File :1211498984.png-(11 KB, 244x411, 63wing.png)
11 KB Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:29 No.4219747  
ITT Rule 63 Hero Maker
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:30 No.4219761
Blue Lanterns are kinda cool.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:31 No.4219767
     File :1211499078.jpg-(23 KB, 194x414, femjoker.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:32 No.4219779

>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:32 No.4219783
Needs a male Harley
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:33 No.4219793
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:42 No.4219887
     File :1211499779.png-(12 KB, 240x409, 63 tennant.png)
12 KB
someone need a Doctor?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:44 No.4219903
     File :1211499880.jpg-(80 KB, 302x396, harley63.jpg)
80 KB
you asked for it
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:44 No.4219905
She needs a tight, form fitting trenchcoat.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:45 No.4219914
     File :1211499956.jpg-(37 KB, 292x533, nightwing.jpg)
37 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:46 No.4219916

holy shit I think I'm now a lesbian
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:47 No.4219922
I'd lodge that tennant, if you know what I mean
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:48 No.4219927
Exactly WHY is Dr. Who only able to regenerate as a white guy? Does the BBC genuinely believe Dr. Who with tits would not drive ratings through the fucking roof?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:48 No.4219931
     File :1211500117.png-(18 KB, 351x435, Nikki TwoVests.png)
18 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:49 No.4219941
My favourite Blue Lantern ever!!
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:50 No.4219950
     File :1211500207.png-(71 KB, 317x266, Fonzie_jumps_the_shark.png)
71 KB
>Does the BBC genuinely believe Dr. Who with tits would not drive ratings through the fucking roof?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:50 No.4219953
They gave him a fucking Daughter. The new show with Tennant just keeps getting shittier and shittier. Also do you know how many people would bitch if the Doctor regenerated into a girl? We already have like 3 of his companions plus his daughter...she's getting her own spinoff show...fuck...fuck fuck.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:50 No.4219956

Well if you remember the Dr.Who parody special with Mr. Bean, he did regenerate into a chick.

Anyway Time Lords can regenerate but they still have attributes they keep throughout regeneration, for the Doctor its a White male with a british accent.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:51 No.4219967

Oh god.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:52 No.4219979
wait, what? I'm like a series behind the current stuff. He's got a daughter? When did that happen?

Oh, and have they canceled Torchwood yet?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:53 No.4219995

You're my choice for Blue Lantern. I don't see anyone better around.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:54 No.4220003

Fucking idiots, The Doctor's first companion ever was his GRAND DAUGHTER so of course he'll have a Daughter.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:55 No.4220011
     File :1211500530.jpg-(12 KB, 362x480, plasticgirl.jpg)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:56 No.4220024
     File :1211500614.jpg-(8 KB, 290x260, dr1consl.jpg)
8 KB

Since Doctor Who first aired back in the 60's, Torchwood is getting a 3rd Season, they killed off two members already, it gets surprisingly high ratings on BBC America.


Obvious Troll is obvious
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:57 No.4220026
     File :1211500626.jpg-(44 KB, 400x300, drwho09.jpg)
44 KB
>>4219956 with a british accent
> british

Good luck on your next trip to Glasgow
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)19:58 No.4220038

Only technically his daughter. A machine used the Doctor's DNA to make an instant adult human, so, yeah, she's his daughter, but not in the traditional biological sense.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:00 No.4220051
     File :1211500807.jpg-(109 KB, 280x408, ivy.jpg)
109 KB
Come back to bed harley
>> The Doctor !TARDis16ow 05/22/08(Thu)20:03 No.4220081
     File :1211500982.jpg-(60 KB, 800x600, doctor5.jpg)
60 KB

Yeah, well, you know that's just, like uh ...your opinion, man
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:03 No.4220085
     File :1211501013.jpg-(12 KB, 331x452, boogerwoman.jpg)
12 KB
rule 63 boogerman
the implications are horrifying
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:04 No.4220098
So y u do dis?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:05 No.4220101
     File :1211501119.jpg-(60 KB, 560x600, Demitri_Maximoff.jpg)
60 KB
This thread is relevant to my interest.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:05 No.4220108
oh god damn you
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:08 No.4220125

