastered Aeromancy.
[00:25] <@TheVariant> Let's continue
[00:25] * @TheVariant marches into gloom again
[00:25] * +Kari follows
[00:25] * +Joefus walks
[00:26] * +Prox follows, a little more chipper
[00:27] <@TheVariant> +++
[00:27] <@TheVariant> After some tromping through the dark Variant stops again and holds up his hand for silence
[00:27] <@TheVariant> He lifts himself into the air and creates a mighty wind into the tomb
[00:28] <@TheVariant> You all hear the rattling of bones for a minute or so which suddenly stop along with the wind
[00:28] <@TheVariant> As Variant returns to the ground the bones begin to rattle again
[00:28] <@TheVariant> Skeletons lurch out of the darkness!
[00:28] <@TheVariant> --- BATTLE TIME NOW ---
[00:29] <@TheVariant> JOE GO
[00:29] <@TheVariant> [6 Skeletons btw]
[00:29] <+Joefus> this is just a test right
[00:29] * +Joefus fires gun skeleton one
[00:29] <+Joefus> Results from 1d20: 10
[00:29] <+Joefus> +2
[00:29] <@TheVariant> It crumbles to dust.
[00:29] <@TheVariant> Turn Kari.
[00:29] * +Kari hits one with her book
[00:30] <+Kari> Results from 1d20: 4
[00:30] <+Kari> +1
[00:30] <@TheVariant> Crumbles
[00:30] <@TheVariant> Prox?
[00:30] * +Prox takes two of them by the ribcages and slams them into the ground.
[00:31] <+Prox> Results from 2d10: 5
[00:31] <@TheVariant> Not enough damage to crumble, but enough to slow them down a bit
[00:31] <@TheVariant> Turn Variant.
[00:32] * @TheVariant sweeps a blast of powerful wind sending the skeletons into the wall
[00:32] <@TheVariant> Results from 4d10: 31
[00:32] <@TheVariant> BASTROYED
[00:33] <@TheVariant> Hmm. Far too weak.
[00:33] <@TheVariant> The magic that powered them must be fading.
[00:33] <@TheVariant> Uh... Kari, can you see if there is really magic degradation?
[00:34] <+Kari> I might, ill have to examine the bones
[00:34] * +Kari checks some crumbled bones for any magic residue
[00:35] <@TheVariant> Go ahead, I need to write some notes anyways
[00:35] * @TheVariant sits in corner, pulls out folder, jots away
[00:35] <@TheVariant> [There is some necromancy still left on the bones, but fading fast]
[00:35] <+Kari> The magic seems to be leaving quickly
[00:36] <+Joefus> so the heart must be weakening too right?
[00:36] <@TheVariant> Hmm... that could be.
[00:36] <+Kari> could just be that we broke them
[00:37] <@TheVariant> Is anyone here familiar with the workings of Necromancy?
[00:37] <+Kari> Minerva would be, but she isn't one to help others
[00:38] <@TheVariant> Hm. Prox, any theorys?
[00:38] <+Prox> I spent a lot of time in the Catacombs at Etrigan.
[00:39] <+Prox> Many of the cadavers there weakened remarkably fast.
[00:39] <+Prox> i can't see why it should be any different here, aside from the heart's presence.
[00:39] * @TheVariant taps pen on folder, jots more
[00:40] <@TheVariant> Iiiiii think we better get a move on.
[00:40] * @TheVariant leaps up, stashes folder, tromps
[00:41] <+Kari> I don't think i did very well....
[00:41] * +Joefus follows along
[00:41] * +Kari walks
[00:41] * +Prox follows
[00:42] <@TheVariant> More treks, not much scenery change until a while down the trail where there is a source of light
[00:42] <@TheVariant> The light just seems... off for some reason.
[00:43] <@TheVariant> And as you enter the room with the lights, you see why
[00:43] <@TheVariant> The torch holders are dead body parts
[00:43] <@TheVariant> Well... that's sick!
[00:44] <+Joefus> ummm....
[00:44] <+Prox> hmm...
[00:44] <+Kari> oh my...
[00:45] <@TheVariant> As you look around the room you see unholy things that sort of blur if you try to look straight at them
[00:45] <@TheVariant> It's quite possible your characters may have nightmares of this!
[00:45] <+Joefus> this place is pretty wierd
[00:45] <+Kari> I don't like it here, not at all
[00:46] <@TheVariant> And at the very center is a sarcophogus (oh jesus spelling)
[00:46] <+Joefus> who want's to open it.
[00:46] <@TheVariant> Prox, go open up that and check for the heart
[00:47] <+Prox> i'd rather take some precautions.
[00:47] <+Prox> I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to not trust weird tombs.
[00:47] <@TheVariant> Hmm.
[00:48] <@TheVariant> Alright, stand back.
[00:48] * +Prox does so
[00:48] <@TheVariant> I'll try to blow it over, be ready everyone
[00:48] <@TheVariant> +++
[00:49] * @TheVariant raises to the level of the lid and begins to buffet at the sarcophogus
[00:49] <@TheVariant> And the instant the lid move a little it flies into the ceiling and a lich climbs out
[00:49] <@TheVariant> Like its a big suprise...!
[00:50] <@TheVariant> He leaps out at...
[00:50] <@TheVariant> Results from 1d4: 4
[00:50] <@TheVariant> Prox!
[00:50] <@TheVariant> ---
[00:50] * +Prox dives to the side
[00:50] <@TheVariant> Gimme a d10
[00:50] <+Prox> Results from 1d10: 5
[00:50] <@TheVariant> Results from 1d2: 1
[00:50] <@TheVariant> You make it out of the way, barely
[00:50] <+Prox> [cry foul on my stupid dice]
[00:51] <@TheVariant> [lets you get hit and drained then]
[00:51] <@TheVariant> Joefus go!
