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Title: Sprites: Chain of Command
Post by: LtSterling on August 23, 2006, 05:18:27 pm
A few of the sprites I'm making for the Chain of Command comic.  They have had a bit of a re-work since I last used them and I'm still in the middle of redoing one of the main characters.
Title: Re: Sprites: Chain of Command
Post by: Red_Raven on August 23, 2006, 05:38:28 pm
Try this. I dont know if you think it loks better or not.
Title: Re: Sprites: Chain of Command
Post by: LtSterling on October 25, 2006, 07:12:17 pm

First set is the crew of the cast.

The second set are random people (Including Jackal and the Hobo from comic #2).

Third set is of a power rangers parody actors which will be shown as the best TV show in the comic,  Their will be action figures, movies, posters and general showing up through out the comic of them as a popular show.  The show has also been running since the crew in comic were kids and is still going on.  Its like their 15th or 20th season or something.

Names will be up later.
Title: Re: Sprites: Chain of Command
Post by: ahnna on October 26, 2006, 09:11:30 am
pretty see good
Title: Re: Sprites: Chain of Command
Post by: LtSterling on October 26, 2006, 08:59:33 pm
Admiral: Daniel Ryder (Dan) - white uniform with hat, he is in charge of everything but is too important to do mundane tasks.  He usually handles all the paperwork and receives the mission briefings which he delegates down to Chad.  Often he is in his office and is rarely seen by the others.  He is a bit gruff and dislikes having to deal with the others.

Colonel: Charles Sterling (Chad) - Purple uniform, he is in charge of the welfare and upkeep of the soldiers well-being.  He takes his job seriously but is known to use unorthodox means of getting the job done.  He is the one most of the others see as the authoritative figure at the base.  Hates hippies and his dreaded enemy the COMMUNAZIES!

Major: Evelyn Jewell (Eve) - White uniform with blue trimming, she is in charge of the bases physical maintenance.  She sees to it that all the vehicles are working and the computer systems are running smoothly.  She usually assists Chad as they both work to keep the place under control.

Captain: Richard Backmann (Rick) - Brown jacket and shades, the pilot of the group, he can handle any vehicle that flies.  He tends to be laid-back and often childish, to the annoyance of Chad.  He is a huge fan of the Super Sentai Squad.

1st Lieutenant: Kimberley Gardena (Kim) – Brown desert cameo, she tends to lead the second squad consisting of Zack, Jack, Ed and herself.  Her reliability has earned her the trust to watch over the others when Chad isn’t around.

Corporal: Zachary Doran (Zack) Brown desert cameo, he is one of the smartest members of the group.  He is academically the best of the group and often deals with the working on experimental vehicles and weapons they test out on the base.

Private: Jackson Alwin (Jack) –Green uniform and hard hat, he is a basic soldier.  Always armed and ready for combat he can be relied to do any task without objection and with fearless determination.  He is the second biggest fan of the Super Sentai Squad at the base.

Ensign: Edgar Connor (Ed) – He is the new guy and as such is the lowest ranking member of the group making everyone his superior.  His large physical size and strength also makes him one of the handiest members to have around when doing labor jobs.  He is a bit naïve to how things work around the base.

Abigail (Abby) – Blue clothes, a civilian mother with her children.  The girl (Sue) is wise for her age and often the voice of reason, a contrast to her brother (Randy) who is dressed as a cowboy and more then willing to get into trouble.

Bethany (Beth) – Red clothes, she is trying to pay her way through college and takes on various odd jobs in the city. 

Jackal (???) – Brown trench coat and eye patch.  A mercenary for hire, he is the bad guy of the comic.  Often dealing with foreign enemies and selling black market weaponry, he is often comes as a hindrance to the team and their objectives.

Hobo(???) – Green clothes and Brown cap. He tends to keep showing up in the base despite efforts to keep him out. 

The Super Sentai Squad – A power rangers parody.  It is the best TV show in the comic.  The show has also been running since the cast were kids and is still going on.  The show is in its 20’th season.  The rangers are currently using a Gemstone Theme but each season using a different take.  They go by their color coded names, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst and Onyx.   They battle the witch Beryl, her loyal soldier Agate, and her not-so-loyal minion Quartz and a wide variety of monsters.  The monsters are made by Quartz and Beryl gives them their power.