Where can I find this hero maker?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:09 No.4220134
     File :1211501367.png-(11 KB, 217x410, freakafem.png)
11 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:10 No.4220138
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:13 No.4220173
     File :1211501632.jpg-(38 KB, 473x366, freak18wc3.jpg)
38 KB
Already 63'd
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:14 No.4220185
     File :1211501676.jpg-(41 KB, 300x437, 63 Starfire.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:18 No.4220224
     File :1211501903.jpg-(31 KB, 156x400, 63 Iron Man.jpg)
31 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:26 No.4220341
     File :1211502396.jpg-(92 KB, 276x398, emma frost.jpg)
92 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:27 No.4220355
     File :1211502458.png-(10 KB, 199x390, femlash.png)
10 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:30 No.4220392
     File :1211502629.jpg-(84 KB, 336x432, Annihilusa.jpg)
84 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:30 No.4220398
     File :1211502655.jpg-(71 KB, 338x438, HO Goblin.jpg)
71 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:31 No.4220407
     File :1211502680.jpg-(56 KB, 338x438, Deathloka.jpg)
56 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:31 No.4220412
     File :1211502699.jpg-(55 KB, 336x432, Erin Stack.jpg)
55 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:32 No.4220418
     File :1211502723.jpg-(55 KB, 336x432, Erin Stack X-63.jpg)
55 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:33 No.4220435
     File :1211502828.jpg-(26 KB, 217x416, 63 Cyborg.jpg)
26 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:34 No.4220443
So who does she have a LMD of?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:35 No.4220467
     File :1211502946.jpg-(27 KB, 187x409, 63 Kid Devil.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:36 No.4220476
     File :1211502973.jpg-(33 KB, 212x425, Mortimer Rambeau.jpg)
33 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:38 No.4220502
     File :1211503089.png-(14 KB, 231x406, nikki fury.png)
14 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:43 No.4220571
I'd hit the showers with her if you know what i mean
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:44 No.4220597
     File :1211503487.jpg-(61 KB, 203x427, Magneta.jpg)
61 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:49 No.4220652
     File :1211503748.png-(14 KB, 249x395, sara summers.png)
14 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:51 No.4220689

I'd Optic Blast her all night long
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:54 No.4220709
Do a Flyclopette now
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:57 No.4220759
     File :1211504238.jpg-(50 KB, 203x427, Wolverbroad.jpg)
50 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:57 No.4220771
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:58 No.4220777
     File :1211504304.jpg-(77 KB, 182x400, BAH Tony Stark.jpg)
77 KB
Tony stark made this image in a cave
>> Senor 05/22/08(Thu)20:58 No.4220779
     File :1211504309.png-(16 KB, 539x480, flyclops fem.png)
16 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:58 No.4220784

Get out
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:59 No.4220789
You;ve had that for awhile haven't you?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:59 No.4220800

Not smiling nearly enough.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)20:59 No.4220806
so..Tony Stark's a reverse trap?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:00 No.4220814
He's got a vagina there
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:06 No.4220904
     File :1211504808.png-(15 KB, 342x511, ultimatenicolefury.png)
15 KB

>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:07 No.4220923
     File :1211504867.jpg-(46 KB, 203x427, Dana Backslide.jpg)
46 KB
Drat those Dover Girls!
They drive me to drink!
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:08 No.4220931
her baldness makes me think she has cancer
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:11 No.4220963
/r/ hellgirl or link to this program.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:12 No.4220978
     File :1211505162.png-(15 KB, 179x397, buckette.png)
15 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:15 No.4221015
     File :1211505321.jpg-(45 KB, 118x392, juggernatch.jpg)
45 KB
movie juggernaut
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:16 No.4221031

it's a flash program at the bottom of the page, and no there isn't an english version.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:16 No.4221034