[00:51] <+Prox> [...buh?]
[00:51] <+Joefus> Results from 1d20: 6
[00:52] <@TheVariant> Kari go!
[00:52] * +Kari casts smite!
[00:52] <+Kari> Results from 1d30: 6
[00:52] <+Kari> +2
[00:52] <+Kari> (Holy)
[00:53] <@TheVariant> Prox~
[00:53] <+Prox> [is it solid, or intangible?]
[00:53] <@TheVariant> [Lich = sentient skeleton mage]
[00:54] <+Prox> [k]
[00:54] <@TheVariant> [So he is solid]
[00:54] * +Prox punches it
[00:54] <+Prox> Results from 1d20: 8
[00:55] <@TheVariant> Variant, go!
[00:55] * @TheVariant uses a gust of wind to slam the Lich into the wall
[00:55] <@TheVariant> Results from 1d20: 2
[00:55] <@TheVariant> Crap. Not enough air.
[00:55] <@TheVariant> Turn Lich!
[00:56] <@TheVariant> Results from 1d4: 1
[00:56] <@TheVariant> The Lich rips some life from Variant in retaliation
[00:56] <@TheVariant> Results from 1d15: 8
[00:56] <@TheVariant> Joefus Go!
[00:57] * +Joefus charges gun for 1 pp
[00:57] <+Joefus> Results from 1d20: 3
[00:57] <+Joefus> +4
[00:57] <@TheVariant> Turn Kari
[00:57] * +Kari smite again!
[00:57] <+Kari> Results from 1d30: 10
[00:57] <+Kari> +2
[00:58] <@TheVariant> Turn Prox~
[00:58] * +Prox jumps on it
[00:58] <+Prox> Results from 1d20: 18
[00:58] <@TheVariant> The Lich is crushed under the weight of a stone golem
[00:59] <@TheVariant> --- BATTLE OVER ---
[00:59] <+Joefus> yay
[00:59] <@TheVariant> Prox, see if the heart was on him
[00:59] <+Kari> Much relief!
[00:59] <@TheVariant> I'll check the sarcophogus
[00:59] * +Prox checks his... corpse
[01:00] <@TheVariant> [Not found]
[01:00] <+Joefus> that was pretty pathetic for a gaurdian
[01:00] <+Kari> Are you okay Variant?  that thing got you fairly hard
[01:00] <@TheVariant> It just took a few minutes out of my life
[01:01] <@TheVariant> Minutes I'll have to spend in the infirmary ;-;
[01:01] <+Kari> not so!
[01:01] * +Kari casts heal
[01:01] <+Kari> Results from 1d10: 9
[01:01] * @TheVariant leans over sarc. sees nothing but a book
[01:01] <+Kari> +2
[01:01] <@TheVariant> =D
[01:01] * +Prox checks lich for anything else
[01:02] <@TheVariant> Upon being exposed to the healing light the book's cover shrivels
[01:02] <@TheVariant> Prox finds some jewels embedded in the skull
[01:02] <+Prox> wooh~
[01:02] <+Kari> oh my1  i dont think that book will last long exposed
[01:03] <@TheVariant> Hey look at this, this book says "The Heart has been pilfered by J."
[01:03] <+Joefus> J...
[01:03] <+Kari> J?
[01:03] * @TheVariant puts face in hands, moans a bit
[01:04] <@TheVariant> Hello dock in pay~!
[01:04] <+Prox> J is a name, perhaps?
[01:04] <+Joefus> pat pat
[01:04] <+Kari> oh well, at least the book may be a clue later on
[01:04] <+Joefus> there there maybe there's something else valuabe here
[01:05] <@TheVariant> Well let me set up a portal for the tech crew, they'll salvage whatever isn't too corrupted
[01:05] * @TheVariant pockets book
[01:05] * @TheVariant pulls out another scroll, uses it
[01:05] <@TheVariant> Look for whatever ya want, I'm goin' home
[01:05] * TheVariant is now known as Armature
[01:31] <@Boris> cross-dimensional lesbians sounds like a porn I'd rent


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Re: RPGLog: Variants and Mysteries. I guess.
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2005, 03:00:29 am »
[01:05] * +Prox pockets them damn jewels
[01:06] * +Joefus looks about abit
[01:06] * +Kari writes down a message to have some preists purify the place
[01:06] <@Armature> Joefus notes a corpse of a tech soldier in the corner
[01:06] <+Joefus> what the...
[01:06] * +Joefus closer look
[01:07] <+Joefus> what's this doing here?
[01:07] <@Armature> The uniform is like nothing Joe has ever seen before, and it's mostly whole. Except for the skin and bones and such.
[01:07] <+Joefus> people plz to be checking this out
[01:07] * +Prox looks
[01:07] <+Kari> hmm?
[01:08] <+Kari> >look
[01:08] <@Armature> The uniform is totally unfamilar to everyone.
[01:08] <+Prox> beats me what it could be.
[01:08] <@Armature> Do you turn it over? [Y/N]
[01:09] <+Prox> i say turn it over with a torch-hand
[01:09] <+Prox> extinguished, of course.
[01:09] <@Armature> [There is no bones or anything besides the suit and helmet
[01:09] <@Armature> ]
[01:10] <+Prox> well that's kind of odd.
[01:10] * joe has joined #rpg
[01:10] <joe> [kick other please
[01:10] * Joefus was kicked by Armature (KICKED NIGGA)
[01:10] <@Armature> [Filled him in]
[01:11] * +Prox searches around inside the uniform for stuff
[01:11] <joe> any good stuff?
