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Title: POSTED!
Post by: LtSterling on December 12, 2005, 06:28:55 PM
Well, this is what I've been doing all this time instead of doing stuff for you, or him, or that guy in the corner, yeah I see you over there!

POSTED! is made by midboss to make a comic about the people in Mark Shallows(Webrunner)'s forum.  I made half the sprites, Midboss made the other half and Smeghead makes real drawings based off our sprites.  So basically the three of us rotate on trying(HUGE EMPHASIS) to put up a comic each week.

You can find the sprites I made at my dev account, Midboss has his on photobucket FOR ONLY MY ACCESS ONLY, HAHA, hah....haw, yeah what was I doing?  Right, comics, HERE YA GO!

Midboss1 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=368)
Midboss2 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=373)
Midboss3 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=390)
Midboss4 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=399)
OutPost1 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=545)
Midboss5 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=614)
Midboss6 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=716)
Midboss7 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=731)
Smeghead1 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=892)
Smeghead2 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=904)
Smeghead3 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=936)
Gospel1 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=906)
Gospel2 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=938)
Midboss8 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=939)
Gospel3 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=1067)
Smeghead4 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=1070)
Midboss9 (http://forum.cmc.redleaf.de/attachment.php?aid=1071)

Title: Re: POSTED!
Post by: Vito on December 12, 2005, 08:56:17 PM
Do I have to register?

Edit: I registerd anyway, and used Garshack as a referrer because it may give him cool points?
P.S. Garshak goes by "Shuryou Gospel" so use that name and not Garshak.

Title: Re: POSTED!
Post by: Blazeman on December 12, 2005, 09:50:15 PM
Here's how it goes:
1. Register for Webrunner's forum
2. Find the regularly appearing members in the comic series (There's a topic for the sprites of the characters you can use.)
3. Make a comic. (I think they would like it if you went with a single column of panels, I'm not sure if there's a set number of panels, maybe 5)
4. Show Midboss the comic (IMPORTANT! I missed that step when I submitted one, and I got talked down and my comic taken down)
5. If Midboss approves, the comic can now be POSTED. (I think the comic maker does it, I'm not sure.)

- Grammar and Spelling are important. Any unintentional break in the English anywhere in Webrunner's forum will be noticed by Bluestone, the Moderator of Spellchecking.

Title: Re: POSTED!
Post by: LtSterling on August 06, 2006, 07:39:50 PM
SO OLD!  but I haven't made any comics since then, but now i got a three story arc made. Sortof.  I put it on my Dev account so you don't need to login into the forum to view it.