retard >>4220138
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:23 No.4221124
     File :1211505828.png-(31 KB, 438x560, Picture 13.png)
31 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:24 No.4221133
     File :1211505863.jpg-(41 KB, 148x392, Elektro.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:24 No.4221141
     File :1211505883.jpg-(17 KB, 349x453, Harlan_Quinzel.jpg)
17 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:25 No.4221147
     File :1211505905.jpg-(29 KB, 116x388, Nicole_Fury.jpg)
29 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:25 No.4221155
     File :1211505925.png-(12 KB, 209x438, bluebeetle.png)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:25 No.4221163
     File :1211505948.png-(11 KB, 191x410, fdd.png)
11 KB
sex withher aught to be intresting
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:25 No.4221166
     File :1211505954.jpg-(26 KB, 152x395, Stu_Storm.jpg)
26 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:26 No.4221171
     File :1211505984.jpg-(32 KB, 124x386, Victoria_Von_Doom.jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:26 No.4221177
     File :1211506006.jpg-(55 KB, 128x388, hellgirl.jpg)
55 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:26 No.4221178
     File :1211506008.jpg-(35 KB, 174x415, Zatmanna.jpg)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:27 No.4221180
     File :1211506023.png-(12 KB, 197x407, fjj.png)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:27 No.4221188
brb, fapping
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:28 No.4221190
brb, fapping
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:30 No.4221220
     File :1211506202.jpg-(34 KB, 336x480, 63 Grecian Man.jpg)
34 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:30 No.4221222
     File :1211506209.jpg-(8 KB, 336x447, daredevil 63.jpg)
8 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:30 No.4221234
I like where this is going
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:31 No.4221239
     File :1211506267.jpg-(24 KB, 199x420, 63 Red Robin.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:31 No.4221240
     File :1211506267.jpg-(32 KB, 112x383, Jen_Grimm.jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:31 No.4221251
     File :1211506303.jpg-(45 KB, 211x415, 63 Wonder Woman.jpg)
45 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:32 No.4221266
     File :1211506366.jpg-(31 KB, 103x389, Image1.jpg)
31 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:33 No.4221275
     File :1211506402.jpg-(30 KB, 233x417, Donny Troy.jpg)
30 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:34 No.4221291
     File :1211506472.jpg-(30 KB, 252x414, 63 Raven.jpg)
30 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:34 No.4221297

>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:35 No.4221304
     File :1211506538.gif-(39 KB, 359x468, 1209322784697.gif)
39 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:36 No.4221311
     File :1211506570.png-(12 KB, 192x399, coopette.png)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:36 No.4221324
     File :1211506608.jpg-(32 KB, 146x390, Ben_Walters.jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:37 No.4221335
     File :1211506659.jpg-(33 KB, 115x388, Captain_Obvious.jpg)
33 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:38 No.4221347
     File :1211506692.jpg-(22 KB, 109x393, Wilma_Fisk.jpg)
22 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:38 No.4221348
     File :1211506697.png-(11 KB, 137x400, 63Bald.png)
11 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:38 No.4221354
     File :1211506717.jpg-(27 KB, 118x405, Phoenix_is_a_girl's_name_anywa(...).jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:38 No.4221357
     File :1211506727.png-(10 KB, 109x395, 63piglike.png)
10 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:38 No.4221361
     File :1211506735.jpg-(27 KB, 118x391, Maya_Edgeworth.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:39 No.4221371
     File :1211506770.jpg-(32 KB, 126x407, Fever_Bitch.jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:41 No.4221398
     File :1211506882.png-(18 KB, 199x409, 63 Guy Gardner.png)
18 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:43 No.4221421
Girl Gardner? Gal Gardner?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:45 No.4221445

Lady Gardner
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:47 No.4221474

Gal Gardner's been done
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:49 No.4221503
     File :1211507379.jpg-(28 KB, 114x407, Godot.jpg)
28 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:50 No.4221515
Oo, oo, rule 63 Tarzan.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:51 No.4221523
     File :1211507477.png-(15 KB, 159x421, 63 Booster Gold.png)
15 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:52 No.4221531
     File :1211507520.jpg-(34 KB, 291x447, Jason van Dyne.jpg)
34 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:52 No.4221540
     File :1211507578.jpg-(20 KB, 140x398, 63 GL John Stewart.jpg)
20 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:53 No.4221545
     File :1211507595.jpg-(51 KB, 134x394, Mrs. Immortal.jpg)
51 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:53 No.4221552
Jane stewart
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:58 No.4221596
     File :1211507899.jpg-(37 KB, 104x406, Tarzana.jpg)
37 KB
I had a leopard-skin print in mind, but the machine doesn't support it, so we ended up with yellow camo instead.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)21:59 No.4221605
More like Ms. Immortal.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:00 No.4221615

Looks awesome none the less. Thank you kind anon.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:08 No.4221694
     File :1211508489.jpg-(22 KB, 174x417, 63 Black Adam.jpg)
22 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:13 No.4221740
i came
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:14 No.4221749
More like Black Eden.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:24 No.4221855
     File :1211509483.png-(13 KB, 183x395, viewtifuljane.png)
13 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:31 No.4221964
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:32 No.4221974
you mean eve?