[01:11] <@Armature> The second Prox touches the outfit it hums to life
[01:12] <+Kari> EEEEK!
[01:12] * +Prox jumps back really quickly
[01:12] <@Armature> "Good morning Captain. No new messages" it says
[01:12] <joe> What the
[01:12] <+Prox> d'gaw
[01:12] * joe is now known as Joefus
[01:13] <+Prox> This was probably the Captain's uniform.
[01:13] <@Armature> "Logs show 600 years since last activation. Is this time correct yes or no?"
[01:13] <+Prox> um... Yes.
[01:13] <Joefus> was this technology even around 600 years ago?
[01:14] <+Kari> are you sure you know what your doing?
[01:14] <@Armature> "Computing... Greetings. I am the suit for Captain Jones. Would you like to see his last recording?"
[01:14] <Joefus> yes
[01:14] <+Kari> Jones?  Perhaps this is J?
[01:14] <+Prox> maybe.
[01:14] <@Armature> +++
[01:15] <@Armature> ---
[01:15] <+Prox> wh-
[01:15] <@Armature> The suit stands up by itself somehow and it's chest cavity opens
[01:16] <@Armature> A hologram emits from the cavity which is a 3d model of a very handsome man
[01:17] * +Prox listens to see if he's saying something
[01:17] <@Armature> "This may be my last log. My team has infiltrated the King's castle by sheer luck, but we lost too good men. We're about to enter his room and start the final battle. I doubt any of us will survive but I won't tell my men that. If anyone somehow finds this... tell my wife I'm sorry."
[01:18] <@Armature> Suit: "Log degrades after that point from internal damage"
[01:18] <+Kari> That is so sad...
[01:19] <+Prox> hmm...
[01:19] <@Armature> "Logs deem date of death 382 hours after the last recording"
[01:19] <Joefus> it's pretty clear that this guy didn't take the heart
[01:19] <+Prox> it must've taken him a long time to get here.
[01:20] <Joefus> or it was a long battle
[01:20] * +Kari gives prayer for Jones
[01:20] <Joefus> a reeeeeal long battle
[01:20] <@Armature> "Correction: Log found"
[01:20] <@Armature> Another hologram starts up from the angle of someone sitting down, breating hard
[01:21] <@Armature> The camera looks up and a very old man is approaching
[01:22] <+Prox> Narkcroid?
[01:22] <@Armature> "Did you think you could kill me? I have mastered Death itself! *The man brandishes a very menacing sychte(sp)* What could a squad of 6 men hope to do? TELL ME *camera is struck with the flat of the blade and fades out*
[01:22] * Buzzard has joined #rpg
[01:23] <+Prox> yep, probably Narkcroid.
[01:23] <Joefus> this really getting wierd
[01:23] * Buzzard walks in
[01:23] <Buzzard> sup
[01:24] <Joefus> we're trying to piece together this solider's past
[01:24] <@Armature> "Recording shut off for 16.32 minutes then re-activated. Do you wish to view?"
[01:24] <Buzzard> I'm good with history, gimme the story
[01:24] <Joefus> listen
[01:24] <Buzzard> k
[01:24] <Joefus> yes
[01:25] <@Armature> The scene re-opens but from a more level prospective. Possibly hanging from the wall.
[01:25] <Buzzard> So, where exactly are we?
[01:26] <+Prox> shh!
[01:26] <@Armature> The old man is there, but not looking so old anymore. He is still wielding the sychetdsf(HATE WORD)
[01:26] <+Kari> scythe
[01:27] <@Armature> "Are you recording again? Good. I want to be able to watch this over and over again. *The old man reaches for the camera and puts it on his head revealing Jones hung on the wall writhing in pain. Next to him is an empty suit of armor*
[01:29] <@Armature> *The room echoes with his dark chanting and Jones writhes more as the man reaches slowly for his chest and slips through everything and pulls out a small blue orb. At that point Jones stops moving compleatly.*
[01:30] <@Armature> "I love the smell of a freshly picked soul~."
[01:30] <@Armature> *The recording ends*
[01:30] <+Prox> good god.
[01:30] <Joefus> this guy actually harvest souls!
[01:31] * +Prox looks at the body part torches
[01:31] <Buzzard> holy shit
[01:31] <Buzzard> that's crazy
[01:31] <+Prox> what I'd give for a carbon dating right about now.
[01:31] <@Armature> Looking more closely Prox see's tortured faces
[01:31] <+Kari> Minerva talked a bit about soul taking, it grants longer life or somethig to that effect
[01:31] <@Armature> In the flames btw.
[01:32] <+Prox> h-holy shitting dicknipples
[01:32] <Buzzard> This place is bound to be full of demons just waiting to possess someone
[01:32] <+Prox> come to think of it...
[01:32] <+Kari> I say we leave now and continue this investigation later
[01:32] * +Prox checks around for those unholy things
[01:33] <Joefus> I wish Variant hadn't left
[01:33] <@Armature> Prox can't look around without seeing them...!
[01:33] <@Armature> -kari joe and buzz
[01:33] <@Armature> and the outfit
[01:33] <Buzzard> I say we come back with a few crosses and some holy water
[01:34] <+Prox> be serious.
[01:34] <Buzzard> i am
[01:34] <+Prox> that won't help us find out what happened in the least bit...!!
[01:34] <Buzzard> fine
[01:35] <Joefus> I wonder when that tech crew Variant talked about was gonna get here?
[01:35] <+Kari> I've exhausted almost all ym magical energy. i think it would be best to return for a rest before continuing this investagation
[01:36] <@Armature> [You can come back at anytime btw]
[01:36] * +Kari exits via portal made by Var
[01:36] * +Prox does the same
[01:36] <Buzzard> anyone staying?
