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Title: 4get me not
Post by: FyberOptic on January 15, 2012, 12:44:59 AM
Hey look, a forum post!

I happened to realize just how many people were linking to images on 4get and 4thread outside of the website, and it made me wonder what the most-viewed images were.  So I wrote a script to tell me!

3470 - http://www.fybertech.com/4get/13170796376048.gif
1918 - http://www.fybertech.com/4get/13173974385116.png
1693 - http://www.fybertech.com/4get/12738241531614.gif

1893 - http://www.fybertech.com/4thread/v_76243116/1287550146285.jpg
1421 - http://www.fybertech.com/4thread/v_47651129/1264368590910.jpg
1001 - http://www.fybertech.com/4thread/co_5909238/1221975067226.gif

The number is how many hits this week.  And the new week starts on Sunday, so that's a full week's worth of numbers there, pretty much.

Maybe I'll make it a semi-regular thing to update here, since it's neat to see what's being looked at.

Title: Re: 4get me not
Post by: FyberOptic on February 06, 2012, 02:43:34 PM
Hey I forgot to do this lately.  So here's for the week of Jan. 29th to Feb. 4th.

8115 - http://www.fybertech.com/4get/12835733742681.gif
1680 - http://www.fybertech.com/4get/12261284761183.png
1505 - http://www.fybertech.com/4get/13173974385116.png

11399 - http://www.fybertech.com/4thread/v_76243116/1287550146285.jpg
534 - http://www.fybertech.com/4thread/v_55056307/1270693145305.jpg
499 - http://www.fybertech.com/4thread/co_4222093/1211510411622.jpg