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Mailstation Emulator v0.1
« on: January 03, 2010, 02:56:51 am »

Repost from the Yahoo Mailstation group:

I think I've finally prettied up a version of the emulator well enough to release.  But until I get a better page for it, here's the directory index:

The quick start instructions are: download and codeflash.bin, extract the ZIP, and drop the .BIN into the folder with it.  Then run msemu.exe.  

Make sure to look at the readme.txt for info on the keys!  You can switch between 2X size and even go fullscreen.

In that directory index above, codeflash.bin is the same as ms253.bin, which is v2.53 of the Mailstation firmware.  ms303a.bin is v3.03a, which is slightly different.  I didn't include any of these in the ZIP because it's probably against copyrights for me to even have them on the website.

The emulator looks for a "codeflash.bin" by default to work, so you can either rename other firmwares to this, or you can specify an alternate filename on the command line (or just drag the .BIN onto the EXE to launch with it).  This lets you try out different versions, or even your own replacement.

I've included a "dataflash.bin" with some generic settings, just so that you can go straight to the main menu when you start it.  If you like, you can delete that file, and it'll generate a fresh one the next time you start it.

Note that the intro screen's text colors should be yellow, and the default LCD color should be green (check the readme on how to change).  If they're not for you, let me know!

I'd appreciate feedback, particularly on any problems you might find.  There's obviously a lot still not emulated, but apparently there's plenty to make the OS itself run.  Just keep in mind that it'll probably freeze up if you try to use the modem!

EDIT:  I realize a lot of the folks here might not even know what a Mailstation is, so look here for some photos and junk of other stuff I've done with it.
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