[01:37] <Joefus> hmm I wanna find out what's going on here
[01:37] <Buzzard> same
[01:37] <+Kari> [is tired me, so later]
[01:38] <@Armature> [You can keep asking questions until I/you get tired]
[01:38] <+Prox> [well, I'm not tired, so if people are going to stay, I'll stay too.]
[01:38] * +Kari has quit IRC
[01:38] * +Prox undos walking through the portal
[01:38] <Buzzard> [I'll stay if everyone else wants to
[01:38] <Buzzard> ]
[01:38] <Joefus> [i'm pulling an all nighter so I'm staying till mets kicks me out]
[01:39] <@Armature> [SLASH KICK]
[01:39] * Armature sets mode: +vv Buzzard Joefus
[01:39] <+Buzzard> [all the time in the world]
[01:39] <+Buzzard> [- 10 hours for sleep]
[01:39] <@Armature> [so ask questions]
[01:39] <+Joefus> so I wonder if this suit knows anything about the Heart
[01:39] * +Prox looks on the wall where Jones's corpse should have been
[01:40] <@Armature> The walls do not match
[01:40] <+Buzzard> too bad I've got nothing magical
[01:40] <+Buzzard> all I've got is tech
[01:40] <+Prox> [so, how don't they match?]
[01:40] <+Joefus> [we're in a different room?]
[01:41] <@Armature> The one from the recording is more castle wall, the room where you're in is more carved cave stone
[01:41] * +Buzzard searches the walls for a door
[01:42] <@Armature> No doors other than the entrance to the cave
[01:42] <+Buzzard> k
[01:42] * +Joefus examins suit
[01:42] <+Prox> so, how could his suit have gotten in here...?
[01:43] <+Joefus> maybe this is like the dump for all the dead sacrafices
[01:43] <+Joefus> suit can you tell us our current location?
[01:43] <@Armature> Speculation: I may have been carried here.
[01:43] <+Buzzard> maybe it's like Full Metal Alchemist
[01:43] <+Prox> who knows.
[01:43] <@Armature> There is flash of light from the suit
[01:43] <+Buzzard> souls bounded to the sout
[01:43] <+Buzzard> suit
[01:44] <@Armature> This seems to be a tomb. Previous position does not match
[01:44] <+Prox> Suit, how long ago were you carried here?
[01:44] <+Prox> or, however you got here.
[01:45] <@Armature> Logs show 600 years since last activation.
[01:45] <+Buzzard> a-are you some sort of robot?
[01:45] <+Prox> suit, how old is the last recording?
[01:46] <+Prox> lol dumb question.
[01:46] <+Buzzard> he said 600 years
[01:46] <@Armature> 12 years.
[01:46] <@Armature> err.
[01:46] <@Armature> .612 years.
[01:46] <+Prox> hmm...!!
[01:46] <+Buzzard> huh
[01:46] <+Joefus> there's gotta be something here to piece this puzzle toghether
[01:46] * +Joefus wanders about the room
[01:47] <@Armature> Nothing as intresting as the suit
[01:47] <+Joefus> puposly stepping on eveything
[01:48] <+Prox> wait, was the suit being worn by Jones in the last recording?
[01:48] <+Prox> or was the suit next to him his suit?
[01:48] <+Buzzard> It was next to him
[01:48] <@Armature> Jones was wearing me. The armor was of medieval build.
[01:48] <+Buzzard> maybe not
[01:48] <+Prox> ah.
[01:49] <+Joefus> Suit can you tell us about Jones' mission?
[01:49] <@Armature> The Captain's goal was to stop the King
[01:49] <+Joefus> who did he work for?
[01:50] <+Joefus> what kingdom i guess
[01:50] <+Buzzard> The king of?
[01:50] <+Joefus> the captian
[01:50] <@Armature> Error. File not found.
[01:50] <+Buzzard> shit
[01:51] <+Joefus> any body remeber if Variant told us how long Kind necromancer's been dead for?
[01:51] <@Armature> [He didn't]
[01:51] <@Armature> [Unless I forgot I did]
[01:52] <+Joefus> [I can't check b/c suck comp
[01:52] <+Joefus> ]
[01:52] <+Prox> Suit, is the King in the recordings Lord Narkcroid?
[01:52] <+Buzzard> [wasn't here]
[01:52] <@Armature> Searching...
[01:52] <@Armature> Searching...
[01:53] <@Armature> King Narkcroid was stopped 200 years previously but the image records match the King of old and the King the Captain failed to stop
[01:54] <+Buzzard> Suit, can you move?
[01:55] <@Armature> The suit raises its arm in salute in response
[01:55] <+Buzzard> wow
[01:55] <+Buzzard> that's cool
[01:55] <+Prox> so, Narkcroid was stopped 200 years ago, or 200 years before Captain Jones tried to stop him?
[01:55] <@Armature> .200 years before the Captain tried to stop him
[01:56] <+Joefus> er um huh
[01:56] <+Prox> Suit, do you know of one Lord B.B.T.?
[01:56] <+Buzzard> this isn't making any sense
[01:57] <@Armature> Searching...
[01:57] <+Prox> Narkcroid might've kept himself alive by taking the souls of others.
[01:57] <@Armature> Lord B.B.T. was a servant of King Narkcroid
[01:57] <+Joefus> great galloping ghouls!!
[01:57] <+Prox> welp, we've got our motive.
[01:58] <+Buzzard> I'm still clueless to what happened before this last recording
[01:58] <+Joefus> hmmm
[01:58] <+Joefus> could that have been B.B.T. in those holorecordings?
[01:59] <@Armature> No. That was King
[02:00] <+Joefus> k
[02:00] <+Joefus> suit do you have any recordings of what Became of B.B.T.?
[02:00] <@Armature> Let me search the database
[02:01] <+Buzzard> If Deck were here we could have him x-ray the walls and see if he could find any hidden passages
[02:01] <@Armature> After Narkcroid's defeat he was never found. Corpse or otherwise.
[02:02] <+Prox> you do know that X-ray only works on sparse substances.
[02:02] <+Joefus> oh man I forgot all about my visor's scanners
[02:02] <+Prox> like flesh.
[02:02] <+Buzzard> Silly, it worked in metroid prime
[02:02] * +Joefus activates Visor
[02:02] <+Buzzard> why not here
[02:02] <+Prox> Hell, if it can't see through bone, how could it see through rock?
[02:03] <+Joefus> what do I see....
[02:03] <@Armature> [Sorry, was logging]
[02:04] <@Armature> [What are you looking at, suit, walls, people?]
[02:05] <+Joefus> [the room in general]
[02:06] <@Armature> Well, you can't see through the suit. You see rooms on both sides of the tomb but no pathways to them. and Prox doesn't show up on X-Ray well.
[02:06] <+Buzzard> [do I?]
[02:07] <+Joefus> well unless we have some dynamite I don't think there's any way outta this room save portal
[02:07] <@Armature> Plus the way you came.
[02:07] <+Joefus> bridge is out though
[02:07] <+Buzzard> hey, I just remembered!
[02:08] <+Buzzard> I've got a laser
[02:08] <@Armature> [Buzzard, you do. Except not. I mean you do.]
[02:08] <+Buzzard> I can cut through walls
[02:08] <+Prox> i bet.
[02:08] <+Joefus> I'm not sure how thick these walls are
[02:09] <+Joefus> X-ray doesn't give real good depth perception
[02:09] * +Buzzard hands Joefus his laser
[02:09] <+Buzzard> give it a shot
[02:09] <@Armature> Pardon me. May I see that?
[02:09] * +Prox looks through the sarcophagus once more
[02:09] <+Joefus> umm
[02:09] <+Buzzard> see what
[02:09] <+Buzzard> my laser?
[02:09] <@Armature> Prox finds nothing really new
[02:10] <@Armature> Yes.
[02:10] <+Joefus> gives
[02:10] * +Prox stands in a corner
[02:10] <+Buzzard> sure
[02:10] <+Joefus> [though I don't know how]
[02:10] <+Buzzard> I want it back, though
[02:10] <@Armature> The second the suit touches it, it becomes intergrated with its systems
[02:10] <+Buzzard> m-my laser!
[02:11] <@Armature> It walks to the center of the room and asks which wall
[02:11] <@Armature> Left, right or forward
[02:11] <+Buzzard> Suit, is there any way you can de-intergate it when you're done?
[02:11] <+Joefus> [which direction where the other rooms in?]
[02:11] <@Armature> Yes.
[02:12] <@Armature> [Left right and forward, back would be the way y'all came
[02:12] <+Joefus> [nevermind]
[02:12] <@Armature> ]
[02:12] <+Buzzard> thanks
[02:12] <+Joefus> suit start on teh left wall
[02:12] <@Armature> The suit walks to the wall and fires a cannon of red light which eats away at the wall
[02:13] <@Armature> After a few seconds the wall is gone and an entrance to the next is opened
[02:13] <+Buzzard> That is so cool
[02:14] * +Prox goes through
[02:14] <+Joefus> should we go ahead and open teh other path too?
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Re: RPGLog: Variants and Mysteries. I guess.
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2005, 03:25:47 am »
[02:14] <+Buzzard> let's open bboth
[02:14] <+Buzzard> save time later
[02:14] <+Joefus> yeah suit right wall
[02:14] <+Joefus> prox hold up k
[02:15] <@Armature> The suit walks to the right wall and stops.
[02:15] <@Armature> Movement detected in adjacent room. Continue anyways?
[02:15] <+Buzzard> Joe, what do you think
[02:15] <+Joefus> it's probably more weak skeletons
[02:15] <+Buzzard> shoot or not?
[02:15] <+Joefus> which we handled pretty easy
[02:16] <+Prox> suit, try to aim away from the movement.
[02:16] <+Buzzard> well, it might be worse
[02:16] <@Armature> Affirmative.
[02:16] <+Buzzard> but yeah
[02:16] <+Prox> that's the best solution i've got.
[02:16] <+Buzzard> go ahead
[02:16] <+Buzzard> but only if Joe says so too
[02:16] <@Armature> The suit walks further along the wall and gets ready to cut
[02:16] <+Joefus> yeah sure
[02:16] <+Buzzard> k
[02:16] <@Armature> >CANNON
[02:16] <+Buzzard> we're greeen
[02:17] <@Armature> The suit quickly backs away as a deformed skeleton hobbles out
[02:17] <+Buzzard> -e
[02:17] <+Buzzard> I've got nothing to kill skeletons
[02:17] <+Joefus> just hit 'em they crumble like dust
[02:17] <+Prox> yeah.
[02:18] <@Armature> Buzzard go?
[02:18] <+Buzzard> I've got nothing
[02:18] <+Buzzard> but sure
[02:18] <+Joefus> [need battle announcment]
[02:18] * +Buzzard punches the skeleton
[02:18] <@Armature> [I DON'T NEED NUFFIN]
[02:18] <@Armature> Results from 1d20: 14
[02:19] <@Armature> Buzzard cracks it right in the skull. But all that happens is that the monster laughs!
[02:19] <@Armature> Turn Joefus
[02:19] <+Joefus> whot the.
[02:19] <+Buzzard> holy shi-
[02:19] * +Joefus smashes skeleton's legs with Gun butt
[02:20] <+Joefus> Results from 1d20: 13
[02:20] <@Armature> 2 of the skeleton's crumble, but it just replaces those with an arm
[02:20] <@Armature> +legs
[02:20] <@Armature> Prox Go
[02:21] <+Joefus> [so it's got one arm in it's socket and another in a leg socket?]
[02:21] <@Armature> [its deformed, also an amalgamation of skeleton bones]
[02:22] * +Prox knees it to the floor and holds its appendages behind its back
[02:22] <@Armature> [Its also a boss]
[02:22] <+Buzzard> shit
[02:22] <@Armature> 1dHP
[02:22] <+Prox> Results from 1d20: 20
[02:22] <+Prox> WOOT YAR
[02:22] <+Buzzard> This might harder than I thought
[02:23] <@Armature> You just lie down on it in such a way it can do nothing. You also get an XP for nat.
[02:23] <+Joefus> why the heck don't we get the suit to blast it some
[02:24] <@Armature> I cannot enter combat unless I am being worn, commanded by superior officer, or am threatened with existance
[02:24] <+Prox> ahh...
[02:24] <+Prox> this is the life, isn't it, retarded skeleton?
[02:25] <@Armature> It yowls at you and squirms uselessly
[02:25] <+Prox> so, Joe.
[02:25] <@Armature> ---Battle over?---
[02:25] <+Prox> yeah, i guess.
[02:25] <+Buzzard> So Prox, how's life on top of a retarded skeleton?
[02:26] <@Armature> More yowling
[02:26] <+Joefus> what the heck is this things deal
[02:26] * +Buzzard puts foot on skeleton's head
[02:26] <+Prox> You'd better open that third wall...!!
[02:26] <+Prox> unless, of course, another skeleton is going to hobble out.
[02:26] <@Armature> Frantic movement detected on other side. Opening is ill-advised.
[02:27] <+Buzzard> Let's wait a bit
[02:27] <+Joefus> there were only two rooms to open
[02:27] <@Armature> Suggestion: Shut that thing up.
[02:27] * +Joefus puts electrolyte gun in Skeleton's mouth
[02:27] <+Joefus> Results from 1d20: 11
[02:27] * +Prox jumps on skeleton head
[02:27] * +Buzzard puts automait pistols to skeleton's head
[02:28] <@Armature> Roll it negros
[02:28] <+Buzzard> Prox, you should stay on top of the thing
[02:28] <+Buzzard> [can
[02:28] <+Buzzard> 't roll]
[02:28] <@Armature> [Someone roll for himmm]
[02:28] <+Joefus> Results from 1d20: 1
[02:28] <+Buzzard> -[-
[02:28] <+Joefus> ;.;
[02:28] <@Armature> The skeleton gnaws on Buzzard's gun
[02:28] <+Buzzard> wow, this thing doesn't like bullets
[02:28] <+Prox> I'm still a-layin' on it, btw
[02:28] <+Buzzard> it's okay, they were free
[02:29] <+Buzzard> didn't expect much from them
[02:29] <@Armature> The yowling increases.
[02:29] <+Joefus> crap crap crap
[02:29] * +Prox elbows skeleton head.
[02:29] <+Prox> Results from 1d20: 20
[02:29] <+Buzzard> haww
[02:29] <+Prox> i sure do like those twenties.
[02:29] <@Armature> If it wern't for the yowling you would hear scratching noises on the forward wall
[02:30] <+Buzzard> shit
[02:30] <@Armature> Holy shit deleted.
[02:30] <@Armature> +XP'd
[02:30] <+Buzzard> Well, let's go check out the uninhabited wall
[02:30] <+Prox> so, the skeleton's crumbled, rite
[02:30] <+Buzzard> room
[02:31] <+Buzzard> not wall
[02:31] <+Joefus> suit is it safe to blast the front wall?
[02:31] <@Armature> [To quote Coach Z, "DELORTED"]
[02:31] <@Armature> No.
[02:31] <+Buzzard> Well, Joe and Prox, go check out the room the skeleton was in
[02:31] <+Buzzard> Suit and I will check out the other one
[02:31] <+Prox> loll that slipped my mind
[02:31] <@Armature> I suggest sticking together
[02:31] <+Joefus> me too
[02:31] <+Prox> yeah, we'd better.
[02:31] <+Buzzard> k
[02:32] <+Joefus> skeleton room first
[02:32] <@Armature> There may be some that were just sleeping.
[02:32] <@Armature> [Besides it would be easier on me!]
[02:33] <+Joefus> I don't care which way we go really
[02:33] <+Buzzard> Let's check out the skeleton room
[02:33] <+Prox> skeleton one it is then.
[02:33] <+Buzzard> we're already there
[02:33] <@Armature> +++
[02:34] <@Armature> So. You waltz into the dark room. When the suit emits enough light to illuminate the room you kind of wish he didn't because of the horrible curiousity your all filled with.
[02:34] <@Armature> Curiousity about what? What is under all those sheets and what the operating table was used for.
[02:35] <@Armature> There doesn't really seem to be any way from the room except the way you came
[02:35] <@Armature> and the walls are lined with the sheeted boxes
[02:35] <@Armature> ---
[02:35] <@Armature> [BRB]
[02:35] * +Buzzard puts away pistols, pulls out revolvers
[02:36] <+Buzzard> I really don't want to know what's under those sheets
[02:36] <+Joefus> this is unnerving
[02:36] <+Prox> pretty weird.
[02:36] <+Buzzard> or what Nackcrowhatever did in here
[02:36] * +Prox checks the operating table
[02:36] <+Buzzard> [mets is brb]
[02:36] <@Armature> [lies[
[02:36] <+Buzzard> [quiet you]
[02:37] <@Armature> The latest occupent seems to have not moved in quite some time
[02:37] <+Buzzard> suit, do you have any recordings of this room?
[02:37] <@Armature> He seems to have been human once upon a time, but after his "improvements" he is varely reconizeable
[02:38] <@Armature> Yes... but the file is inaccesible
[02:38] <+Joefus> I'm curious to check these sheets but at the same time I want to keep my head
[02:39] <+Buzzard> Joe, check the walls
[02:39] <@Armature> I'd advise against that.
[02:39] <+Joefus> the visor or the sheet ?
[02:39] <+Buzzard> see if you can find any other rooms
[02:39] <+Buzzard> visor
[02:39] * +Joefus checks room out with Visor
[02:40] <@Armature> Someone left a preview file and you looked anyways
[02:40] <+Buzzard> preview file?
[02:40] <@Armature> Joe sees shadowy outlines of horrors that the human mind shouldn't even imagine
[02:40] <@Armature> He falls to the ground twitching
[02:40] <+Joefus> . . . . .
[02:40] <+Buzzard> Sorry about that Jow
[02:41] <+Buzzard> -w +e
[02:41] <@Armature> [JEW]
[02:41] * +Buzzard helps up Joe
[02:41] * +Prox lifts Joe up, props him against the wall
[02:41] <@Armature> He seems rather unresponsive
[02:41] <+Buzzard> I'd keep him off the walls
[02:41] * +Prox props him up against Prox
[02:42] <@Armature> There are no free spots except where the suit blasted through
[02:42] <+Joefus> ugh....
[02:42] <+Prox> are you alright?
[02:42] <+Joefus> horrible
[02:42] <+Buzzard> Suit, exactly what was this room used for?
[02:42] <+Buzzard> sorry I made you go through that
[02:43] <@Armature> Joe's mind slowly wipes the images away and he will soon be okay
[02:43] <+Joefus> you could given me a more stern warning mr suit
[02:43] <@Armature> The King made "improvements" on people. It would be unethical to go into more detail.
[02:43] <+Buzzard> I'll stick with that
[02:43] <+Prox> yeah, we all get the drift.
[02:44] * +Prox checks for anything besides boxes and table
[02:44] <+Joefus> yeah lets leave this room
[02:44] <@Armature> Nothing
[02:44] <+Prox> yes, lets.
[02:44] <+Joefus> and never talk about unless we're gettring rich for it
[02:44] <+Buzzard> Suit, were there any rooms past this one?
[02:44] <@Armature> No.
[02:44] <+Prox> let's try the room without movement.
[02:44] <@Armature> >walk
[02:45] * +Joefus walks
[02:45] * +Prox does the same
[02:45] * +Buzzard gets out of the room
[02:45] <@Armature> +++
[02:45] <+Buzzard> I'm not staying in here alone
[02:45] <@Armature> For shame...!!
[02:46] <@Armature> Anyways. As you enter the next room you find that it is well lit, not like the middle room is. This one has a more natural feel.
[02:46] <@Armature> It seems to be a library, albeit a small one.
[02:47] <@Armature> There is even a libraian! A ghost it seems, very bored looking.
[02:47] <@Armature> May I help you?
[02:47] <@Armature> ---
[02:47] <+Prox> I-Ivan...?
[02:47] <+Buzzard> Holy shit, someone get ecto in here
[02:47] * +Joefus wipes eyes
[02:48] <+Buzzard> Suit, what was this room for, and who is that ghost
[02:48] <@Armature> My name is Brutus. I am bound here to help with the library.
[02:48] <+Buzzard> scratch the ghost, I'll ask him myself
[02:48] <+Buzzard> or maybe not
[02:48] <+Joefus> what sort of books are in this library?
[02:49] <@Armature> The master *He shudders at the mention* collected books on all schools of magic here.
[02:50] <+Joefus> not to push a seeminly touchy subject but who/where is your master?
[02:51] <@Armature> I am bound only to call him master and never reveal information to aid his enemies.
[02:51] <@Armature> +green text
[02:51] <+Buzzard> I'm not his enemy
[02:51] <@Armature> But I haven't seen him in ay least 16 years
[02:51] <+Buzzard> anyone of you guys his enemies?
[02:51] <+Buzzard> 16?
[02:51] <+Buzzard> I thought this place was like, 600 years old
[02:52] <+Prox> that's when the captain died.
[02:52] <+Buzzard> oh
[02:52] <@Armature> He shrugs, "It's hard to tell him out of this room"
[02:52] <+Prox> What do you mean by that?
[02:53] <@Armature> Well I have no sort of calander or means to tell when the sun rises or sets
[02:53] <+Buzzard> It's okay
[02:53] <+Joefus> that sucks
[02:54] <+Joefus> have you always been a, well, a ghost?
[02:54] <@Armature> He stares blankly
[02:54] <+Buzzard> You kind of have to be alive to be dead
[02:55] <+Joefus> by this horribly worded question I mean did your master make you into a ghost?
[02:55] <@Armature> He shrugs
[02:55] <@Armature> I remember nothing before my death. I can only suppose it was tramatic.
[02:55] * +Prox is checking around at the names of the books
[02:55] <+Buzzard> k
[02:56] <@Armature> Prox sees many titles of intrest about different magics
[02:56] <@Armature> Including... Golems
[02:56] <+Buzzard> golems?
[02:56] * +Prox snatches that one so fast
[02:56] <+Buzzard> any thing about charging metal with energy?
[02:56] <@Armature> The title reads: Golems for retards. and Golems.
[02:57] <+Buzzard> so I could make some sort of lightening bullets
[02:57] <@Armature> It's a very big and comprehensive title.
[02:57] <+Buzzard> or fire bullets
[02:57] * +Prox skims the book
[02:57] <@Armature> Prox finds the chapter: How to be the best Golem you can!
[02:58] <+Buzzard> [wait, is prox some sort of golem junkie?]
[02:58] <+Joefus> say Brutus do you remember a battle here long ago?
[02:58] <+Prox> [i'm...i'm a golem]
[02:58] <@Armature> I've heard them waged, never seen them
[02:58] <@Armature> [GREEN TEXTTTT
[02:58] <@Armature> ]
[02:59] <+Joefus> could you point us in their general area?
[02:59] <+Prox> [HOW DO I BE THE BEST GOLEM]
[02:59] * +Prox reads the book, is maybe enlightened
[02:59] <@Armature> [I know nothing about golems!]
[02:59] <+Buzzard> [k]
[03:00] <@Armature> Prox gains some knowledge on how to be a better golem and gets a new Golem Skill
[03:00] <+Prox> toot toot
[03:00] <@Armature> Brutus points towards the center room
[03:00] <+Prox> Hey brutus.
[03:00] <+Prox> I'm keeping this book.
[03:00] <@Armature> It'll return upon your death just so you know.
[03:01] <+Prox> awright thanks
[03:01] <+Buzzard> so wait, it comes back on its own?
[03:01] <@Armature> magic
[03:01] <+Joefus> it's magic!
[03:02] <+Buzzard> cool
[03:02] * +Joefus looks around for possible exits from library
[03:02] <@Armature> The way you came of course
[03:02] <+Buzzard> hey, you got any books about charching metal with magic?
[03:03] <@Armature> Brutus floats toward an upper level of the room, returns with: Enchanting For Morons!
[03:03] <+Buzzard> Can I keep that?
[03:03] <@Armature> Anyone else?
[03:03] <+Buzzard> I wanna get some ice bullets
[03:03] <+Buzzard> and stuff like that
[03:03] <@Armature> Just die soon.
[03:04] <+Buzzard> k
[03:04] <+Joefus> I can't think of anything off the top of my head
[03:04] <+Joefus> say Brutus do you know a B.B.T.?
[03:04] <@Armature> Teleportation magic? Time magic? Healing magic?
[03:05] <@Armature> He floats to a lower tier, returns with an auto-biography
[03:05] <+Joefus> can I see it?
[03:05] <@Armature> This will only stay out for 3 months
[03:06] <@Armature> It's thicker than your head
[03:06] <+Joefus> I don't think I'll be taking this with me
[03:06] * +Joefus start flipping through book
[03:06] <+Prox> Hey suit, is the movement still present behind the third wall?
[03:06] <@Armature> Yes, albeit calmed down
[03:06] <+Buzzard> Probably reacting to the skeleton
[03:07] <@Armature> joe; the book is in a language you cannot read
[03:07] <+Buzzard> or the noise from the laser
[03:07] <+Prox> suit can translate it!!
[03:07] <+Joefus> can you?
[03:07] <@Armature> It will take... 3 weeks to decipher
[03:07] <+Prox> ...
[03:08] <@Armature> The entire book I mean
[03:08] <+Buzzard> eh, we don't need it
[03:08] <+Joefus> I'm gonna take the book
[03:08] <+Joefus> [you better bet in three weeks I'm gonna come to you asking for translation]
[03:08] <@Armature> [never logs on again]
[03:09] <+Joefus> [never asks about book]
[03:09] <@Armature> Well if I'm going to do this. I'll need to start now.
[03:10] <+Joefus> should we bust that third wall first?
[03:10] <@Armature> Suit hands joe a transmitter
[03:10] <@Armature> I'd come back with reinforcements. You all should go home.
[03:10] <@Armature> Use that when you want to come back.
[03:10] <+Buzzard> what's back there?
[03:11] <@Armature> Lots of movement.
[03:11] <+Prox> [guys, this RP's lasted like 3 hours. It's high time we stopped]
[03:11] <+Buzzard> hmmm, lets come back with Dev and Kari
[03:11] <+Joefus> [more like an eternity]
[03:11] <+Buzzard> yeah
[03:11] <+Buzzard> let's go
[03:11] <+Buzzard> Later suit
[03:11] <+Prox> k.
[03:11] <+Joefus> ok well be in contanct suit
[03:11] <+Buzzard> we should give you a real name, though
[03:12] <+Prox> let's call him Edward.
[03:12] <@Armature> I'll think on it.
[03:12] <+Joefus> how bout Jones in honor of the captain
[03:12] <+Prox> Suit, what was the captain's first name?
[03:12] <@Armature> He was just logged in as M.M. Jones
[03:13] <+Buzzard> Hey suit, before we go, can I have my laser back?
[03:13] <@Armature> Now shoo, I need to work. Yes, okay.
[03:13] <@Armature> >give
[03:13] * +Buzzard takes back laser
[03:13] <@Armature> +++
[03:13] <+Buzzard> We'll just call you Jones
[03:14] <@Armature> The Suit, now Jones, anxious to work shoved everyone through the portal.
[03:14] <@Armature> Variant's bosses greeted you with passing grades.
[03:15] <@Armature> Variant congratualed you all and such
[03:15] <@Armature> blah blah
[03:15] <@Armature> --- RP OVER ---
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[01:31] <@Boris> cross-dimensional lesbians sounds like a porn I'd rent


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Re: RPGLog: Variants and Mysteries. I guess.
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Re: RPGLog: Variants and Mysteries. I guess.
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Longest RP ever, but still fun.  I'm glad that there's more to the story though.